Akota Transport: Online Ticket Booking |Counter Number [2023]

Akota transport also means Akota paribahan. Like some other transport such as SB paribahan, BRTC, SA Paribahan, this transport can provide the best service. However, today I am going to share with you each of the information about this transport so that you can get a clear concept.

You may get ticket price, counter locations, phone numbers for booking the ticket, and some other information that helps you get the ticket. Whatever you should keep reading to get the best information.

What is Akota Transport?

Akota paribahan or transport is a bus service company which provides their bus service in around Bangladesh. You can get their counter in each of the districts. However, they provide their service online and offline, which means you can collect the ticket online and offline.

Their Services

Akota Transport services are spread out almost all around the country. The main service that they provide transportation is from

Dhaka to Bogra, Sherpur, Thonthonia, Naogaon and vice versa.

This agency also has their official website. So before you start off to your destination, you can order your ticket through the website. If that seems complex, just a phone call will get you the ticket too. As the last backup visit any nearby counters of this agency to get it.

The Website – https://www.facebook.com/akotaparibahan/

The official phone number – +8801951144044

If you fail to get your ticket through these processes then the last option is reaching out to your nearest counters of Akota Transport. However the counter zones they possess are so many in numbers. Hence detailed information on counter zones are given below. 

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Akota Paribahan Online Ticket Booking.

You are already aware of the offline ticket price. The online ticket price looks like same, but you may need to charge the delivery. However, to know the detail and buy the ticket online, you can visit Sohoz.com and also visit busbd.com.bd. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section.

Akota Paribahan Routes

Let’s check out these transport routes so that you can get to your destination. However, now they only provide Non-AC coach service. You will also get a ticket price with the route so that you don’t need to pay any extra money. So, let’s check out the table.

Route Ticket Price Coach
Dhaka to Bogra 350 Tk Non-AC
Dhaka to Sherpur, Bogra 350 Tk Non-AC
Bogra to Dhaka 350 Tk Non-AC
Sherpur, Bogra to Dhaka 350 Tk Non-AC
Dhaka to Thonthonia 400 Tk Non-AC
Dhaka to Naogaon 400 Tk Non-AC
Thonthonia to Dhaka 400 Tk Non-AC

Akota Transport Dhaka Counter

If you want to know the counter location and the authorization number in the Dhaka division, then you can check out the below table. Note, each of the numbers I collect from the authority in recent time. I hope that you can get the perfect location and accurate number from the below table.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Azampur Uttara Counter Mobile Number: 01717-551107
Mohakhali bus station Mobile Number: 01711-103191
Airport Counter Mobile Number: 01882-123299
Gazipur Konabari Counter Mobile Number: 01752-224923
Gazipur Bypass Counter Mobile Number: 01743-661707
Tongi Hasan Market Counter  Mobile Number: 01772-115729
Abdullahpur Uttara Counter Mobile Number: 01712-287730
Gazipur Chandru Counter Mobile Number: 01736-529098

Bogra District Counter.

Bogra is a populated district and also a tourist spot. If you think that you need to take Akota paribahan service from Bogra, you are right. However, you can check out the below table to get the most recent information.

Counter Name Mobile Number
Satmatha Counter Mobile Number: 05165458
Thanthania Counter Mobile Number: 05164582
Murail bus stand Counter Mobile Number: 01713-722282
Choumuhani Counter Mobile Number: 01711410464
Santher Counter Mobile Number: 01726615334
Sherpur Bus Stand Counter Mobile Number: 01711411355

I hope that the location helps you a lot to get the right counter location. You can contact them via the numbers. You can also book your ticket to dial the number. But when you book the ticket, you must take the ticket to go directly to their counter.

Counter Zones in Rajshahi

Just like Dhaka if you reside in Rajshahi, Akota Transport Rajshahi branch provided station counters –  

  1. Rajshahi station counter – 01762684415
  2. Godagari station counter – 01762-684415
  3. Rajabari station counter – 01762-684416
  4. Hargram station counter – 01762-684419
  5. Laxmipur station counter – 01762-684420
  6. City Bypass station counter – 01762-684421

Kajala station counter – 01762-684422

Counter Zones in Natore

Akota Transport Natore branch provided station counters –

  1. Natore Counter (Main) – 01762684402, 077162711
  2. Beneshor station counter – 01762684425
  3. Puthia station counter – 01762684426
  4. Banpara station counter – 01762684427
  5. Baraai Grame station counter – 01762684428

Noabazar station counter – 01762684428

Counter Zones in Rangpur

Reside in Rangpur yet facing trouble booking your ticket? Reach out to any of Akota Transport Rangpur branch provided station counters –

  1. Gaibandha station counter – 01712579545
  2. Gaibandha bus stand – 01732678071
  3. Rangpur station counter – 06445390058, 01193009310
  4. Rangpur, Kamarpara station counter – 01552315392
  5. Santahar, Railgate station counter – 01556331033
  6. Lalmonir Hat, Railwaygate station counter – 0171218098
  7. Lalmonir Hat, Mission Road station counter – 01917199993
  8. Tushar Vandar, Bus stands counter – 01717288540
  9. Gobindaganj counter –  0171226063
  10. Burimari, Zero point counter – 01712114586, 01716198114
  11. Chapainawabganj counters – 01762684401
  12. Ranihat station counter – 01762684401
  13. Shibganj, Chapai counter – 01762684412
  14. Kangshat, Chapai counter – 01762684411
  15. Maharajpur station counter – 01762685059
  16. Binudpur station counter – 01762-684423

Rules & Regulations:

Before you get onboard, let’s take a look at the rules that Akota Transport authority strictly follows:

  1. Your luggage weight cannot be more than 10 kg. For additional weight additional pay is charged.
  2. No illegal goods or stuff carrying is allowed. Their authority will take no responsibility if caught on such actions.
  3. “No smoking”, smoking is prohibited during bus travelling time.
  4. Token for keeping luggage, giving a token back to get your luggage back.
  5. If you miss the bus, your ticket will not be taken back.
  6. The bus authorities are unwilling to take any responsibility if your documents or anything gets stolen, so keep them safely.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Akota Paribahan safe for passenger?

Ans: Of course, then maintain the safety and security. You never need to worry about their service. They always have fast aid service so that you can comfortably journey.

Q: How can I get my ticket online?

Ans: You can order your ticket online using Sohoz.com and also use busbd.com.bd. It is easy to get a ticket. When you order the ticket, the delivery man provides you the ticket in your home.

Final Verdict

This is all of the information about this Akota transport. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this transport and their service. They provide their service comfy and securely. So, without thinking more, you can get their service and use.

Given all the information above on getting abroad safely, an usual bus journey faces many practical issues during the travel time. However your safety, security and healthy journey is always the concern of such an established Akota Transport agency.

For any unwanted situations, contact the nearest counter. Keep track of the location, ticket details and everything with you during travel. Contact with the support too if felt necessary. Trust in Akota and experience a healthy travel.