Hanif Paribahan: Ticket Price, Counter Location & Contact Number.

Hanif Paribahan is a well-known transport company that provides its users with a fast, effective, and safe journey. In Bangladesh, this transport company provides every division bus service. Moreover, Hanif also provides its bus service outside of Bangladesh to India by the street.

So, if you want to take their service, I think you should know detail about their service. In this article, I am going to share with you A to Z information about this poribahan. So, without thinking more, let’s get started with the article right now.

Hanif Paribahan Ticket Price 2024.

Now, you should need to clear yourself the ticket price. You have enough information about the Hanif ticket counter and phone number. I hope that this information helps you to clear the confusion about the ticket.

Location Ticket price AC and Non-AC
Dhaka To Chittagong Non AC: 430 Taka
AC: 900-1100 Taka
Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Non AC: 700 Taka (Ramu)
800 Taka (Teknaf)
AC: 1400 Taka (Economy)
AC: 2000 Taka (Executive)
Dhaka To Shylet Non AC: 450 Taka
Dhaka To Rajshahi Non AC: 600 Taka
Dhaka ToNatore Non AC: 600 Taka
Dhaka To Rangpur Non AC: 500 Taka
Dhaka To Khulna Non AC: 550 Taka

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Hanif Enterprise Online Ticket Booking

If you want to collect your Hanif Paribahan ticket online, you need to full-fill some information. You will get lots of benefits such as saving the time, energy to buy the ticket online. You can buy their ticket from different online sources. It is not complicated to get a ticket. So, without thinking more, get your ticket right now online.

The advantage to Take the Service from Hanif Transport

  • You can take up to 15 KG goods without any extra charge.
  • You will get freshwater, tissue paper, and a blanket facility.
  • This transport also provides emergency medicine fast aid and others.


  • They have CCTV cameras for privacy.
  • If you want to take advance services, you may need to provide NID card information.
  • You never need any food or drinks from unknown persons.

Hanif Transport Counter Location.

In this section, you will get a list of counter locations in each of the divisions so that you can easily take their service. However, let’s check out the Hanif Paribahan list below.

Dhaka Division Hanif Bus Counter

If you live in Dhaka and want to know each of the Hanif transport counter locations, you will surely check my below table without delay.

Counter Name Phone Number
Shyamoli Counter (Babar Road, College Gate, Dhaka) Mobile No: 0171-3049575, 01713-04515
Shyamoli Ringrod-1 Counters Mobile No: 01713-402639
Shyamoli Ringrod-2 Counters Mobile No: 01713-049532
Gabtoli Counter (Gabtoli, Baghbari, Mirpur, Dhaka) Mobile No: 01713202416
Kolabagan Counter (166/A, Kolabagan, Dhanmondi, Dhaka) Mobile No: 01713202427
Saydabad Counter (HujorSaydabadi Gate, Saydabad, Dhaka) Mobile No: 01713202432
Technical Counter (Mirpur, Dhaka) Mobile No: 9008475
Malibagh Counter Mobile No: 8354748
Janpath Counter Mobile No: 7554318
Kalyanpur-1 Counter Mobile No: 01713-049540, 01713-049541.
Kalyanpur-2 Counters Mobile No: 01713-049573
Kalyanpur-3 Counters Mobile No: 01713-049574
Kalyanpur-4 Counter Mobile No: 01713-049561
Fakirapool Counter Mobile No: 01713202427
Uttara Counter Mobile No: 01711922421
Abdullahpur Counters Mobile No: 01713-049513
Arambagh Counter  Mobile No: 01713-402665
Savar Counters Mobile No: 01753-488476
Nabinagar Counters Mobile No: 01681-29999, 01753-488476
Panthapath Counters Mobile No: 01713-402641
Nordda Counter  Mobile No: 01712922413
Kachpur Counter Counters Mobile No: 01687-480569

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this Hanif Paribahan section. So, check your counter and call them for any kind of detail.

Chittagong Division Hanif Enterprise Counter

However, Hanif also provides its user in the Chittagong division. If you live in Chittagong, you can check out the below list with numbers for more detail.

Counter Name Phone Number
Boropool Mobile No: 03930086366
Olonkar Mobile No: 0393-0081876
BMA Gate Mobile No: 01827123151
BRTC Market Counter Mobile No: 638322,01191706725,01713107143
Bahaddarhat Counter Mobile No: 656088,0171310747
Cinema Palace Counter Mobile No: 603430,01713107146
New Munsurabad Counter Mobile No: 01191706724, 01713107144
Dampara Counters Mobile No: 01713-402664
A K Khan Counters Mobile No: 01713-402665, 01713-402667
Khagrachari Countes Mobile No 01756-946391
Rangamati Counters Mobile No: 01811-615801

Cox’s Bazar Hanif Bus Counter

Now, let’s discuss Cox’s Bazar area, which helps you to get transport support from Hanif easily. The list is most updated, so you don’t need to search the counter here and there.

Counter Name Phone Number
Cox’s Bazar Counters Mobile No: 01713-402651
Chakaria, Counter Mobile No: 01985-650479, 01689-840531
Kolatoli Road Counters Mobile No: 01713-402653, 01713-402669
Sugandha Beach Counters Mobile No: 01713-402635, 01713-402651
Teknaf Countes Mobile No: 01825-157324

Sylhet Division Counter.

Sylhet is a busy place which also important to get the right transport. Don’t worry; Hanif also provides their transport service in Sylhet. So, let’s check out the counter list with their number.

Counter Name Phone Number
Humayun Rashid Chatar Mobile No: 01711-924420, 01711-924415
Sobahani Counter Mobile No-01711-922421
Madina Market Counter Mobile No-01711-922415
Dargagate Counter Mobile No-01711-922419
Kadomtoli Bus Stand Counter Mobile No-01711-922413
Shreemongol Counter Mobile No-01711-922418
Moulavibazar Counter Mobile No-0861-53141, 01711-922417

Jessore Division Counter.

Let’s jump to another division transport list of Hanif transport so that you can easily get the detail. So, without delay, let’s check out the Hanif Paribahan Jessore Division Counter list below.

Counter Name Phone Number
Jessore counters Mobile No: 01713-049560
New market counters Mobile No: 0421-71173, 0421-67838
Manihar counters Mobile No: 0421-71171, 0421-63717
Gari khana counters Mobile No: 01713-049560
Benapole counters Mobile No: 01713-402640
Magura counters Mobile No: 0488-63495, 01921-401403
Jhenaidah counters Mobile No 01712-952975
Wapda counters Mobile No: 01718-692440

Khulna Counter

If you think you are going to Khulna or take the Hanif Paribahan facility from Khulna, this list is truly much better. So, let’s check out the counter location and number list from the table.

Counter Name Phone Number
Royal Cattor Counters Mobile No: 01713-049562, 041-810451
Sonadanga Bus Terminal Mobile No: 0418-10542, 0418-10453
Notun Rasta Counters Mobile No: 0417-60186
Nawaya Para Counters Mobile No: 01740-591539
Shibbari Counters Mobile No: 0417-23996
Daulatpur Counters Mobile No: 0412-850724
Siromoni Counters Mobile No: 0417-86115
Fulbari Gate Counters Mobile No: 01918-605196
Roj barg Counters Mobile No: 0417-01432
Boyra Bazar Counters Mobile No: 0412-850911

Rajshahi Division Hanif Bus Counter

Like the other division, Hanif also provides its transport facility in Rajshahi. If you think that you need Rajshahi counter or number or detail information, you can check out the below section.

Counter Name Phone Number
Rajshahi counters Mobile No: 0721-773361, 01713-202400
Chapai counters Mobile No: 01713-202401
Natore counters Mobile No: 01713-202403, 0771-66227

Bogra Division Hanif Enterprise Counter

It is not much complicated to find out the Bogra division transport location. You can check out the below table to get to the Bogra Hanif transport facility.

Counter Name Phone Number
Bogra counters Mobile No: 01713-049554
Satmatha Park Road Bogra Counters Mobile No: 0516-6271
Bogra Banani Counters Mobile No: 0516-6271
Thanthania counters Mobile No: 0516-0940

Rangpur Division Hanif Enterprise Counter.

If you think that Rangpur is the place where you need to take the transport facility, then why not you choose hanif transport. In the below list, I will share with you a table which you can get all of the transport facilities.

Counter Name Phone Number
Rangpur counters Mobile No 01713-402650, 01713402646,052155717
Ruhiya Counters Mobile No: 01713-784925
Panchagarh Counters Mobile No: 01713-202405
Bhulli Counters Mobile No: 01713-744454
Boda Counters Mobile No: 01716-264734
Thakurgaon Counters Mobile No: 01713-202404
Birganj Counters Mobile No: 01714-228939
Thakurgaon Road Counters Mobile No: 01722-601369
Baliya danga counters Mobile No: 01767-054290
Nek mor counters Mobile No: 01710-629974
Rani Bandar Counters Mobile No: 01748-905902

Barishal Division Hanif Transport Counter.

Let’s move to the final division. Here, you may get in detail information of Hanif transport in Barishal location and number. So, let’s check out the below section.

Counter Name Phone Number
Barisal counters Mobile No: 01713-450760, 0431-2174768
Bakerganj Upazila Counters Mobile No: 01716-507713
Sanauhar, Ujirpur Counters Mobile No: 01728-972063
Rahmatpur, Babuganj Counters Mobile No: 01725-658269
Gournadi Counters  Mobile No: 01723-929122
Bhorghata Counters Mobile No: 01712-283882
Torki Bazar Counters Mobile No: 01712-135900
Jhalakathi counters Mobile No: 01723-388995
Rajapur counters Mobile No: 01712-035750
Kathalia counters Mobile No: 01710-623811
Amua Bazar Kanthalia Counters Mobile No: 01730-935943
Swarupkathi Counters Mobile No: 01711-730405
Bundaria Counters Mobile No: 01711-219377
Kawkhali Upazila Counters Mobile No: 01715-951813
Islady Counters Mobile No: 01712-367244
Mathbaria Counters Mobile No: 01914-848592, 01748-912751
Patuakhali Counters Mobile No: 01740-991616
Subivadkhali Mobile No: 01778-123630
Patuakhali Kalapara Counters Mobile No: 01721-048838
Barguna Amtali Counters Mobile No: 01918-887769

I hope that the upper counter location and number help you a lot to get the right transport from Hanif. Each of the information is updated, and you can easily get the service without any hassles.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Hanif transport safe for old people?

Ans: Of course, it is safe for them. This transport has an emergency medical support team that takes action for any kinds of emergency issues.

Q: How to get an online Hanif bus ticket?

Ans: If you want to take an online ticket for the Hanif bus, you need to visit the ticket seller website. Or you may also contact Hanif authority to get the ticket.

Final Verdict:

I hope that this article helps you a lot to get Hanif paribahan detailed information. I tried my best to provide you with most updated information. Hanif is an awesome transport company which included all of the needs. So, if you have still confused about their service, you will let me know the below comment box.

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