Upay Dial Code | উপায় ডায়াল কোড [Upay Mobile Banking Full Details]

Upay is now becoming popular in Bangladesh, those who use Upay, want to know about Upay Dial Code. In this article, we will discuss Upay Mobile Banking all the details for the people special who are searching for an online upay dialing code and Upay helpline number, Upay Cash Out charge, Upay Offer, Upay account USSD Code, Upay account open offer 2024 , Upay Mobile Banking Self Registration Bonus and more.

Name USSD Code
Upay Dial Code *268#.

 In Bangladesh, mobile banking is growing rapidly. Not only the means but all the mobile banking services in Bangladesh are currently offering a good number of facilities to the customers in order to strengthen their position.

Although this mobile banking service published by UCB BANK has been running in the country for a long time, it has not been able to pioneer itself like other mobile banks.

Well, in 2024, Upay is running a massive campaign in the marketplaces to make mobile banking more customer-friendly for its customers, with the minimum cash-out charge of 9 Tk and other changes.

About Upay Mobile Banking

Now Upay Mobile Banking is a growing new mobile banking system in Bangladesh. The Upay Mobile Banking system is providing many digital financial services and facilities as well as Add Money, Cash In, Cash Out, Pay Bill, Upay Registration, Send Money, Mobile Recharge, Make Payment, Request Money, Fund transfer, Donation, Remittance, and more. So, let’s check the below table, here we have added About Upay Mobile Banking information.

Organization Name Upay | উপায়
Opening Year 2024
Address Plot CWS (A) -1, Road 34, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh
Customer Service 16268 Or 09612316268
Email info@upaybd.com (For Media Inquiries only) customerservice@upaybd.com (For Customer Service only)
Website www.upaybd.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/upaybangladesh
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAt0bzPbUVVHRusaNtYOlg
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/upay-ucbfintech/
Apple https://apps.apple.com/us/app/upay-finance-and-payments/id1576179329
Play Store App Download https://cutt.ly/NzXvJDf
Viber https://invite.viber.com/?g2=AQBHgt6ukI9I3U6kD06aw7Kd4RCJyuZvZCjuSVBI%2FfxUaXXe7%2FlEdpAekCKobLwn

Upay Account Dial Code | উপায় মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং কোড

As per rules, customers are provided with a USSD dial code to use any mobile banking service operating in Bangladesh. UCB upay USSD code is available for customers.

Just like the Bkash dial code is *247#, there is also a USSD dial code for the users of the Way mobile banking service.

Upay mobile banking USSD Dial Code is *268#.

Upay Account Information Dial Code
Account USSD Code *268#
Upay Cash Out Charge From The App 8 TAKA
Upay Agent 14 TAKA
Upay Helpline number 16268

How to Check Upay Mobile Banking Balance? 

For Need to check Upay Account balance, you need to dial Upay Upay Dial Code, in the section we have added How to Check Upay Mobile Banking Balance? Just follow the Upay Mobile Banking Balance check procedure and get your work.

  • Please, Dial *268#
  • Then: Select, My Upay >
  • Then: Select, Check Balance>
  • After That: Submit your Upay PIN.

If have to do all the steps, you will get your Mobile Banking Balance on your mobile phone screen.

Now we have added upay Finance and Payments Mobile Banking All about Procedure with USSD Code. Just see the table, here you can see the Upay account Dial Code | উপায় মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং কোড with Upay cash out charge from the app, Upay Agent, Upay Helpline number and Upay account USSD Code

Upay Limits and Transaction

In the below table, we have added Upay Limits And Frequency which helps to know Upay Transaction Limits, pay the bill, Cash in, Cash Out, Upay Agent Banking details, and more details. So, have a look at the table and get an idea about Upay.



Per Transaction Limit (Amount in BDT) Daily Transaction Limit (Amount in BDT) Monthly Transaction Limit (Amount in BDT)
Min Max Count Amount Count Amount
Cash In from Agent 50 30,000 10 30,000 100 200,000
Add Money 50 50,000 20 50,000 50 300,000
Cash Out from Agent 50 25,000 10 25,000 100 150,000
Cash Out from ATM 500 25,000 5 25,000 20 150,000
Send Money 10 25,000 50 25,000 100 200,000
Transfer Money to Bank Account 10 50,000 50 50,000 100 300,000
Make Payment 1 No Limit
Pay Bill No Limit
Mobile Recharge 50 10,000 1,500 100,000
Inward Remittance 1 125,000 10 500,000 50 500,000
Request Money 10 25,000 No Limit No Limit

Upay Cash out Charge– উপায় ক্যাশ আউট চার্জ

Way Mobile banking service cash out charge from ATM will cost only 8 Tk per thousand.

Upay UCB Mobile Banking ATM cash-out charges 8 Taka per thousand.

Also if you cash out from the Upay agent or Upay app using Upay Dial Code *268#, then you have to pay a charge of 14 Tk for every 1000 Tk.

UpaY Cash Out charge Per Thousand
Upay USSD Code 14 Taka
Upay app 14 Taka
Upay Agent 14 TAKA
Upay ATM cash out 8 TAKA

Upay Mobile Banking Self Registration Bonus

You can easily open a one-way mobile banking account by scanning the top and bottom images of your voter ID card and taking a screenshot of your photo.

Self-registration means after completing your own Upay Account registration and immediately logging in to the Upay app to get a 25 Tk “Cash Reward”.

Upay Account Open Offer 2024

You can get an account opening bonus of 25 Tk.

After completing the Upay account registration, within 7 days of the first time login to the Upay app, the customer will get an additional 25 Tk “Cash Reward” on mobile recharge of 50 Tk or more from the app.

25 taka account opening bonus and 25 taka on mobile recharge from Upay mobile banking app.

That is, by opening a one-way account, now the customer is getting a bonus of 50 Tk.

Upay Customer Support Number

Friends, there is Upay Account Dial Code as well as an Upay helpline number.

Every mobile banking service has a helpline number to help their customers.

You can use the helpline of Upay mobile banking service to know about any information related to Upay mobile banking app.

Upay Customer Support Number is 16268 

Ways You can get any information by calling Mobile Banking Helpline 16268.

Upay Live Chat

Is Upay Live Chat Is available? Yes Upay Facebook Messenger Live Chat and Direct chat with us are available to all users.

In the section, we have shared the Upay Live Chat link for those people who are searching for Upay Direct Live Chat. So, let’s check the below Upay Messanger chat link.

Upay Messanger Live Chat

Upay Website Live Chat 

Upay App Download

For the need, you need to install Upay App, in the section we have shared Upay App Download link from Play store.

Upay Balance Check Code-উপায় ব্যালেন্স চেক কোড

There are many upay user who need to check Upay Mobile Banking Balance, they are searching Upay Balance Check Code online, for in the part we have mentioned Upay Balance Check Code

However, Upay Balance Check Code is *268#

If you need to check your Upay Account Balance, just dial above*268# Code and put your pin number, finally, you will see your Upay Account Balance.

Anyway, you can easily check your Upay account balance by following the procedure.

Upay Mobile Banking Helpline Number-উপায় মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং হেল্প লাইন নাম্বার

Every mobile banking service in Bangladesh has launched its own helpline system to provide maximum service to customers. Bkash Helpline Number is 16247, Rocket Helpline Number is 162116 and Upay Mobile Banking Helpline Number is 16268.

If you notice, you will see that the first two letters of each mobile banking helpline in Bangladesh are the same. This is done for the sake of remembering the customers. So, the Upay Mobile banking helpline number is 16268. 24/7 for any problem call the mobile banking helpline number and get a solution to your mobile banking account problem.

We think you know all about Upay dial code information with upay dial code bd, upay account dial code, Upay dial code number, and check Upay dial code.

Upay Help Line Number is 09612316268

FAQs On Upay Dial Code:

Which bank is UPAY?

Answer: UCB Bank is UPAY.

How do I cash in UPAY?

Answer:  By sending money from a cash point to cash in UPAY.

How do I use UPAY?

Answer: By Using Mobile Dial Code or Upay App to user UPAY

What is UPAY app?

Answer: উপায় (Upay)  is an easy, secured and innovative financial solution app that provides digital Mobile Banking financial services.


Hopefully, you know the Upay Dial Code and Upay Mobile Banking all about details from Wiki Of Info. We have also shared Upay Cash out Charge, Upay Customer Care Number/ Upay Helpline Number.

If you want more information about Upay Mobile Banking Services, please let me know, and we have given you an answer. So, stay with us regularly to know about all mobile banking service information such, as Rocket, bKash, and other telecoms SIM operator offers.

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