Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule and Ticket Prices 2023 {Latest}

We, Bangladeshi people always like traveling. In our country, train is one of the popular public transports.

As Dhaka and Chittagong are the most important and big cities in Bangladesh, every day many people travel Dhaka and Chittagong routes for their tour and important works.

As train journey is safer than other transport such as bus, car, etc. many people prefer it. If you want to arrange a journey by train, the Chittagong to Dhaka train new schedule, price, etc. will help you much.

The distance of these two cities is not short. So, for a comfort journey, train is the best choice. You need not be tensed about the schedule, route, ticket price, ways to buy tickets.

Train is suitable for all classes of people. Now you can easily buy Chittagong to Dhaka couch ticket today from online service without going outside.

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Chittagong to Dhaka Train

The distance between Chittagong to Dhaka city is 152 miles. To travel this distance, there are several trains are available on the route.

However, six intercity trains are available for the passenger on this route. Besides, there are some mail trains. The schedule of those trains will help you much for Chittagong to Dhaka train ticket booking purpose. Besides, there are several train stoppages of the route.

Passengers can lift up the trains from the stations. So, if you decide, you can visit Chittagong to Dhaka from the substations such as Feni, Akhaura, Comilla, etc.

The intercity trains are:

  • Subarna Express
  • Mohanagar Provati
  • Mohanagar Express
  • Sonar Bangla Express
  • Turna Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli

The mail trains are:

  • Chittagong Mail
  • Karnaphuli Express
  • Chattala Express

Chittagong to Dhaka Intercity Pullman Schedule 2023

Before buying a train ticket for Chittagong-Dhaka route, it is important to know Chittagong to Dhaka engine New Schedule. It will help you to get the ticket that is good for your timing.

Train name Departure Time Arrival time Off Day
Subarna Express 07.00 12.10 Monday
Mahanagar Provati 07.20 15.20 No
Turna Express 23.00 05.25 No
Mahanagar Godhuli 15.00 21.10 Monday
Shonar Bangla 17.00 22.10 Tuesday

Chittagong to Dhaka Mail Express Sleeper Schedule 2023

Three mail trains are available in Chittagong to Dhaka Mail Express Train Route. The departure times are not the same for every express.

However, we know that the service of mail train is lower than intercity trains. Now, see the schedule of the mail trains of this route.


Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
Chattala Express 08:30 15:50 Tuesday
Dhaka mail 22:30 6:55 No
Karnafuli 10:00 19:45 No

Chittagong to Dhaka Carriage Cabin Ticket Price

Now, see Chittagong to Dhaka Pullman Cabin Ticket Price with schedule. And purchase a ticket according to the information.

Seat type Price
AC birth 1179 tk
AC Seat 788 tk
Snigdha 656 tk
1st  Class Birth 685 tk
1st Class Seat 460 tk
Shovon Chair 345 tk
Shovon Seat 285 tk
Shulov 175 tk

 Chittagong to Dhaka Railway Schedule 2023

In above we have already discussed for about train journey maximum information which helps to know complete guideline for about Chittagong to Dhaka couch Schedule 2023.

You can read all the information specially train off day, non-stop train services, comfortable couch, prices table, schedule table, train route, train distance, etc. So, In below we see the Train Timetable Image.


Chittagong to Dhaka Couch Line Distance

Chittagong to Dhaka engine Line and Route Distance more about 150 Miles, on the other calculate system which can follow Nautical Miles, the Nautical Miles is 245 Kilometers and 132.3 nautical miles.

Train Distance Chittagong to Dhaka route is 245 kilometers (245 Miles).

Driving Distance from Chittagong to Dhaka is 265 kilometers (165 miles).

Chittagong to Dhaka Route Map

According to system Chittagong to Dhaka has stopped many individual station stoppages and Route also Map Distance has maintained many substation such as, Comilla, Feni ,Akhaura, B. Baria, Bhairaab Bazar railway. Hope to understand the Train Route Distance, so let’s buy train tickets and be to safe journey.

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Chittagong to Dhaka Train Route

How to Buy Chittagong to Dhaka Train Tickets and Booking Online.

There are many systems for purchase train tickets, the tickets buying process are near train station, online website, Railway official app.

at the first you can go the hosted near station for tickets, here you will get more all station tickets, 2nd way to visit railway official website in for booking Chittagong to Dhaka tickets and third way to install railway apps as a name “Rail Sheba” which helps to buy your tickets by using apps.

However, in the Bangladesh Mobile operators are provides Railway Ticket acquisition facilities, just you can follow their process.

Subarna Express

Subarna Express is one the first non-stop train in Bangladesh, the train is a first choice for comfortable journey in the Chittagong to Dhaka route.

It has begun journey on 14th April 1998. The Subarna Express train number is 702 From Chittagong and Main stoppage is Dhaka Airport or Bimanbandar. Friday is Off Day, so let’s check the Subarna Express information like ticket price, schedule, etc.

Mahanagar Provati

The Mahanagar Provati consists of 16 carriages, one Carriage for necessary instruments like food supply and One for power carriage.

It is running is every day as seven days a week and maintained several stoppages such as are Airport, Feni, Comilla, Akhaura, Brahmanbaria Bhairab Bazar, BimanBhandor, Thiere are no Off day. It’s starts time form Dhaka 7.20 AM and reach time in Dhaka at 1 PM.

Mahanagar Ghodhuli

This is another trian for do not maintain any off day. Mahanagar Ghoduli off day is Saturday and main stoppages route is Comilla, Feni, Akhaura, B. Baria. Bhairab Bazar. In below to check the express prices

Turna Express

Turna Express is one of the best and popular trains in Chittagong to Dhaka route for journey specially for night train journey. The train starts at 11.00 PM and reaches Dhaka at 7.00 AM. Main stoppages in, Feni, Laksham and B Baria. Note is Mohanagar Ghodhuli and Tuna Nishita Ticket price is same. Peoples it is known as Turna Nishita.

Sonar Bangla Express

In current time Sonar Bangla Express is the latest and second luxurious train in Chittagong to Dhaka train route. Compare with world it has includes all are modern facilities like modern chair, net and clear environment, food supply, fair room, various tickets system etc. Sonar Bangla latest schedule is, starts its journey from Chittagong at 17.00 PM and reaches Dhaka at 10.20 PM.

Chittagong Mail

Chittagong Mail is another train for going Chittagong to Dhaka, the train starts from Biman Bandar Station at 23:10 and It reaches Chittagong at 7.25.  It has taken many stoppages and there is no Off day.

Karnaphuli Express

Karnaphuli Express is same types of Chittagong Mail for. If you wish to morning journey and evening time you can choose the Karnaphuli Express. It has starts Journey at 10.00 From Chittagong and reach Dhaka Kamlapur Railway Station at 8.45 pm.

Chattala Express

Chattala Express is a Mail train in the Chittagong Dhaka route. It has starts at 8.15 am From Chittagong and reaches in Dhaka at 3.35 PM. Off day is Tuesday. Chattala Express stoppage is Feni, Laksam, Comilla, Brahmanbaria and Bhairab Bazar.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Dhaka to Chittagong trains and Chittagong to Dhaka trains is the same, but for the system some time table and Schedule is difference, if you wish to running back in your place, need to know schedule, so follow the Dhaka to Chittagong Train updates Schedule and time table in below

Train Name and No Off Day Departure Time Arrival Time
Subarna Express (702) Friday 15.00 20.10
Mahanagar Express(722) No 21.00 4.30
Mahanagar Provati (704) Sunday 7.15 14.10
Turna Express (742) No 23.00 6.10
Sonar Bangla (788) Saturday 7.00 12.20
Chittagong Mail (2) No Off Day 22.30 7.15
Karnaphuly Express () 4No Off Day 10.00 20.45
Chattala Express (67) Tuesday 8.15 15.35

Now you know Chittagong to Dhaka sleeper schedule and time. It is the new price of Chittagong to Dhaka train ticket. However, you can go to the railway station to buy a ticket. Another easier way is to buy ticket online.

For better experience and environment, you can purchase the ticket for better seat type in an intercity train. But for the chipper ticket, mail train is your option. However, enjoy a safe and enjoyable train journey.

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