Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

The ultimate collection of the top 10 leasing companies in Bangladesh, the benchmark for leasing excellence These pioneers have altered the financial landscape, helping organizations and people to realize their dreams.

The financial landscape has been altered by these trailblazers, enabling people and companies to realize their dreams. These businesses offer unmatched leasing services, suited to the various demands of Bangladesh’s thriving economy, with an amazing combination of innovation and expertise.

They have built their supremacy throughout industries, advancing development and promoting growth, in fields including vehicles, technology, real estate, and equipment. These prestigious businesses have created long alliances and won unshakeable loyalty because they have a strong dedication to professionalism, client satisfaction, openness, and trust.

As we showcase the Best 10 leasing companies in Bangladesh, where dreams find fulfillment, aspirations find nurturing, and success gets its lease, be ready for an exciting voyage into a world of financial possibilities led by visionary leaders!

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh

As we present the “Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh,” learn more about the exclusive group of leasing specialists. These extraordinary market leaders raise the bar for financial leasing while providing unmatched solutions to catapult your business.

Enjoy a remarkable leasing experience that these outstanding leaders who are changing the norms of excellence have created. They are prepared to meet your lease demands in a way that has never been possible thanks to their unmatched solutions, creative approaches, and constant dedication to your prosperity.

As you study more about the “List Of Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh,” be ready to check in on a level of unparalleled leasing excellence.

  1.     IDLC Finance Limited
  2.     Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)
  3.     Union Capital Ltd.
  4.     Prime Finance & Investment Ltd.
  5.     Bay Leasing & Investment Limited
  6.     First Finance Limited
  7.     United Leasing Company Ltd. (ULC)
  8.     International Leasing and Financial Services Limited (ILFSL)
  9.     National Housing Finance & Investment Ltd.
  10. People’s Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.

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# IDLC Finance Limited

After an astonishing 37-year journey, what started out as a modest single-product leasing finance company in 1985 with only five employees has grown into a force to be reckoned with? As the biggest multi-product, multi-segment non-banking financial institution in our beloved country, we stand tall today. Come into the world of IDLC Finance Limited, a name that evokes awe and respect in the financial sector.

We have built a strong and diverse basis in the Corporate, SME, Retail, and Capital Market areas within our holy walls. We are agents of transformation, dedicated to influencing destiny and achieving objectives, not just a simple funding institution.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

In line with our aim, IDLC has expanded to include 19 districts and has 40 branches and booths. Our dynamic team of more than 1,600 driven employees dedicates their days to serving over 400,000 beloved customers. However, our goals go well beyond just statistics and transactions. Our true purpose is to assist people in realizing their aspirations, whether they be to own a home, give their children the best education possible, go on exciting family vacations, start or grow a business, find employment, or take our great country to new heights of achievement.

Our motivation at IDLC isn’t just determined by how many workers we empower or how many clients we service. We are really proud of the lives we have impacted and the innumerable smiles we have brought. While success is vital, our ultimate contentment comes from igniting happiness and fulfillment in others.

Join us on this remarkable journey where goals are realized and dreams come true. We will work together to create a better future, one inspiring tale at a time.

Details of IDLC Finance Limited:

Address: Bay’s Galleria (1st Floor), 57 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Founded: 1985

Contact Number: +880 (2) 883 4377 – +880 (2) 883 4990



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

# Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)

The Government of Bangladesh created Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), which first appeared on the scene on May 14, 1997. On January 5, 1998, this remarkable organization received the Bangladesh Bank’s official approval to become a non-bank financial institution (NBFI). Since its foundation, IDCOL has proudly taken on the role of a key stakeholder, bridging the funding gap and catalyzing the expansion of massive infrastructure projects and sustainable energy businesses in Bangladesh. Today, IDCOL reigns supreme as the undisputed market leader in igniting private sector initiatives and reshaping Bangladesh’s infrastructure.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

An impressive eight-member independent Board of Directors leads IDCOL’s initiatives. This group is truly extraordinary. Four illustrious government leaders, three members of the commercial sector, a devoted Executive Director, and the Chief Executive Officer make up this outstanding group. The foundation of IDCOL is a flexible and innovative staff that combines financial whizzes, insightful market analysts, brilliant engineers, perceptive attorneys, tech-savvy IT professionals, diligent accountants, and conscientious environmental and social safety specialists. They strengthen IDCOL’s commitment to its stakeholders, which include the government, corporate sector, NGOs, international and bilateral institutions, academia, and Bangladesh’s valued people, when they work together.

Details of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)

CEO: Alamgir Morshed (Mar 27, 2022)

Founded: 1997

Address: UTC Building, 16th Floor, 8 Panthapath, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

Telephone: 9102171-8

Fax: +880-2-9102084



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

# Union Capital Ltd.

UCL Financial Group, a provider of various financial services with headquarters in Dhaka, was established in 1998. The capital market and finance and investment operations are UCL’s two primary financial market divisions of operation.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

Along with its two principal subsidiaries, UniCap Securities Limited and UniCap Investments Limited, the UCL Group provides a wide range of complementary investment products like term/lease finance, SME finance, real estate finance, equity finance, etc., brokerage services, issue management, underwriting, portfolio management, and corporate advisory services.

Details of Union Capital Ltd.

Address: bti Landmark, Level- 8, Plot- 16, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan- 1, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh

Founded: 1998

Contact Number: +880 (2) 48811505-09



#Premier Leasing & Finance Limited

Premier Leasing & Finance Limited, a forward-thinking third-generation organization, formally began its journey on September 26, 2001, as Premier Leasing International Limited. It launched with a determined goal and a TK.400 million authorized capital, together with a TK.51 million initial paid-up capital. The company offered its shares to the public in July 2005, gracing the capital market and marking the historic milestone. The issued and completely paid-up capital of the company was TK.344 million as of December 31, 2008.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

On September 25, 2007, the business adopted its new identity and began a new chapter as Premier Leasing & Finance Limited. On February 4, 2002, the prestigious regulatory body Bangladesh Bank issued the business a license, approving its functioning as a dynamic financial organization. The business is meticulously supervised by Bangladesh Bank and runs in accordance with the prestigious Financial Institutions Act of 1993.

Premier Leasing & Finance Limited entered the Bangladeshi leasing market on February 25, 2002, setting off on a trailblazing journey that empowered several sectors. It provides Lease Finance and Term Finance services with steadfast attention, catering to transportation, industrial growth, durable goods for the home, office equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, and more.

The distinguished Dr. Mizanur Rahman Shelley is leading the charge as the founding Chairman. Dr. Shelley is renowned for his diverse career as a prestigious professor at Dhaka University, a member of the former CSP, and a technocrat cabinet minister. His inspirational leadership determines the course of the business. Dr. Shelley also holds the honorary position of founding Chairman of the Centre for Development Research, Bangladesh (CDRB). He is accompanied by eminent Sponsors/Directors, successful business people who have substantial assets in the Banking & Insurance sectors.

Premier Leasing & Finance Limited is cultivated by a team of seasoned specialists to ensure smooth operations. The success of the organization is based on their deep knowledge of the banking, financial services, and investment industries.

Details of Premier Leasing & Finance Limited

Address: City Centre (17th Floor) 90/1, Motijheel C/A Dhaka -1000.

Contact Number: +88 02 9570499



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

#First Finance Limited

In 1993, First Finance Limited (FFL) set off on its remarkable journey. After receiving the prestigious authorization from Bangladesh Bank on October 5, 1999, FFL reached new heights and became a renowned non-banking financial institution. On October 9, 2003, FFL started on a distinguished route by converting to a public limited company and triumphantly obtaining listings on the Chittagong Stock Exchange and the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

FFL, which offers a wide range of financial services, is a shining example of potential. FFL provides a wide range of solutions with its six strategically placed branches in excellent areas around the nation. FFL works hard to satisfy all of its respected clients’ financial demands, from lease finance and term loan financing to real estate and housing financing to SME financing.

Through the provision of alternate forms of term and capital asset financing throughout the course of the last few decades, FFL has played a critical role in changing the private, commercial, and SME sectors. Whether balancing, upgrading, replacing, or extending existing units, our steadfast focus is still on enabling development and change. We continuously work to diversify our financial services in order to ensure long-term prospects in a dynamic and demanding business environment. In addition to our lending solutions, we provide deposit products to meet the needs of our cherished clients, such as Term Deposit Receipts (TDR) and Monthly Savings Schemes (MSS).

FFL has a sizable Authorized Capital of Tk. 5,00,000,000, split into 500,000,000 Ordinary Shares, each worth Tk. 10. As of June 30, 2021, the Statutory Reserve proudly lies at Tk. 369.94 Million, while the Paid-up Capital, including issued shares, stands at Tk. 1,185.54 Million. Our issued shares represent our dedication to shared success and include Directors/Sponsors, Institutions, and the General Public.

Details of First Finance Limited

Address: 10 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka-1215, Bnagladesh.

Contact Number: +88 02 9145487-98189676-7

Fax: +88 02 9142374


Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

#Bay Leasing & Investment Limited

Bay Leasing & Investment Limited, a prestigious public limited company, began its incredible journey in February 1996 with the goal of unleashing limitless potential. We were established as a non-banking financial institution, and under the watchful eye of the venerable Financial Institutions Act of 1993, we have flourished. A visionary Board of Directors has led Bay Leasing & Investment Limited with steadfast commitment and the finest professionalism, leading us to unheard-of success.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

Our outstanding crew is proof of our dedication and steadfast allegiance. Their fervor and commitment have fueled our development and established us as a dominant force in the sector. Interestingly, we have the lowest staff turnover among our competitors, demonstrating our capacity to draw in and keep top talent.

Our customer base serves as a brilliant example of diversification as we keep growing. Numerous business owners have seen transformational development as a result of our ongoing engagements, which have yielded enormous advantages. Their triumphs serve as fire for our desire to break down barriers and offer unmatched chances.

We at Bay Leasing & Investment Limited are committed to revealing limitless potential. We encourage company owners to exceed their goals with an uncompromising dedication to excellence. Join us on this remarkable adventure, where success has no boundaries and aspirations become reality.

Details of Bay Leasing & Investment Limited

Address: Eunoos Trade Centre (Level 18)52-53 Dilkusha C/A,Dhaka.

Contact Number: +88 02 223352504 (Hunting)

Helpline: 01976-768686



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

# United Leasing Company Ltd. (ULC)

In 1989, United Finance Limited set off on a famous voyage and eventually became a leader among financial institutions. With the distinguished Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited, Camellia PLC, and Lawrie Group PLC, as well as their related businesses, we stand proudly linked. Together, we have a legacy-making presence that spans more than 150 distinguished years in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

At United Finance Limited, we provide for the various financial requirements of a sizable customer that includes both prestigious businesses and individuals. With a presence in all 64 districts of Bangladesh, we have developed 25 offices as thriving economic centers. Our committed team of over 700 great people brings our goal of excellence to reality.

Our unshakable dedication to sustainable development, ethical lending, and financial inclusion takes center stage in all we do. We envision a world in which everyone is empowered, including both people and corporations. As we open the door for a better, more affluent future, our deeds say loudly.

Details of United Leasing Company Ltd. (ULC)

Address: 22 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka: 1000 , Bangladesh

Contact Number: +880 29660039

Fax: +880 29662596

E-Mail: or


Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

# International Leasing and Financial Services Limited (ILFSL)

A vibrant and customer-focused public limited company named International Leasing and Financial Services Limited (ILFSL) formed as a pioneering force under the auspices of the prestigious Financial Institution Act 1993. Under the creative leadership of our respected Board of Directors, ILFSL has operated with unmatched professionalism since our founding in 1996.

What started out as a modest business that provided lease financing for a single product has grown into a famous organization that provides a wide range of product-oriented lease and loan finance options. Our stellar reputation reflects our dedication to excellence.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

Home loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, company loans, project loans, term loans, real estate loans, SME loans, work order loans, and personal finance products make up ILFSL’s impressive product lineup. We also provide alluring deposit programs such term deposits, monthly income plans, triple money plans, and double money plans. Additionally, ILFSL is proud to hold a Primary Dealership (PD) license from Bangladesh Bank, which permits us to buy and sell government treasury bills and bonds on the secondary market.

International Leasing Securitas Limited (ILSL), a division of our company, offers full-service depository participant (DP) of CDBL status as well as margin loans for share trading. Additionally, our subsidiary, IL Capital Limited, offers merchant banking services to businesses, including issue management, underwriting, capital raising, and merger and acquisition expertise.

ILFSL has established itself as a pioneering financial institution, setting the standard in our beloved country, thanks to smart marketing and an unrelenting commitment to providing exceptional service. Come along on this wonderful trip with us, where possibilities are endless and your financial dreams may come true.

Details of International Leasing and Financial Services Limited (ILFSL)

Address: Printer’s Building (14th Floor), 5 Rajuk Avenue, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Founded: 1996

Contact Number: +880-2-9559639



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

# National Housing Finance and Investments Limited (NHFIL)

National Housing Finance and Investments Limited (NHFIL) will help you unlock the doors to your ideal residence! NHFIL, a leading private sector housing finance company, was founded in August 1998 as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994. Our ability to fulfill your aspirations of becoming a homeowner is made possible by the renowned license we have been granted by Bangladesh Bank under the venerable Financial Institutions Act, 1993.

Our goal at NHFIL is to offer finance for the purchase of homes, lots, apartments, real estate, and commercial spaces as well as for their acquisition, development, and construction. We are committed to expanding the housing supply in our nation while encouraging affordable home ownership because we recognize that shelter is a basic human necessity.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

Our dedication doesn’t end there. We also take part in a variety of operations, including collecting deposits and providing term loan facilities for corporate clients and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as project and lease finance. You may easily purchase capital equipment, manufacturing equipment, generators, medical equipment, automobiles, buses, sea vessels, and more through our lease finance solutions.

NHFIL has BDT 2,000 million in permitted capital as of December 31, 2019, and BDT 1170.31 million in paid-up capital. Having successfully floated our shares through a captivating initial public offering (IPO) in 2008, we have made our doors open to the broader public. As a sign of our dedication to openness and accountability, we now proudly have listings on the Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and the Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited.

Details of National Housing Finance and Investments Limited (NHFIL)

Address: Plot 11/A, Coccord Baksh Tower, 7th Floor, Rd No 48, Dhaka 1212

Founded: August 1998

Contact Number: 09609-200555


Opening: Sunday to Thursday [10:00 AM-6:00 PM]

Off Day: Saturday & Friday

# People’s Leasing and Financial Services Ltd.

The Financial Institutions Act of 1993 gave rise to People’s Leasing and Financial Services Limited (PLFS), a financial organization. This dynamic powerhouse was formally established as a Public Limited Company under the auspices of the Companies Act of 1994 on August 12, 1996. With new goals in mind, PLFS quickly secured a license from the prestigious Bangladesh Bank on November 24, 1997, enabling it to completely alter the landscape of lease financing.

Top 10 Leasing Companies in Bangladesh [ Ultimate Guide ]

PLFS reached incredible heights thanks to its enormous Authorized Capital of Tk. 500 million, split into 5 million ordinary shares of Tk. 100 each. The Paid-Up Capital, fervently contributed by the visionary sponsors, stood at an astounding Tk. 130 million as of September 30, 2004. Today, PLFS basks in the glory of victory after painstakingly building a strong foundation to position itself as a pioneering leasing company and establishing its presence in the wide range of financial institutions across the country.

Watch the success story develop as PLFS accepts its role as a vanguard, pushing the limits of what is possible and paving the way for advancement.

Details of People’s Leasing and Financial Services Ltd.

Address: Paramount Heights, Level- 13th & 14th Floor, 65/2/1, Box Culvert Road, Purana Paltan,Motijheel, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Contact Number: +88 02 7122228

Fax: +88 02 9562780



Opening: Saturday to Thursday [9:00 AM-5:00 PM]

Off Day: Friday

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List Of the leasing company in Bangladesh 2023

Bangladesh, a nation in South Asia, has a robust leasing market that is essential to the growth of the economy there. In Bangladesh, leasing companies provide a variety of financial services to people and businesses, enabling them to lease assets including machinery, automobiles, and equipment.

These leasing companies provide flexible and cost-effective choices, making it easier to acquire necessary resources without having to pay high upfront charges. Bangladesh’s leasing industry continues to assist growth and make progress in the country’s economy overall because of the wide range of leasing companies that are present there.

  •         Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)
  •         IDLC Finance Limited
  •         Union Capital Ltd.
  •         Bay Leasing & Investment Ltd
  •         GSP Finance Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd.
  •         FAS Finance & Investment Ltd.
  •         LankaBangla Finance Limited
  •         Phoenix Leasing Co. Ltd.
  •         Prime Finance & Investment Ltd.
  •         People’sLeasing & Financial Services Ltd.
  •         National Housing Finance & Investment Ltd.
  •         MIDAS Financing Ltd.
  •         First Lease International Ltd.
  •         Bangladesh Finance & Investment Ltd.
  •         Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial and Agricultural Investment Co. Ltd.
  •         The UAE-Bangladesh Development Co. Ltd.
  •         United Leasing Co. Ltd.
  •         Industrial Development Leasing Co. of Bangladesh.
  •         Uttara Finance & Investment Ltd.
  •         International Leasing & Investment Ltd.
  •          Bahrain Bangladesh Finance & Investment Co. Ltd.
  •         Delta BRAC Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
  •         Vanik Bangladesh Ltd.
  •         Bangladesh Industrial Finance Co. Ltd.
  •         Industrial promotion and Development Co. of Bangladesh (IPDC)

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 Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q: How Many Leasing Companies Are There In Bangladesh?

Answer: There Are 24 leasing companies in Bangladesh currently there.

Q: Which Is The Largest Lease Company In Bangladesh?

Answer: (IDLC) of Bangladesh Limited is the first and the largest leasing company of the country.

Q: Which Is The First Leasing Company In Bangladesh?

Answer: (IDLC) of Bangladesh Limited is the first and the largest leasing company of the country.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Bank And Leasing Company?

Answer: Leasing is 100% financing and covers all of these costs. Banks take a security interest in all of your company’s assets (presently owned and acquired in the future) by publicly filing a UCC. This ties up all of your assets, including inventory and receivables.

Q: What Is A Leasing Company?

Answer: Financial leasing companies engage in financing the purchase of concrete assets. Though the leasing company is the legal owner of the goods, the ownership and possession is effectively conveyed to the lessee, who earns all benefits, costs, and risks linked to ownership of the assets.

Final Thought

The top 10 leasing companies in Bangladesh are a trustworthy network of varied financial partners prepared to meet your leasing needs. These organizations provide adaptable and cost-effective solutions for anything from automobiles to machinery and equipment, enabling both corporations and individuals to buy necessary assets. Trust in their knowledge and set off on a path to success and progress with the leading leasing businesses in Bangladesh.

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