Dhaka To Bhola Launch Schedule |Ticket Booking| Contact Number [2023]

Firstly, you can travel to Bhola in many ways. For example, there are bus, launch, or air services available for the Dhaka-Bhola journey. And, we are here with the Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule for you. As it is one of the most used routes for the Dhaka-Bhola route. Moreover, it is not much of a long journey.

Bhola district is situated in south-central Bangladesh. Moreover, it is located in the Barishal division. Also, the longest island of Bangladesh is located in the Bhola district. So, the distance between Dhaka and Bhola is about 189.4 KM. And, it takes about 5 hours to reach Bhola from Dhaka using the waterway. Also, there are many launch services that provide their services on this route.

Here, we are going to mention the Dhaka Bhola launch schedule. And, all the necessary information such as their contact number or timing. So, follow this article for more information about Dhaka to Bhola Lunch schedule. 

Dhaka To Bhola Ticket Price 2023

There, are a few launches available on the Dhaka-Bhola wtaerway. But, the ticket price of all the launches are same. Here, we are going to write to you about the ticket price of Dhaka to Bhola launch.

However, the services are also not indifferent. For example, all the launches are air conditioned. Also, there are services like Cabin seat or VIP service. Here, we have provided the Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule ticket price.

Service Fare
Economy Class 600
Business Class 800
Single Cabin 1000
Family Cabin 250

Here, we have mentioned all the available Dhaka Bhola launch schedules. Again, follow this article find out related information tho Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule.

 Dhaka To Bhola Launch Time

There are a few launches available from Dhaka to Bhola. Here, we are going to about all the available Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule. Also, you can find other related information about the launches too. Specifically, the Dhaka to Bhola launch contact number.

Here, all the launches depart from Shadarghat of Dhaka. And, stops at Elisha ghat of Bhola. However, the expected time to reach Bhola is about 5hours after departing from Dhaka. Moreover, you can find tickets for the launches in Ferighat. So, you won’t have to go through any hassle.

Dhaka To Bhola Launch Online Ticket Booking.


Again, fill out the required information with your details and seat details. Then, click on book now. Finally, proceed with the payment through any online banking medium. And, you will get a confirmation text for your purchase. Then, you can print out the ticket to travel on your preferred date.

Dhaka To Bhola MV Greenline Launch Schedule

Firstly, Greenline is known country wide for their launch services. Similarly, they have also started their launch service in the Dhaka-Bhola waterway. And, this Greenline launch known as MV Greenline 2 has a capacity of 600 people.

Here, the Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule is morning based. So, this launch departs from Dhaka Shadarghat at 7 in the morning. And, the expected arrival time of this launch at Elisha Ghat is about 12PM in the noon.

Not to mention, you can get tickets for this launch at the Dhaka Shadarghat. Now, if you want support from the representatives of this launch. Then, you can call 01730060074-77 to get in touch with their customer care representatives.

Departure TIme: 7:00 AM

Arrival time:  12:00 PM

Phone : 01870726058

Dhaka To Bhola MV Adventure 5 Launch Schedule

Similarly, this Dhaka to Bhola launch schedule is also for morning. And, this launch departs from Dhaka at 8 in the morning. But, the expected arrival time of launch is about 1:30 at noon. Although, it varies most of the time. However, this launch reaches Elsha Ghat within 4 and half hour to a maximum of 5 and half hour.

Also, this launch is stationed in the left of Dhaka Shadarghat and departs from there. Not to mention, this launch was inaugurated in January 2nd of 2020. Again, there are ticket counters available at the Ferghat. So, you can get your ticket from there. Then, you can dial 01870726058 to get more information about this launch service.

Departure TIme: 7:00 AM

Arrival time:  1:30 PM

Phone: 01870726058

Final Words:

Hopefully, to understand the Dhaka To Bhola Launch Schedule with Ticket Booking and Contact Number, if you know more information, please, let me know, we have given your demand info. Thanks.