Royal Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking|Counter Number [2023]

Royal Paribahan is an awesome transport company that provides its service to its users to maintain maximum comfort and security. However, today, I am going to share with you this paribahan online ticket, offline ticket, counter name, number, and some other tips and tricks.

You may never find a single issue to or unclear your confusion after reading this article. I collect the information from the Royal transport authority. I hope that each of the information helps you a lot to get a clear concept. So, without delay, let’s get started; the content bright now.

What is Royal Paribahan?

Royal transport is a transport base company which provides its service via buses. They provide the service to their customers with 100% satisfaction. However, you can get from their service for the long journey with security.

Royal Transport Bus Routes

Royal Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking|Counter Number [2023]

However, you should know the bus route so that you can get your exact ticket. In the below section, you will get a list of the route numbers. So, without delay, let’s check out the list below.

  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Alamdanga
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Waliipur-Asmankhali-Hatbolia
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Meherpur-Mujibnagar
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Damurhuda-Darshana
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Kaliganj-Kotchandpur-Jibananagar-Darshana-Carpasadanga
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Maheshpur-Chougacha
  • Chattagram-Dakha-Chuadanga / Meherpur / Darshan

Royal Express Online Ticket Booking.

Royal Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking|Counter Number [2023]

If you want to book the ticket online to save time and secure the ticket, then you can book the ticket online. There are couples of online portals you will get which sell the bus ticket. However, you can try,, and another portal. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

Link: Sonartori Paribahan

Royal Paribahan Dhaka

It is true that Dhaka is the most populated country, and it is tough to find out the right bus. However, in the below section, you will get a list of counter and phone numbers about this transport so that you can easily take the long journey about this transport.

Counter Name Phone Number
Gabtali Phone: 02-9020088
Gabtali Bus Terminal Mob: 01775-11332001975-113320
Mazar Road Mob: 01730-465507,01970-465507
Magura Mob: 01756-992767
Magura and Jessore booking Mob: 01993-957341
Chougacha Mob: 01756-992020

Check More Bus Service

Royal Express Bus Service Chittagong

Are you stay in Chittagong and wanted to get the best bus service? Then Royal bus service is one of the best options for you. In the below section, I make a list for you so that you can comfortably find their counter and number to book the ticket.

Counter Name Phone Number
Feni Mahipal Mob: 01674-555388
Bhatiyari Mob: 01919-654828
Bar Auliya Mob: 01671-684534
Freeport Mob: 016712-346783
Navy gate Mob: 01684-957512
Baijid Bostami Mob: 01711-735349
BTRC Mob: 01869-299601
Khan Khan Mob: 01833-004430
Ornament Mob: 01675629767
Ornament Mob: 01770184106,019939573401

Royal Express Chuadanga

Let’s moved ahead. In the below table, you will get a list of the counter’s numbers and locations so that you can easily find out your counter. So, let’s check out the below table and book your ticket right now.

Counter Name Phone Number
Darshan Mob: 01730465501
Jiban Nagar Mob: 01730465502
Carpasdanga Mob: 01756-992214
Damurhuda Mob: 01756-993019
Chuadanga Bara Bazar Mob: 01775-113321
Chuadanga Bus Terminal Mob: 01761-81011
Alamdanga Mob: 017622-56792
Valayur junction Mob: 01775-11338
Ashmanakhali Mob: 01775-11339
Hat Boalia Mob: 01775-113300

Royal Transport Jhenaidah District

Now, let’s check out another district bus service of this transport. It is easy to get the ticket when you have the right information. However, you will get detailed information from the below table and get the best service.

Counter Name Phone Number
Jhenaidah Mob: 01775-113325
Khalishpur Mob: 01730-465503
Maheshpur Mob: 01756-990101
Kotchandpur Mob: 01730-465504

Royal Transport Meherpur

This is a final section for you. If you already stay in meherpur then this table is one of the best bus solutions for you. From this table, you will get all of the detail about this district’s Royal bus service. So, let’s check out the list below.

Counter Name Phone Number
Nimtala Mob: 0791-63054,01775-11333
Mujibnagar Mob: 01775-113322

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How can I book Royal express bus ticket from online?

Ans: You can book the ticket online to visit and There are couples of bus ticket seller portals you will get from the web. I hope that you may get your answer.

Q: Is the Royal bus save for women?

Ans: Of course, Royal express always provides its customer’s security and safety. You can easily get the ticket and well behave from their staff.

Final Verdict:

Finally, I hope that Royal Paribahan helps you a lot to travel safely and comfortably. I tried my best to provide you all of the information so that you can easily book the ticket and know about their service. If you were still confused, you would let me know the below comment box so that I can clear your confusion.

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