Robi 29 TK Recharge Offer | Activation Code [Bondho SIM Offer ]

Robi is undoubtedly one of the best telecom service providers in Bangladesh. Recently, they announced a new Robi 29 Tk recharge offer for their users. And, this is a great weekly bundle. As we can activate it simply by recharging the 29 TK scratch card.

Also, Robi has various offers for its user. And, this is one of the reasons they are among the top telecom company in Bangladesh. Not to mention, they provide low call rates too.

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And, Robi 29 Tk recharge offer provides you with internet data,  talk-time, and sms. So, it’s a complete package at just 29 Tk. Moreover, the validity of this bundle is 7 days. Hence, this pack might be a perfect deal for Robi users. And, there is another Robi bondho sim 29 Tk recharge offer available.  And, in this article, we will tell you all about this offer. So, follow along for more information.

Details Of 29 Tk Recharge Offer Robi .

Firstly, this is a regular offer for Robi users. So, any regular Robi prepaid user can claim this Robi 29 Tk recharge offer. And, to claim this offer the user has to recharge a 29 Tk scratch card. Then, after recharging the user will get 200MB of data pack. And, 20 minutes of talk-time too. And, the talk-time can be used for any operator.

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Moreover, the data pack and talk-time will be valid for 7 days after recharge. But, if you recharge 29 Tk from easyload or mobile banking. Then, you will get a 1 posha per second call rate. And, the amount will be added to your main balance.

DataTalk-TimeValidityScratch Card Price
200 MB20 minutes7 days29 Tk

Terms & Conditions.

  • All regular prepaid users are eligible for this offer.
  • And, after the expiry of volumes, regular charges will be applicable.
  • This offer is only applicable to the scratch card recharge. So, no Robi 29 Tk recharge offer code available for this offer.

Robi Bondho SIM 29 Tk Recharge Offer.

Also, there is a recharge offer available for Robi sim users. But, this is only available for unused Robi sim for a period of time. So, if you want to check you are eligible for this Robi 29 Tk recharge offer. Then, dial *8050# to check. Then, you will receive an sms confirming whether you are eligible for this offer or not. Now, if you are eligible for this offer. Then, after recharging 29 Tk, you will get 1 GB of internet data for 7 days. And, a call rate of 1 posha per second for 90 days.

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DataValidityRecharge Amount
1 GB7 days29 Tk

Terms & Conditions

  • First, the users must be eligible for this offer. Else, upon recharging 29 Tk user will not get any pack.
  • Second, after finishing or expiry of the volume, 1poisha per KB charge will be applicable up to 5 Tk.
  • And, this offer is one time.
  • Also, this Robi 29 Tk recharge offer is only available on recharge only.


Q: How can I check Robi offer?

A: Dial *999# to check Robi offers available for you. Also, check promotional messages from Robi to know the offer available for you.

Q: How can I buy Robi 1 GB?

A: First, the user can recharge 32 Tk from easyload or Mobile banking. Then, a 1 GB data pack for 3 days will be activated.

Q: How can I check my Robi minutes?

A: To check your Robi minutes, you can dial *222*2#. Then, you will see your remaining talk time in a flash message.

Final Words.

Robi 29 Tk recharge offer is a great deal. And, it is also hassle-free. As you can simply purchase with a scratch card. Also, the bondho Robi sim 29 Tk recharge offer offers 1 GB of data volume for 7 days.

This bundle offer helps you with instant minutes and a data pack. Also, you get this pack only for 29 Tk. And, this pack comes with a validity of 7 days. Moreover, upon recharging 29 Tk you get a call rate of 1 poisha per second. And, not to mention, the special call rate has a validity of 30 days.

This is all we had about 29 Tk recharge offer Robi 2024. If you want to know about more Robi offers. Then, you can check our website. Here, we have many Robi offers listed with details for you. Thank you.