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Are you making a plan to go to the Barisal district? So, if you made a plan to travel on the Dhaka to Barisal route, you must read this article which helps to know dhaka to barisal bus schedule with patience .

Before starting travel, you will have to know that the main way of going from Dhaka to Barisal route is either bus or launch. Because Barisal district is surrounded by rivers.

In this article you will come to know detailed information about dhaka to barisal bus schedules, ticket price, bus list and their contact number.

Dhaka To Barisal Bus Schedule Bus list

Dhaka and Barisal are well served by Bangladesh bus service. AC and Non-AC these two types of Chair coach are available on Dhaka to Barisal route.

The list of buses that are running on the highway of Dhaka to Barisal route is given below.

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Dhaka To Barisal Bus list and their types.

Bus Name Bus Type
Eagle Paribahan Non AC Chair Coach
Sakura Paribahan Both AC and non AC Chair Coach
Sarbic Paribahan Both AC and non AC Chair Coach
Ranga Provat Paribahan Non AC Chair Coach
Hanif Enterprise Non AC Chair Coach
Ahmed Travels Non AC Chair Coach
Surjomukhi Paribahan Non AC Chair Coach
MM Paribahan Non AC Chair Coach
Green Line Paribahan AC Chair Coach
Surovi Paribahan AC Chair Coach
Konok Paribahan AC Chair Coach

Dhaka to barisal bus time schedule

Bus Name First Trip Last Trip
Eagle Paribahan 8.30 am 1.30pm
Sakura Paribahan  7.30am 12.00pm
Sarbic Paribahan  6.00am 11.30 pm
Ranga Provat Paribahan 6.30 am 2.45pm
Hanif Enterprise  7.00 am 11.30 pm
Ahmed Travels 5.30 am 10.45 pm
Surjomukhi Paribahan 6.45 am 12.00 pm
MM Paribahan 7.00 am 12.00 pm
Green line water bus 08:00 am  

Dhaka To Barisal Ticket Price

As the total distance from Dhaka to Barisal is about 237 km, the ticket price is not very high. Ticket prices are fixed mainly on the basis of the train seat category, quality, facilities of the bus and route distance.

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Ticket prices of AC Chair Coach
Bus Name Ticket price
Sakura Paribahan 700 BDT
Sarbic Paribahan 700 BDT
Green line Paribahan 800 BDT
Green line Water Bus 1000 BDT
Surovi Paribahan 700 BDT
Konok Paribahan 800 BDT
Ticket prices of non-ac Chair Coach
Bus Name Ticket price
Sakura Paribahan 550 BDT
Sarbic Paribahan 520 BDT
Eagle Paribahan 550 BDT
Ranga Provat Paribahan 500 BDT
Hanif Enterprise 500 BDT
Ahmed Travel 450 BDT
Surjomukhi Paribahan 430 BDT
MM Paribahan 430 BDT

Dhaka To Barisal Contact Number:

You may to need Dhaka To Barisal Contact Number for booking bus tickets form your place, that,’s the now we have mentioned Dhaka To Barisal route counter contact number like counter name, mobile number which helps to choose your bus and contact with them.

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For booking tickets, you can contact the following contact numbers

Bus Name Dhaka Gabtoli Counter Brisal Counter

Eagle Paribahan

01779-493156 0431-62975, 01712-562762

Sakura Paribahan

01712-934430 01818-181232, 02-8021184, 02-8014702 01714-022341, 01712-618924, 0431-64771

Sarbic Paribahan

01714668409 01728486216

Ranga Provat Paribahan

01711102164, 01715111855  

Hanif Enterprise

02-9012902. 1713-450760, 0431-2174768

Ahmed Travels

01721-626063(Baipall)  01776-648796

Surjomukhi Paribahan

02-8011820 01712-162682

MM Paribahan

01711-949309 01760-093832, 01712-255888

Surovi Paribahan

01791-259305 01791-259306

Green Line Water Bus

02-8315380, 01730-060004,

01730-060071, 01730-060072, 01730-060073


0 1711343351

0 1730060076

Final Words:

The bus service from Dhaka to Barisal bus route is very comfortable and popular because of its proper time schedule and large number of transportations.

All types of information about the Dhaka to Barisal bus schedule and ticket price are latest and updated. For more information, please keep an eye to our website

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