Alhamra Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking| Counter Number [2023]

Alhamra Paribahan provides bus service for northern district zones from Dhaka. And, it is one of the most popular bus services in the country for those areas. And, in this article, you will find all the information you need. Hence, it will be easy for you to get in contact with them. Also, we will provide you with their counter addresses for different cities. So, you can get their service from your nearest counter.

Alhamra Bus Service provides all types of bus service. For instance, you can get an AC bus service and Non-AC bus service from this transportation company. Moreover, they offer all those services at a price lower than other providers. Hence, this might be an ideal option for people traveling to northern districts from Dhaka.

Here, you will find all the information you need about this transportation company. Hence, follow the article to the last to know them.

Alhamra Paribahan Online Ticket Booking.

So, you can get tickets from Alhamra Transport online now. And, the best platform for that would be Shohoz tickets. As they offer online bus ticket service for almost all the districts in the country. Similarly, they offer bus services to various transportation companies. Similarly, you will get a ticket booking service for Alhamratoo.

And, to get this service from Shohoz. First, you need to have a Shohoz account. Then, search for a bus from Dhaka to any northern district. Or, a bus from any northern district to Dhaka. Then, you will get this bus service on the result. And, now select your preferred bus time and pick-up point. Then, pay for the ticket to confirm. Finally, your ticket will be booked from the app.

Link: Dola Paribahan

Alhamra Paribahan Dhaka Counter Address.

All the buses of Alhamra Paribahan are centered in Dhaka. Hence, there are a few bus counters available in the most important places of the city. And, you can get your desired service from those counters. Here, we will provide you with the addresses of the counters. Also, you will get their contact numbers. So, you can check the availability of tickets for your preferred destination over the phone. And, you will find buses for all the northern districts from Dhaka. Hence, this transportation service could be a great option for you.

Counter Contact
Gabtoli Counter 01721802031
Mirpur Counter 01721802032
Mohammadpur Counter 01721802033

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Alhamra Bus Service Rangpur Counter

As there are Alhamra paribahan Dhaka to Gaibandha services for the people of Rangpur. Similarly, they offer services for Rangpur to Dhaka too. Hence, there are Alhamra counters available at many places in Rangpur. But, to get services from there. First, you should know the address or the contact of the counter. However, you don’t have to worry about that. Because we have provided their counter addresses here. So, you can get AC or Non-AC bus service from the Alhamra Travel bus counters. Here, you will find the counter address in the table.

Counter Contact
DB Road, Gaibandha Counter 01711165605
PalashBari, Gaibandha Coutner 01718945013
Rangpur Sadar Counter 01725935075

Alhamra Transport Pabna Counter.

And, you get Alhamra Bus Service service at Pabna too. Hence, you can use this transportation service to travel from Pabna to Dhaka. Moreover, there are a few counters available in Pabna city. And, they can provide you will all the services you need from the travel company. As you can board a bus or buy a ticket from the counter. Also, they offer all the available features of Alhamra too. For instance, you can get a ticket for AC or Non-AC buses from the Pabna counters. Here, you will find the addresses below to get your desired service from the counters in Pabna.

Counter Contact
BERA Counter 01721384846
Pabna Counter 01799555681
Santhia Counter 01713729160

Alhamra Bus Shijrajgonj Counter.

Alhamra Bus paribahan also offers its service in Shirajgonj. So, you can now enjoy a great transportation facility through Alhamra in Shirajgonj. And, you can travel to Dhaka using this transportation service. And, there are a few counters from where you can enjoy the service of this travel company. Also, you can select them as your boarding or dropping point too. Here, we have provided the addresses of the counters. Also, we will mention their contact numbers too. Hence, you can confirm if they have tickets available for your destination. Thus, you can also save yourself from a hassle.

Counter Contact
Shahjadpur Counter 01719734859
Ullapara Counter 01711302355

Final Words:

Here, Alhamra Paribahan is well known in Dhaka. And, the northern districts of the country for the service they provide. However, they provide service from Dhaka to the northern districts of the country. And, from the northern districts to Dhaka. Also, they offer their services at a lower price. Moreover, they use buses of the Hino brand. And, which is known well for the comfortable journey they offer. Also, Alhamra provides both AC and Non-AC bus services for you. Hence, this might be a great option for a traveler to use. As they get all these services at a lower price than others.

And, this is all we had about this transportation company. But, we do have more information on other bus services. Hence, if you want to know more about bus services around the country. Then, you can surely visit us again. Lastly, Thank you for your time.

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