Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule | Ticket Price 2024 [Updated]

Getting the information about Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule is very important for Dhaka to Chittagong people. The reason is the most effective and superior facility of Sonar Bangla Express.

Sonar Bangla train service is one of the best intercity railway services that starting their journey in 2024. From then till now, the Non-stop train has delivered super quality and excellent service. The train that can give super value to the tourist has the first class, second class and cabin services.

It has super professional and well-mannered staff for all necessary assistance. On the train, you can pray within its’ prayer room. All the seats, including the second class, are very comfortable and clean.

Therefore, the tourist, travelers and regular passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey avoiding traffic. The train schedule is very accurate, and the ticket fare is also reasonable. You can enjoy the trip with your family and friends very effectually.

So, if you hurry to know the schedule, then just stick to this article. Here, you can find all the necessary facts about the Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule As well as, you can get information about ticket prices also. Just check out the details here.

What is Sonar Bangla Express Train?

Sonar Bangla Express is an intercity train service and has On-board catering facilities. The trains’ carriages were bought from Indonesia under the project of Asian Development Bank(ADB).

By taking the loan from the Asian development bank (ADB) and Indian Line Of Credit (LOC), the project completed successfully. They give Bangladeshi government around 112 core to purchase these carriages from Indonesia.

Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inspects Sonar Bangla Express

Therefore, the Sonar Bangla express has 14 coaches for normal time. But in rush time, they added 2 more coaches. The train has 746 seats in total for all kinds of passengers. All the seats have a attached-dining table for passengers. 

Among the 746 seats, 420 seats are Shovan chairs for low budget people. Along with 220 seats are AC seats, and 66seats are for Snigdha Berth. It has two guard-brake carriages and a buffet-car. So, all the super facilities are including in the Sonar Bangla coach for Happy Journey.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule 2024

The people who live in Chittagong can easily catch the Sonar Bangla Express. Not only the local people but also the tourists can get this train. They can get into the Sonar Bangla Express from Battoli railway station, Chittagong.

Therefore, the departure time from the Chittagong railway station is 5 pm and the train number is 787. After 5 hours and 40 minutes, the express will reach its destination. So, the arrival time of Sonar Bangla express is 10:10 pm.

Departure Time Arrival Time Off
Dhaka to Chittagong 07:00 AM Chittagong 12:15 PM Wed
Chittagong to Dhaka 05:00 PM Dhaka 10:10 PM Tue

From Dhaka to Chittagong, the passengers have to maintain a morning-schedule. To escape the traffic, you can easily enjoy the service of Sonar Bangla express. The departure time from Dhaka city is 7 am, and the location is Kamlapur railway station.

Therefore, the Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule is very precise, and they maintain it carefully. You can reach Dhaka within 5 hours and 40 minutes; the actual time is 12:20 pm. So, a very peaceful journey without any hassle and fatigue for traffic.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Ticket Price 2024.

If you want to journey with Sonar Bangla train, then you have to know the ticket price. Sonar Bangla train service has three different types of seating arrangements that anyone can enjoy. The important thing is all the expenses for the train journey included in this one Ticket-fare.

Most amazingly, you don’t have to bother to carry an extra food basket in Sonar Bangla. The reason is, they deliver fresh, hygienic and delicious food for the passengers in the train. You can enjoy it only on ticket prices. You don’t have to worry about buying food with extra money.

Seat Categories Ticket Price
Shovan Chair 345 Tk
1st Class Chair 460 Tk
Snigdha 565 Tk
AC Seat 788 Tk

However, the Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule and ticket price of the Shovon chair is 600 taka, which is quite good for regular passengers. This seat is one kind of second class service for the lower cost people. But this service is different from other train services. You can get superior service with comfortable and fine seats for a pleasant journey.

The AC coach is super comfortable for family and friends. The ticket fare is 1000 taka for each person. An AC coach is more like the service for the people who want to expense more for comfort. The AC seats compartment have the air conditioning system with carpeted floor and reclining seats.

If you want to get a more relaxed and comfortable journey, then Snigdha is best for you. The ticket fare of Snigdha is 1100 taka for each passenger. Snigdha is a first-class service compartment with air conditioning and recycling seats. The floor of this compartment is carpeted for extra value and comfort.

One-Stop Sonar Bangla Express Train Break Stations.

As we all know, Sonar Bangla expresses giving us the non-stop intercity service. But they have to take a break for cleanliness and other maintenance. For this reason, the train has to take a break at Dhaka Airport station.

Station Name Up Time(787) Down Time(788)
Airport Railway Station 21:37 07:27

The 787 number train that comes from Chittagong has a breaking time that is 9:37 pm. On the other hand, the 788 number train starts the journey from Kamalapur station. The breaking time is 07:27 am at the Airport stoppage.

How Can You Buy a Train Ticket?

There is two way to buy Bangladesh Railway Ticket, one is to go near Train Station and Collect Sonar Bangla Express Train Ticket. The Second Method is Online, here we have added a link, Just Click Button and by the following the process to buy tickets.

Sonar Bangla Train Off Day.

Sonar Bangla Express is a service that enhances the facilities of the tourism sector in Bangladesh. From this point of view, the train service keeps maintaining its superior journey for 6 days. The Express service has only one-day off for the rest of the engine and maintenance.

Location Day Off
Dhaka to Chittagong(train service) Wednesday
Chittagong to Dhaka(train service) Tuesday

However, the 788 train that starts its journey from Dhaka to Chittagong has Wednesday off-day. On the other hand, the 787 train that starts its journey from Chittagong to Dhaka has Tuesday off-day.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Contact Number.

Now in the section, we have shared Sonar Bangla Express Train Contact Number which helps to know Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule and ticket form authority.

  • Kamalapur Station– 02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843-220622, 01711691612
  • Dhaka Airport Station– 02-8924239
  • Chittagong Main Station – +88 01711-691550, 635162
Dhaka to Chittagong Train More Information.

Dhaka to Chittagong Railway Distance More About 346 Kilo Meter.

Potential Journey Time – 5 hours 20 Minutes.

Sonar Bangla Meal system:

The Sonar Bangla Express Train Provide Meal as per Train Policy and Daily magazines also available.

Charge to carry goods in Train.

Check the Sonar Bangla Express Train Charge to carry goods list from below.

  • No more than 28 kgs (1 bag) BDT 30
  • No more than 28 kgs (2 bags) BDT 40
  • No more than 37 kg (1 bag) BDT 40
  • No mor/-e than 37 kg (2 bags) BDT 50
  • No more than 56 kg (1 bag) BDT 60
  • No more than 56 kgs (2 bags) BDT 80
Final Thoughts:

Finally, what are you waiting for? Just buy the ticket according to the Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule and ticket price. Prepare your entire luggage and enjoy your trip. It is a very comfortable and relaxed journey of only 5 hours 40mintues without any traffic.

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