Banglalink Request Call | Code| Call me Back (Pay for me)

There are many unique services in every operator. Similarly, Banglalink has a very unique service. And, it is called the Banglalink request call feature. So, with this feature, you will be able to contact someone even if you don’t have any balance. Banglalink is the most used telecom brand in the country. And, they are also best for the internet too. Also, they offer many offers and features for the users.

And, these offers and features are very useful for the users. For example, the Banglalink request call code feature allows users to request calls from other users. But, there are some procedures you have to follow in order to use this feature. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the terms and conditions of this feature. Also, you will get to know how to make a request call in Banglalink. So, follow this article for more information.

Banglalink Request Call Code.

Now, to use the Request Call Banglalink feature you don’t need any internet connection. But, you will need a phone with a Banglalink sim in it. So, if you have the required phone and sim. Then, you will need to dial the Banglalink request call code to request a Banglalink user to call you.

Service Name Process Example
Banglalink Request Call Me Back *126*TargetNumber# *126*019XXXXXXXX

Check: Teletalk Customer Care Number

So, you have to dial *126*019xxxxxxxx#. And, the requested user will be notified through an SMS of your request. Hence, we can say that this is a hassle-free feature of Banglalink.

  • First, you need a phone with a Banglalink sim inserted inside.
  • Then, on your dial pad type *126*the user’s number#.
  • Now, dial the number from your Banglalink sim. And, the user will be notified through an SMS.

How to Make a Request Call in Banglalink?

  • Setp-1: First, Go to your Handset Phone Code.
  • Step-2: Dial *126* then Target Number# Example is *126*019XXXXXXXX#.
  • Step-3: After that, to make a call. Note is, it will take a little longer than a regular call. When the person receives the call, they will be informed that you are trying to reach them through a ‘Pay for Me’ call. If receive the call, Finally, you connect the person.

To request call me back just dial: *126*TargetNumber#

Terms and Conditions:

  • Firstly, the Banglalink request call feature is limited only to Banglalink users.
  • And, Banglalink users can use this feature only when their balance is between 0.15 to 1 TK.
  • Also, for every request user will be charged 0.15 Tk.
  • However, the user can only make 5 requests in a day.
  • Also, Banglalink can change the terms and conditions without any notice.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you send a call request?

Ans: Firstly, to request a call in Banglalink, a user needs to dial *123*the desired number #. And, the number will be notified for the Request Call Banglalink.

Q: How can I get Banglalink emergency call?

Ans: A Banglalink user can get up to 200 Tk for an emergency call as a loan. And, to avail of this emergency loan user needs to dial *874#.

Q: How can I stop unwanted services in Banglalink?

A: Here, to stop unwanted or all the VAS activated in Banglalink, the user can dial *121*7*1*2*1#. And, all the active VAS will be deactivated free of cost.

Final Words.

The Banglalink request call feature is very useful. Especially, when the user is low on balance. Then, the user can use this feature to request another user to call them. Also, it only charges 0.15Tk per request. So, this is a great deal for Banglalink users. However, the feature is only limited to Banglalink users. And, a user can claim it only five times a day if the user is low on balance.

So, this is all we had on request call in Banglaink. But, we have more offers listed on our site. You can check them here on our site. Thank you for your time.