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Saudia Paribahan is a transportation company in Bangladesh. And, they have a transportation system all over the country. Mainly, they provide a service to travel from one district to another. But, they also have a bus for the long-distance area in the same district. Hence, they are one of the most popular transportation companies in the country.

Saudia Bus Paribahan provides all types of bus services. For instance, you will find AC-Bus, Non-AC Bus, Luxurious Double Decker bus. As they have many types of buses for the same road. Hence, you can find these bus services from almost any location.

Here, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the information about this transportation company. Hence, you will find their address, contact no, ticket price, and all the other necessary information here. Also, you will find out about purchasing tickets online. So, follow this article for more information.

Saudia Paribahan Service Location List 2023.

Saudia Paribahan provides services across the country. But, now, their service is available beyond the country too. So, there are many places available you will find the service of Saudia Bus Paribahan Service. But, you might not know about all of them. Hence, we will provide a list of places that you will get their service. And, so far there are 20 places that you will find their service. Here, we have given a list of them below.

  • Calcutta
  • Chittagong
  • Cox’s Bazar
  • Sylhet
  • Barisal
  • Khagrachori
  • Fotikchori
  • Teknaf
  • Borguna
  • Khepupara
  • Vandaria
  • Pirojpur
  • Satkhira
  • Khulna
  • Mongla
  • Jessore
  • Benapole
  • Mymensingh
  • Jamalpur
  • Sherpur

So, these are the places that Saudia’s bus provides service for. And, now you get Saudia’s service till Calcutta too. Hence, it is safe to say that it is not limited only to the country.


Saudia Paribahan Ticket Price.

Saudia Bus Paribahan provides almost every type of Bus services. So, you can enjoy AC, Non-AC, or Luxurious seats with AC from this transportation service. Also, you will get these services almost at all of their service points. However, the price range may vary according to the service and location you prefer. But, we have collected some information about the chair coach fare of this bus service. Here, you will get an idea about their pricing.

Start    Destination Fare
 Dhaka  Cox’s Bazar  450
 Dhaka  Khagrachari  300
 Dhaka  Rangamati  380
 Dhaka  Taknaf  550
 Dhaka  Barguna  350
 Dhaka  Chittagong  300
 Dhaka  Khulna  350
 Dhaka  Jessore  300
 Dhaka  Barisal  270
 Dhaka  Patuakhali  300
 Dhaka  Satkhira  300
 Dhaka  Bagerhat  300
 Dhaka  Sylhet  300

So, this is their fare for chair coach bus service. Not to mention, this is a Non-AC bus service. And, you will get the tickets at the same price from their counter.

Saudia Paribahan Dhaka

The headquarter of Saudia transport Paribahan is situated in Dhaka. Besides, they have many bus counter at different places in Dhaka. And, the bus will stop at these counters to drop and pick up passengers. Also, you can purchase tickets from these counters. So, here you will find the Saudia Paribahan Dhaka address. Also, their phone number attached.

City Counter Name Address Phone
DHAKA North-South Road 116/2, North-South Road, Luthfur Rahman Lane Not found.
DHAKA Gabtoli Gabtoli Bus Terminal 8018445
DHAKA Kalabagan 166/A, Mirpur Road 9124792
DHAKA Kamlapur Kamlapur 938512

Saudia Paribahan Chittagong

Similarly, there are some counters in Chittagong. And, from there you can take a bus or select one of the counters as your drop point. Also, you can easily purchase tickets from the counter. Moreover, they have a waiting room for you. So, you can wait there for your bus. Here, we have given the address of the Saudia Chittagong Paribahan bus counter available in Chittagong.

Counter Name Contact No
K.C. Dey Counter +880-31-615161, 01711-328836
City Corporation Counter +880-31-617177
Dampara Jakir Hossain Road Counter +880-31-621156, 635007
B.R.T.C. Terminal Counter  +880-31-619695, 01712-172042
Bayejid Bostamir Counter +880-31-682003
Alangker Counter +880-31-752561

Saudia Paribahan Cox’s Bazar

Saudia has their services in Cox’s Bazar also. And, you can purchase tickets for Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka or Chittagong counter. Similarly, you can also purchase tickets for Chittagong and Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar counter. Here, we have provided the contact information of Cox’s Bazar counter for you.

Counter Mobile
Saudia Cox’s Bazar Terminal Bus Counter 01919 654814
Saudia Cox’s Bazar Kolatoli Bus Counter 01919 654813

Saudia Paribahan Teknaf

So, if you are planning to visit Saint Martin’s island. Then, Saudia Bus Paribahan has a service ready for you. Here, you will find out about the service of Saudia in Teknaf. So, there is a bus service in Saudia from Dhaka to Teknaf. And, you can get a ticket for this service from their counter. Otherwise, you can also purchase the ticket online. Also, you will be able to buy tickets from Teknaf to Dhaka from the Tenkaf bus counter. Here, we have provided the contact information for Teknaf below.

  • Saudia Teknaf Bus Counter
  • Mobile no:- +88 01919 654818

Saudia Paribahan Online Ticket.

Now, you get an option to purchase a Saudia Bus Paribahan ticket online. And, to do so, you will have to use a Sohoz account. Then, you can purchase a ticket for the Saudia transport Paribahan bus from the website. And, you can easily open a Shohoz account using your phone number. Here, we have described the process to buy a ticket online from Saudia.

  • First, go to the Shohoz website. Then, select the bus option from there.
  • Then, select your destination, starting point, and the date you want.
  • After, click the search option. And, from the operation option. Select Saudia Coach service.
  • Then, select the bus ticket according to your time. Also, the pick-up point for you.
  • Finally, select your preferred seat and pay for the ticket to confirm.
  • Thus, you can purchase a ticket online for Saudia Bus.

 Final Words

Saudia Paribahan has provided great service since the beginning. And, also now they have lived up to their marks. Hence, for me, they are indeed the best in the country. Moreover, they have their services available all over the country. Also, their fare rate is also decent compared to the service they provide.

And, now they have their service extended beyond the country. Hence, you can travel across the border using their bus service. Moreover, they have a pick-up point almost at every important place of a city. So, it is also hassle-free to purchase tickets. Also, boarding a bus. So, this was all we had. And, we hope that we could be of your help.

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