Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Cox’s Bazar In 2024 [Updated]

Cheap Hotels in Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach, which is located in Bangladesh. Also, Bangladesh is already full of natural beauty; this sea beach adds a different test to the charm of Cox’s Bazar. Most people love to visit the sea beach alone or with a loving person. Though it’s a popular place, you may … Read more

Chittagong Market Off Day List [Updated 2024]

Chittagong Market Off Day List Image

Bangladesh’s second-largest city is Chittagong, sometimes referred to as Chittagram. This is the busiest home port in the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh. Typically, Chittagong has many prominent local businesses and plays a significant role in Bangladesh’s economy. However, it also has many famous markets and shopping malls. Among them, one of the most famous … Read more