Airtel Internet Offer 2023 | Data Bonus Offers [Updated]

Today we want to share with you how you can get an Airtel Internet offer in 2021. Airtel published new internet offers on their official website; there are too many internet packages. All offers are available for airtel prepaid and postpaid customers.

They always offer low-cost internet packs for their val uable customers. From here you can collect the perfect internet pack for you now we will share all airtel internet offers lists with you. Let’s start.

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Airtel Internet Offer 2023.

On our website, you can get a lot of internet offers at the cheapest rate which you want. All of the subscribers need airtel unlimited internet offers and packages.

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Enjoy your choicest internet day and night, and share this joy with your friend. Now we will talk about airtel latest all internet offers. Here we listed almost all airtel internet offers. Let’s begin.

Price Volume (mb) Validity Action
41 2048 3 Buy Now
147 20480 7 Buy Now
60 2048 7 Buy Now
89 10240 3 Buy Now
57 3584 3 Buy Now
129 12288 7 Buy Now
19 300 3 Buy Now
449 46080 30 Buy Now
200 16384 15 Buy Now
68 6144 3 Buy Now
349 18432 30 Buy Now
164 25600 7 Buy Now
114 6144 7 Buy Now
49 2560 3 Buy Now
76 8192 3 Buy Now
497 51200 30 Buy Now
32 800 3 Buy Now
549 61440 30 Buy Now
399 32768 30 Buy Now

Airtel Internet Package (All)

In 2020, Airtel provides its user so many internet packages with updated USSD code. If you wrongly dial the USSD code, it may harmful for you or an active other packages. So, if you think that you need an updated 2020 internet package offer, surely you can check out the below sections.

Airtel Hot Deals Internet Offer 2023

  • 512 MB for 3 days: ৳29
  • 1.4 GB for 3 days: ৳49
  • 2.5 GB for 7 days: ৳129
  • 712 MB for 3 days: ৳38
  • 512 MB FB + Insta for 7 days: ৳12
  • 6 GB for 30 days: ৳299
  • 2.5 GB for 3 days: ৳68
  • 1 GB for 7 days: ৳61
  • 1.4 GB for 3 days: ৳49
  • 3 GB for 3 days: ৳76
  • 1.5 GB for 3 days: ৳57
  • 4 GB + 475 Min for 15 Days: ৳297
  • 2 GB for 3 days: ৳63
  • 1000 Mins + 1 GB for 3 Days: ৳601
  • 5 GB for 3 days: ৳89
  • 700 MB + 15 Mins for 3 days: ৳36
  • 1.5 GB + 25 Min for 3 Days: ৳67
  • 4 GB + 475 Min for 3 Days: ৳293

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Airtel Mini Packs Internet Offer 2023

  • 512 MB for 3 days: ৳29
  • 612 MB for 30 days: ৳132
  • 1000 minutes and 1 GB for 15 Days: ৳603

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Airtel Monthly Packages Internet Offer 2023

  • 2 GB + 30 Min for 30 Days: ৳249
  • 4 GB + 475 Min for 30 Days: ৳298
  • 15GB + 350 Min for 30 Days: ৳548
  • 16 GB, 30 Days: ৳497
  • 25 GB + 500 Min for 30 Days: ৳648
  • 45 GB for 30 days: ৳598
  • 3 GB + 100 mins for 30 days: ৳269
  • 40 GB + 600 Min for 30 Days: ৳799
  • 15 GB for 30 Days: ৳399
  • 1.5 GB + 100 mins for 30 days: ৳198
  • 18 GB + 400 Mins, 30 Days: ৳599
  • 8 GB + 200 Mins for 30 Days: ৳397
  • 6 GB + 200Min for 30 days: ৳348

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Airtel Weekly Packs Internet Offer 2023

  • 8 GB for 7 days: ৳148
  • 1.5 GB + 25 mins for 7 days: ৳98
  • 16 GB, 7 Days: ৳178
  • 4 GB + 475 Min for 7 Days: ৳295
  • 6 GB for 7 Days: ৳164
  • 1.5 GB +100 Minutes for 7 days: ৳149

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Airtel Weekly Bundles Internet Offer 2023

  • 30 GB + 600 mins for 30 days: ৳719
  • 1 GB + 10 mins for 3 days: ৳44
  • 2 GB + 30 Minutes for 3 days: ৳

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Airtel Unlimited Celebration At #1 Network Of Friends

Price (Taka) Pack ID Purchase Channel Offer Validity
31 Tk RBU220976X Dial *123*0002# or Recharge (31tk) Unlimited Pack  4.5 hours (12.01 am-6.00 am)
3 hours (6.01 am -12.00 am)
17 Tk RBU220975X Dial *123*0001# or Recharge (17tk) Unlimited Pack  1.5 hours (12.01 am-6.00 am)
1 hours (6.01 am -12.00 am)
444 Tk Dial *123*444# or Recharge (444 Tk) 10 GB Unlimited (11 Years)
777 Tk Dial *123*777# or Recharge (777 Tk) 20 GB Unlimited (11 Years)
379 Tk Dial *123*1111# or Recharge (379 Tk) 30 GB (Everyday 3 GB) 30 Days
998 Tk Dial *123*1113# or Recharge (998 Tk) 150 GB (Everyday 5 GB) 30 Days

4 GB + 475 Min for 15 Days

Airtel has brought an exciting bundle pack of 475 Minutes + 4GB at 297 Tk. Validity 15 days.

Offer includes

  • Internet: 4 GB
  • Talktime: 475 minutes
  • Validity: 15 days

To avail the exciting offer, just dial *123*297#

1000 Minutes and 1 GB for 15 Days

Get 1000 minutes and 1 GB @ 603 Tk for 15 days.

Airtel has brought a voice offer of only 603 taka for all the voice lover customers (both Prepaid & Postpaid).

Offer Includes:

  • Internet: 1 GB
  • Talktime: 1000 Minutes (anynet)
  • Validity: 15 days

To avail the stunning offer, just dial *123*0603#


<————————————–Old Offer——————————————–>

Airtel Internet Offer List (Low Price):

If you want to purchase the Low Price internet package from Airtel, surely you can check out the below table. The table only shows you the limited time internet offer.

            Price     Internet Pack          Validity Activation Code
38 Tk 1.5GB Three days             *123*038#
44 Tk 2GB Three days             *123*044#
54 Tk 2GB+ 1GB 4G Three days             *123*054#
59 Tk 2 GB Five5 days             *123*059#
22 Tk 1GB 4G Three days             *123*022#
29 Tk 500 MB Three days             *123*025#

Airtel Internet Offers List (Medium Price) :

         Price    Internet Pack       Validity Activation Code
89 Tk 1.5 GB Seven days             *123*089#
104 Tk 3GB Seven days             *123*104#
98 Tk 1.5 GB + 500 MB Three days             *123*089#
129 Tk 5 GB Five days             *123*129#
159 Tk 5 GB Ten days *123*159#
179 Tk 7 GB Ten days *123*179#

Airtel Internet Pack Offer List (High Price) :

          Price     Internet Pack         Validity Activation Code
498 Tk 7 GB 30 Days *123*498#
148 Tk 1GB +100min+100 SMS 30 Days *123*148#
229 Tk 2GB 30 Days *123*229#
998 Tk 30 GB 30 Days *123*998#

Airtel Monthly Internet Package.

If you think that you need a monthly internet package you will get the below packages. On this table, I will show you a 28 or 30 days internet offer which helps you a lot.

Data and Price USSD Code Validation 
1GB (FB + Ins) – Tk 12 *123*012# 30 days
1GB (PUBG) – Tk 33 *123*033# 30 days
2GB – Tk 229 *123*229# 30 days
7GB – Tk 498 *123*498# 30 days
10GB + 500 Min – Tk 648 *123*648# 45 days
10GB – Tk 399 *123*052# 28 days
20GB – Tk 599 *123*053# 28 days
30GB – Tk 998 *123*998# 30 days

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Airtel Social Pack Offer.

If you think that the general internet package is not suitable for you, surely you can choose the social package. In the below section I will provide you the best social internet package in Airtel. So, let’s check out the social package below.

            Price    Internet Pack       Validity Activation
12 Tk 1 GB FB & Instagram 30 days *123*012#
33 Tk 1 GB play PUBG 300 days *123*033#

Read More: Airtel Social Pack 

Airtel PUBG 1GB Social Pack 33 Taka Offer:

Did you know that Airtel brings an excellent internet offer for playing PUBG games? They give a 1GB PUBG internet offer for just 33 Taka. You can purchase this offer by dialing *123*033#. This internet offer validity is 30 days and uses this offer anytime.

Airtel 104 Taka 3GB Internet Offer

Airtel Special MB offer for those customers who buy handsets from their official website. Do you like this offer, if you like this you can buy any handset from here?

The 3GB internet pack with bonus 7 GB internet only 104 taka for airtel particular customer and the internet validity is 7sevendays. Please recharge 104 taka or dial *121*080*0# for avail of this offer.

This offer can be enjoyed only to users of Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Ippo, Symphony brand new cadets.

Airtel 10 GB Special Data Offer

Airtel’s special offer can get only those customers whose customers buy Samsung and Xiaomi brand new handsets from Airtel. Only with 399 taka, you can get 10 GB internet. These attractive offers can purchase this offer with dialing *121*052#. The expiry date is 28 days.

The 10 GB internet can ( Use 5GB to any operator, 2GB for 4G Sim and 3GB to my sports and 10 minutes of school).

Airtel 20 GB Internet 599 BDT Offer

We are coming to another data pack of airtel for you. It’s a 20 GB data pack offer. There are some rules for taking this Airtel Internet offers. When you buy any handset like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Symphony from Airtel, then you can get this 20 GB internet pack.

In this offer, you can use 10 GB internet any local operator within 20 GB of internet and 5 GB of 5G SIM and another 5GB of MY sports and 10 Minutes of School. Recharge 599 Tk or dial *121*053# for getting this offer. Internet validity is 28 days.

Airtel 15 GB Data pack 197 Tk Offer

Airtel 15 GB internet only for 197 Taka. This internet package offer validity is 15 days. The 15 GB internet cod is *123*197#. Airtel internet balance check *3# or *8444*88#.

Airtel 75 GB Internet @ 998 Taka Offer

75 GB internet @ 998 Taka is the highest internet offer for all users. Airtel all users can enjoy this offer. This offer is SMS sufficient for SIM. Airtel internet balance check dial *3# or *8444″ 88# and this offer for 30 days.

Airtel 18 GB Internet Offer 618 Taka

When you dial *21291*618#, then you can get an 18 GB super internet offer, which is valid for six months. If you want to check this internet balance just dial *3# or


Airtel 36 GB Internet 1236 Taka Offer

36 GB internet for 1236 Taka is a long time internet offer. The 36 GB internet offer code is *21291*136#. You can use this pack for one year.  Dial *3# or *8444*88# for an internet balance check.

Airtel 297 Taka 30 GB Internet Offer

Airtel always gives us a nice internet pack. The 297 Taka 30 GB internet pack is one of them. The 39 GB internet offer code is *123*297#, and this offer validity is 30 days.

Airtel Internet Pack Offer. 

If you want to activate or de-active the internet, you will not need to do any special thing. When you dial the USSD code or other methods to purchase the internet the package is instantly active. After finishing the validity, your internet automatically de-activated.

Airtel 1.5 GB Internet Offer

Airtel Users can enjoy 1.5 GB internet offer only 98 Taka, also get with it 50 minutes talk time. Recharge 98 or dial *123*098# for purchasing this offer. This offer can use prepaid customers only. Dial *778*0# for a minute balance check.

Airtel 2GB 59 Taka Internet Offer.

One of the best internets offers the 59 Taka 2GB internet offer; this is the faster speed and long term duration offer. Many Airtel customers search long term internet offers, for those this internet offer is the best.

Would you like to purchase this offer, you spend only 59 taka on this 2GB internet. By recharging 59 tk or dial *123*059#, which expires in 5 days.

Airtel 5GB 159 Taka Internet Offer.

The 5GB internet pack is only 159 taka for Harvey User or Medium users. This offer validity is ten days. You can recharge 159 taka or dial *123*159# to avail of this offer. Airtel internet balance check dial *3# or *8444*88#.

Airtel 170 Tk @ 5GB Internet Offer 

We are coming with a new internet offer for airtel customers. Let’s go to talk about this fantastic Airtel Internet offers; you can get 5GB internet for only 170 taka. Recharge 170 Taka or dial *125*120# to use this offer, and this offer’s validity is seven days.

Airtel New 7GB Internet Offer

Airtel brings great internet offers for their valuable customers. 179 Taka airtel subscribers get 7 GB internet; this internet offer expires ten days. All of the airtel customers can buy this fantastic offer. By purchasing this offer, dial *123*179#, or recharge 179 tk.

Airtel 7GB Internet @ 129 Taka Offer

Airtel 7GB Internet 129 Taka is the greatest. The 7GB internet offer for Harvey user or airtel medium users. This offer validity is seven days. Recharge 129 taka or dial *123*129# for active this offer. Dial *3# or *8444*88# to check the airtel internet balance.

Airtel MB Offer Check [Activation Code]

For the user’s Airtel announced many MB offer, you can see the Airtel MB Package offer list in the below we have added the Airtel GB Offer details by the table format, interested customer checks the Airtel MB Offer list and share with others who are like searching Airtel MB Offer 2023 . Just check out in the content the Airtel MB Offer BD Code.

Airtel 500 MB Internet Offer:

Airtel gives you 29 Tk @ 500 MB internet. You will need to dial and Purchase by the USSD code for this offer. This is the attractive internet offer of airtel; all of the airtel customers can enjoy it.

The customer will get 500 MB internet offer dialing and also by recharge.

Dial *123*025# for active this offer. Or By recharge 29 Tk, you can buy this offer and this offer duration time is 72 hours. Can use this offer over 4G, 3G, 2G networks.

Airtel 1GB Internet Offer :

Hello Friends, Let’s discuss the Airtel 1GB internet offers in detail. We will give you all of the required information that this 1GB internet offers in detail. See the details here.

Airtel Data Offer BD.

According to policy, the Airtel Company provides Data Pack Offer for its users. In the section, we will discuss Airtel Data Offers details with activation code which helps to get the Airtel Data Offer Check code and active in your phone. Just below the checkout Airtel Data Offer BD and choose your net packages.

Airtel 44 Taka 2 GB Internet Offer

Airtel 44 Taka 2GB internet is the most popular internet offer for all airtel customers. Airtel gives 2GB data pack over three days. You should make a quick purchase if you want it and enjoy best Airtel Internet offers 2023 .

All of the airtel prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy this 2GB internet offer. By purchasing this offer, just dial *123*044# or recharge 44 taka you able to enjoy it at any time.

Prepaid subscribers can buy it recharge or USSD code, but postpaid consumers can only purchase by USSD code. This is the regular data pack 2023.

Airtel 22 Taka 1 GB Internet (4G Offer) :

Airtel published the most demandable 1 GB internet offer for the 4G network. The proposal of this 1GB internet of airtel only for 22 taka and will provide validity for three days. Airtel 4G SIM users only can use, and if you want, you can buy this internet offer.

Please, share it with all of your friends. You can get this offer by the USSD code press. To activate this 1GB internet offer press *123*022# and validity time is three days.

Airtel 1.5GB 38 Tk Internet offer 

Welcome to Airtel amazing 38 taka @ 1.5GB internet offers. 1.5 GB is an excellentAirtel Internet offers. To receive this unique internet pack, you have to spend 38 taka. Press *123*038# or recharge 38 taka for avail of this offer. The offer validity is seven days.

Airtel Only 89 Taka 1.5 GB Internet Offer

1.5 GB data pack is a terrific long term offer at the tiniest cost. The 1.5GB internet pack is the only cost of 89 taka, and it expires seven days if you want this offer, dial *123*089#, or you can use this offer 2G, 4G, 3G network.

Airtel 198 Tk @ 10GB Internet Offer

We are always trying to help you with an airtel internet offers. Airtel releases 198 tk @ 10 GB internet on the official website. You can take this low-cost internet offer here, and this offer remains for seven days.

To get this offer, recharge 198 tk or dial this USSD code *123*1234#.

Airtel 30 GB Internet Offer

Airtel brings an excellent internet offer today. This offer is a super offer for airtel customers who use the network at 24 hours—the 30GB @ 998 Tk, which is valid for 30 days.

You can recharge 998 taka or dial *123*998# to avail of this offer. You will renew this offer before it expires.

Airtel Social Pack 1GB 12 Taka Offer:

We are back with the airtel super social media pack.

All their Airtel customers can use this social media pack with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

The 1GB Internet 12 Taka offer if you want to get this offer dial *123*012#, and it’s valid for 30 days.

Final Words:

In this article, you can select any Airtel Internet offers 2023 for you. We take all of this airtel internet offer on airtel official website. Anytime they can change any internet offers without any notice.

Have you any questions about airtel internet offers than just leave a comment. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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