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Are you looking for Grameenphone Handset Offer? Then, you are in the right place. Basically, the GP is providing so many exclusive collections of android phones. Likewise, Grameenphone is the largest telecom mobile network operator of Bangladesh.

Nowadays, the Grameenphone is giving the best GP Handset Offer. That is to say, if you buy the GP sponsored phones, then you will get exciting free internet, talk time minutes and SMS offers. Moreover, you will also get amazing t-shirt and other accessories as GP handset offer gifts.

For instance, you can buy Nokia, Vivo, Samsung, Micromax, Maximus and so on as GP sponsored handset. Then, you will get the exclusive handset offers after buying your desired phone. Nonetheless, the users can get the GP handsets from any GP outlet of Bangladesh.

Also, the users can buy GP handsets from the GP online shop. So, let’s see Grameenphone Handset Offer 2024 details.

Grameenphone Handset Offer 2024:

Likewise, GP has the latest Android handsets collections for the users. For instance, there are amazing brands of smartphones like, Max, Maximus, Symphony, Nokia, Vivo, Samsung and so on.

Grameenphone Handset Offer 2024| Phones | Online Shop
Phone Name Price Warranty Free Prime Pass Free Internet Offer
Itel A23 Pro 4,990 TK 1 Year Warranty for Device and 6 Months Warranty for Battery & Charger  Bioscope, Zee5 & Cinematic Prime Pass for 30 days 12GB [3GB+9GB Bioscope streaming] Internet , validity 7days

So, the users can choose their desired handset from the GP collections. Afterwards, the users will get a new GP SIM with the purchased phone. Also, they can keep their existing one in the phone.

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Then, they can avail all the exciting and free Grameenphone Handset Offer packs. Basically, to get those offers, the users have to buy the GP sponsored handsets. Otherwise, they cannot get the free internet, talk time minutes and SMS offers.

Also, the GP handset buyers will also get some amazing gifts like t-shirt, jacket, backpacks and so on. So, now, let’s see the handset collection of Grameenphone handsets. Also, you will get to know their prices and available free GP handset offer 2024 given below.

  • Max 406, Price : 6238 Tk.
  • Maximus M317, Price : 1741 Tk.
  • Symphony B11i, Price : 1090 Tk.
  • Samsung Trend, Price : 10,900 Tk.
  • Samsung Star Pro, Price : 8,900 Tk.
  • Symphony W66, Price : 5990 Tk.
  • Nokia 208, Price : 5900 Tk.
  • Nokia Asha, Price : 7100 Tk.
  • WE T1 4G Set, Price : 4444 Tk.
  • Vivo V15, Price : 29,990 Tk.

Grameenphone Symphony/Maximus Handset Offer :

Consequently, Grameenphone has so many amazing internets, talk time and SMS offers with the GP handsets. Basically, you can buy Max 406, Maximus M317, Symphony B11i and so on at a reasonable price.

For example, you will get 50 MB free internet offer for 5 days by tagging. Moreover, you will get 15 times recharge offers of 20 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB and so on. So, the users will get this amazing internet Grameenphone Handset Offer by buying the phones given below.

  • Max 406, at 6238 Tk.
  • Maximus M317, at 1741 Tk.
  • Symphony B11i, at 1090 Tk.

Offer’s Details :

Internet Offer Price Validity Activation
50 MB Free 5 Days Dial 4724
20 MB 19 Tk 5 Days Recharge
50 MB 49 Tk 5 Days Recharge
100 MB 99 Tk 5 Days Recharge

Terms And Conditions :

  • Firstly, you will get 50 MB free internet offer when you will buy Max 406, Maximus M317, Symphony B11i phones.
  • But, you have to tag by dialing 4724. And, all the GP prepaid SIM users can avail the GP handset offer.
  • Then, the customer will get free recharge offers like 20 MB at 19 tk, 50 MB at 49 tk, 100 MB at 99 tk.
  • Lastly, you will get the confirmation message from GP after availing the Grameenphone handset offer.
  • Nonetheless, the customers will enjoy these offers as much as they want during the campaign period.

GP Handset Offer:

Surprisingly, there are exclusive Grameenphone handset offer pack for the customers of GP handsets. Nowadays, GP has the latest mobile phones of Samsung brand. For instance, they are Samsung Trend, Samsung Star Pro and so on.

Then, the available GP handsets of Nokia brand is Nokia 208 and Nokia Asha. Also, there are Symphony W66 available for the GP handset offer. Likewise, the customers of these handsets will get 250 MB at only 50 tk after tagging.

Moreover, they will get 500 MB at 100 tk in tagging by dialing 4724. Consequently, the customers are allowed to avail these great offers for 3 months (once at each month). Moreover, the offer’s validity of these GP handset offer packs are 15 days. Now, let’s see the GP handset offer for buying the mentioned phones. Also, you will get to know the handset prices given below.

  • Samsung Trend, at 10,900 Tk.
  • Samsung Star Pro, at 8,900 Tk.
  • Symphony W66, at 5990 Tk.
  • Nokia 208, at 5900 Tk.
  • Nokia Asha, at 7100 Tk.

Offers :

Internet Offer Price Validity Activation
250 MB 50 tk 15 Days Dial *4724#
500 MB 100 tk 15 Days Dial *4724#

Terms And Conditions :

  • All the prepaid GP users are eligible for the Grameenphone handset offer 2024.
  • But, first they have to buy any of the above GP sponsored handsets.
  • Meanwhile, to get the GP handset offer, the customers have to tag their new phone and dial, *4724#.
  • For instance, the customer will get 250 MB at only 50 tk after successful tagging. Likewise, they can avail this GP handset offer for 10 times in first 3 months of buying the phone.
  • Moreover, they can avail 500 MB GP handset offer at only 100 tk.
  • Accordingly, both of the 250 MB and 500 MB GP handset offer’s validity is 15 days.
  • Moreover, to avail these offers you need to recharge the offer’s price and dial *4724#.
  • Otherwise, you can also avail them by typing Y in the message option and send it to 4724.
  • To check the offer balance dial, *500*61#.

GP Handset Offer for WE T1 4G Set :

Nowadays, the GP is providing the special Grameenphone handset offer 2024 for the WE T1 set. Basically, WE T1 handset is the latest addition android phone. Besides, you will get this amazing GP sponsored phone at only 4444 tk. Afterwards, you will get so many unlimited internet, SMS and talk time minute offers. Likewise, the customers will get free 4 GB internet as GP handset offer in WE T1 phone. Also, they will get 50 minutes GP to GP talk time and 29 free SMS. So, let’s see the price of WE T1 GP handset and the Grameenphone handset offer.

  • WE T1 4G Set, Price : 4444 Tk.

Free Internet Offer :

  • The customer will have to tag their newly purchased WE T1 handset by dialing 4724. Instantly, they will get 4 GB free internet GP handset offer.
  • Basically, the 4 GB internet offer will be valid for 7 days.

Free Bundle Offer :

  • Moreover, the customers who will buy GP WE T1 handset, will get free bundle as Grameephone handset offer.
  • For instance, the bundle pack includes 1 GB free internet, 29 free SMS.
  • Also, they will get 50 GP to GP talk time minutes at only 29 to.
  • Meanwhile, the validity of this amazing Grameenphone Handset Offer bundle is 7 days.
  • So, the customers can avail this bundle pack for 12 months in first 6 months of purchasing.
  • Basically, to avail the Grameenphone Handset Offer packs, you need to dial 4724.
  • On the other hand, you can also get this offer by typing 29 GP in your message option.
  • Then, send it to 5050.
  • Lastly, to check the remaining GP handset offer dial, *500*61#.
  • Besides, if you want to stop the GP Handset offer go to message option in your phone. Then, type STOP and send it to 5000.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What is Grameenphone Handset Offer?

Ans: Grameephone handset offer is an amazing offer service of GP which you will get by purchasing GP handsets. Likewise, GP is giving the best Grameenphone Handset Offer with Maximus, Symphony, Nokia, Vivo and, Samsung phones. Moreover, the customers of these handsets will get the latest free talk time minute offers, SMS and unlimited internet offers.

Q.How can I get GP Handset Offer of 2024?

Ans: To get the latest GP handset offers you have to buy any of the GP sponsored phones. Then, you have to do tagging by dialling 4724. Instantly, you will get all the amazing Grameenphone Handset Offer after completing tagging successfully.

Q. How can I start and stop GP Handset Offer?

Ans: To start the Grameephone handset offer, the users need to dial 4724 or, dial the USSD code *4724#. Also, the users can stop the GP handset offers before the expiring of validity. So, if you want to stop the free handset offers of GP type, STOP in the message option. Then, send it to 5000.

Q.Where can I get GP Handsets?

Ans: Basically, the users will get the GP sponsored handsets in any GP outlet or, customer care centre. Moreover, they can also buy the GP handsets from any mobile shop.

Q.How to get 1 GB bundle pack GP Handset Offer?

Ans: Surprisingly, the GP customers will get 1 GB free bundle offer with the WE T1 4G mobile phone. That is to say, after buying GP handset WE T1, the user will get 1 GB free internet, 29 free GP to GP SMS. Also, they can enjoy unlimited 50 minutes GP to GP talk time. So, to start this amazing offer go to dial option in your newly purchased phone and dial 4724.

Final Lines :

Thus, you will get all the latest and necessary details about the Grameenphone Handset Offer 2024. Besides, we have included the free handset offers and the phone’s prices. Nonetheless, GP sponsors the best products and provides the best GP Handset Offer packs.

So, you can buy your favourite GP handset and can get so many exciting internet offers for free. Usually, the users can easily avail the free handset offers by dialing the USSD codes.

Moreover, you can also avail some offers by recharging in your new GP handset SIM. Therefore, the GP users will get exciting free rewards for buying GP handsets. Likewise, you can buy the latest GP phones as Samsung, Vivo, Symphony, Maximus from any GP outlet and GP online shop.

For more queries, you can comment below or, contact with GP helpline number. Otherwise, visit GP website.