TR Travels | Counter, Ticket Price, Contact Number & More.

Welcome to this TR travels article. This article provides you the most valuable information about this travels so that you can comfortably travel to your destination. From this article, you will discover the location, counter, contact number, and ticket price so that you can easily get the right information from your home.

If you think that this travel company is suitable for you, then you should check out the below steps to get each of the information. So, without thinking more, let’s get started with the content right now.

About TR Travels Company?

This company is so popular in BD. According to my experience, the majority of the people take their service when they are traveling one place to another place. They provide both AC and non-ac services for their users. On the other hand, this company provides its service online and offline. There are couples of advantages they provide for their user.

Around 8 divisions, this company provides its service. However, if you need the right location information to help you easily get their service, you can check out the location list and get detailed information.

  • Dhaka to Bogra area
  • Dhaka to Naogaon
  • Dhaka to Rangpur
  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Dhaka to Cox’sbazar
  • Bogra to Cox’sbazar
  • And Rangpur to Cox’sbazar

If you need to visit BD to get maximum comfort and security, you can get this bus service. They provide extreme safety and comfort for their users. In 2023, I take their service, and I am satisfied. I hope that in recent time this travel company provides the best service.

Link: Dhaka to Netrokona Bus Service

TR Travel Transport Ticket Price 2023.

If you already think that you need to take their service, now you should know their fee. This fee is available in 2023. So, you need to pay the exact amount to get their service.

Location or Address AC (BDT) Non-AC (BDT)
Bogra 650 Tk 350 Tk
Naogaon 600 Tk 400 Tk
Rangpur 650 Tk 500 Tk
Chittagong 1150 Tk 430 Tk
Cox’s Bazar 1750 Tk 700 Tk

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The fee may update anytime when the authority changes it. But I found this fee in 2023. So, before you purchase any kind of ticket, you can contact with authority and get the service. So, without any hassles, take your ticket right now.

TR Travel Counter List in Bangladesh.

In the part, we have shared TR Travels Counter List for the peoples, you can check the below list and find the specific counter contact number, address and more. so, let’s check the TR Travel all Counter below.

  • Dhaka Counter
  • Chittagong Counter
  • Bogra Counter
  • Rangpur Counter
  • Naogaon Counter
  • Cox’sbazar Counter

Dhaka Counter

Are you stay in Dhaka and wanted to travel outside of Dhaka? Then you can check out this section to get the contact number and location of this bus. So, without thinking more, let’s check out the TR Travels Dhaka Counter details and list.

Address or Location Contact Number
Kallyanpur 02-8035964, Mobile:01191494864
Kallyanpur(A.C) 02-8031189, Mobile:01191494865
Gabtoli 02-9004412;, Mobile:01191494863
Gabtoli Terminal Mobile: 01195137455
Mohakhali Mobile: 01191494866
Fakirapul Mobile: 01190760004
Sayedabad Mobile: 01190760003
Arambagh Mobile: 01191863673
Kolabagan Mobile: 01191863674
Malibag Mobile: 01191863675

Chittagong Counter [Address & Contact Number]

Don’t worry; this company also provides its service in Chittagong. It is easy to find out the location. You can contact them about their service or direct take their service. So, without thinking more, let’s check out the location and contact number.

Address or Location Contact Number
Dhampara Mobile: 01191863676
BRTC Bus Terminal Mobile: 01191863678
A.K Khan Mobile: 01191863677

Bogra Bus Counter

If you live in Bogra or wanted to take the service from Bogra, I think this location helps you a lot to get the service. Here, I discuss all of the counter’s locations and the contact number of this travel company. So, without delay, let’s check it out.

Address or Location Contact Number
Satani Bari(A/C) 051-51243, Mobile: 01191494861
Satmatha 051-51240
Thanthania 051-51241, Mobile: 01191494862
Banani Tel:051-51262, Mobile: 01195116222
Majhera (B-Block) Mobile: 01195137457
Majhera (C-Block) Mobile: 01195116221
Sherpur Mobile: 01191133136
Thanthania Tel:051-51262, Mobile: 01195116222

Rangpur Counter [Address, Location & Contact Number]

There has a limited counter which I found in Rangpur. If you think that you need to taker their TR Travels service from Rangpur, you will get the below list.

Address or Location Contact Number
Kamarpara Mobile: 01190855296;  Mobile: 01195116218
Jahaj Company more Tel:0521-68027, Mobile: 01191810206
Polashbari Tel:05424-56041, Mobile: 01190730287
Gobindogonj Tel:01195137456, Mobile: 01730025523

Naogaon Ticket Counter

Like the upper location, you will also check out this list when you wanted to take the TR Travels service from Naogaon. It is a limited list which I found from this travel company’s official website.

Address or Location Contact Number
Chistia Manson Mobile: 01195137458, Mobile: 0741-63272
Muktir More Mobile: 01195137459
Santahar (Rail Station Road) Mobile: 01195137460
Dupchacia (C.O Office) Mobile: 01190946264; Mobile: 01710054293

TR Travels Cox’sbazar Ticket Counter

Most of the time, we find the best travel bus for a safe and comfortable journey. Cox’sbazar is a crowd and tourist spot. So, here you can take their service to get the best service. So, check out the ticket counter or number in Cox’sbazar location.

Address or Location Contact Number
Kolatoli Road Mobile: 01191863680
Jhoutola Mobile: 01191863681

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. This company provides their service in the upper location. According to my experience, you can check out the location list or contact them for the best experience.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is TR Travel?

Ans: It is a company which provides transport facilities. They are so popular in BD for travelers. This company provide both online and offline service and also provide AC and non-ac service.

Q: What are the fees of their coach?

Ans: Their coach fees are different. Their coach fee is different because of AC and non-AC and also different because of destination. You can check out the upper method to get the right fees for their service.

Final Verdict

TR Travels is one of the best travel transport companies in Bangladesh. If you think that you need a comfortable journey, then you can check out the upper location and fees. The person needs to enjoy the view. However, if you have issues, you will let us know or contact this company to get the best solution.

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