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The Railway Station is an official area where trains come and leave on specific times for passengers to get in the train or to get off. Railway Stations of Bangladesh, undoubtedly, have become one of the most significant places nowadays. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh and travel regularly for various purposes then, you should be aware of all Railway Stations List of Bangladesh. Moreover, if you have any questions about Bangladesh Railway Stations then you must go through this article. So, we are here to provide you with all information about Bangladesh Railway Stations, as well as, the names of the stations, division wise stations and overall distances of the stations.

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List Of Bangladesh Railway Stations With Full Distance :

The people of Bangladesh prefer train journey than any other transport system for travelling to a distanced place. For this reason, Bangladesh Govt has expanded Railway Stations at every corner of the country. There are nearly 440 Railway Stations in Bangladesh. So, it is quite clear that the stations are spreaded like a net all across the country.

Now, we are showing you Railway Stations List along with the full distance and how the stations are linked with each other.

Here is the chart :
Starting Place Ending Place Distance (Kilometers)
Dhaka Joydebpur 34
Dhaka Norshingdi 57
Dhaka Bhairab Bazar 86
Dhaka Goforgaon 86
Dhaka Kuliarchor 101
Dhaka Bajitpur 106
Dhaka Sorarchor 109
Dhaka Ashuganj 111
Dhaka Manikkhali 119
Dhaka Mymensingh 123
Dhaka Gochihata 124
Dhaka Brahmanbaria 126
Dhaka Kishoreganj 135
Dhaka Akhaura 142
Dhaka Azampur 146
Dhaka Peyarpur 151
Dhaka Mukundapur 155
Dhaka Kasba 159
Dhaka Horospur 163
Dhaka Nandina 167
Dhaka Montola 170
Dhaka Jamalpur tawn 177
Dhaka Noyapara 183
Dhaka Melandaha Bazar 189
Dhaka Comilla 191
Dhaka Sahzi Bazar 191
Dhaka Sarishabari 199
Dhaka Sayestaganj 200
Dhaka Islampur Bazar 202
Dhaka Tarakandi 208
Dhaka Dewanganj Bazar 212
Dhaka Sreemangal 231
Dhaka Laksam 251
Dhaka Nangalkot 228
Dhaka Hasanpur 233
Dhaka Vanugas 242
Dhaka Bangabandhu Bridge East 252
Dhaka Feni 255
Dhaka Somsenogor 257
Dhaka Noakhali 263
Dhaka Kulaura 271
Dhaka Sylhet/Maijdee 319
Dhaka Chittagong 346
Norshingdi Bhairab 31
Norshingdi Ashuganj 57
Norshingdi Brahmanbaria 70
Norshingdi Akhaura 86
Norshingdi Kasba 103
Norshingdi Comilla 135
Norshingdi Laksam 159
Norshingdi Noakhali 207
Norshingdi Nangalkot 172
Norshingdi Hasanpur 177
Norshingdi Feni 199
Norshingdi Chittagong 290
Bhairab Ashuganj 26
Bhairab Brahmanbaria 41
Bhairab Azampur 60
Bhairab Mukundapur 69
Bhairab Horospur 77
Bhairab Montola 84
Bhairab Noyapara 97
Bhairab Shahzi Bazar 105
Bhairab Sayestaganj 115
Bhairab Sreemangal 146
Bhairab Vanugas 156
Bhairab Somsenogor 165
Bhairab Kulaura 186
Bhairab Sylhet/Maijdee 234
Bhairab Akhaura 57
Bhairab Kasba 73
Bhairab Comilla 106
Bhairab Nangalkot 143
Bhairab Hasanpur 148
Bhairab Feni 168
Bhairab Laksam 130
Bhairab Chittagong 261
Bhairab Noakhali 178

Bangladesh All Railway Stations List ( Division Wise) :

Bangladesh is divided into eight major administrative divisions and each division has a lot of Railway Stations. The eight Divisions are :

  • Dhaka
  • Barishal
  • Mymensingh
  • Khulna
  • Rajshahi
  • Chittagong
  • Rangpur
  • Sylhet

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Here we are giving the Railway Stations List of these eight divisions.

Railway Stations List Of Dhaka Division :

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. So, undoubtedly, it is the most important city of the country. Besides, many people travel from or, travel towards dhaka from other cities as well as from other districts via trains.

Dhaka city has approximately fifteen Railway Stations within its overall area. Here are the names of stations :

  • Kamalapur Railway Station.
  • Dhaka Airport Railway Station.
  • Narayanganj Railway Station.
  • Gazipur Railway Station.
  • Gopalganj Railway Station.
  • Tangail Railway Station.
  • Bhairab Railway Station.
  • Faridpur Railway Station.
  • Norshingdi Railway Station.
  • Tongi Railway Station.
  • Tejgaon Railway Station.
  • Joydebpur Railway Station.
  • B. East Railway Station.
  • Kishoreganj Railway Station
  • Rajbari Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Mymensingh :

Mymensingh is another division of Bangladesh located beside Brahmaputra River. Moreover, this city is very much popular for historical places. Mymensingh has nearly six Railway Stations within its borders. Here are the names of the stations :

  • Mymensingh Railway Station.
  • Jamalpur Railway Station.
  • Mohanganj Railway Station.
  • Dewanganj Railway Station.
  • Bahadurbad Railway Station.
  • Goforgaon Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Khulna :

Khulna is one of the eight divisions of Bangladesh. This division has the gateway to Sundarban. Therefore, a huge number of people go to Khulna for visiting The Sundarban. There are twelve Railway Stations in Khulna. Here are the names of the stations :

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  • Khulna Railway Station.
  • Jessore Railway Station.
  • Kushtia Railway Station.
  • Mirpur Railway Station.
  • Chuadanga Railway Station.
  • Phultala Railway Station.
  • Darshana Railway Station.
  • Noapara Railway Station.
  • Pakshi Railway Station.
  • Bheramara Railway Station.
  • Poradha Railway Station.
  • Daulatpur Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Rajshahi :

Rajshahi is another major division of Bangladesh. Besides, Rajshahi is an urban, metropolitan, commercial and educational center of Bangladesh and so, there are a lot of Railway Stations in this city. Nearly eighteen Railway Stations are situated in Rajshahi. Here are the names of the stations :

  • Rajshahi Railway Station.
  • Pabna Railway Station.
  • Bogra Railway Station.
  • Faridpur Railway Station.
  • Joypurhat Railway Station.
  • Akkelpur Railway Station.
  • Sonatola Railway Station.
  • Natore Railway Station.
  • Hili Railway Station.
  • Santahar Railway Station.
  • Panchbibi Railway Station.
  • Sirajgonj Railway Station.
  • Raninagar Railway Station.
  • Ishwardi Railway Station.
  • Ullahpara Railway Station.
  • Ahsanganj Railway Station.
  • Amnura Railway Station.
  • Singra Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Chittagong :

Chittagong is another first level administrative division, located on the south-eastern coast of Bangladesh. It is also famous as seaport city. There are approximately nine Railway Stations within Chittagong division. Here are the names of the stations :

  • Chittagong Railway Station.
  • Comilla Railway Station.
  • Brahmanbaria Railway Station.
  • Feni Railway Station.
  • Chandpur Railway Station.
  • Laksam Railway Station
  • Akhaura Railway Station.
  • Nabinagar Railway Station.
  • Ashuganj Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Rangpur :

Rangpur is one of the eight major divisions and situated on the north-western part of Bangladesh. Moreover, the districts of northern Bangladesh are located in Rangpur division. Therefore, there are nearly eighteen Railway Stations in Rangpur division. Here are the names of the stations :

  • Rangpur Railway Station.
  • Dinajpur Railway Station.
  • Lalmonirhat Railway Station.
  • Gaibandha Railway Station
  • Parbatipur Railway Station.
  • Panchagarh Railway Station.
  • Phulbari Railway Station.
  • Chapai Nawabganj Railway Station.
  • Nilphamari Railway Station.
  • Saidpur Railway Station.
  • Chilahati Railway Station.
  • Domar Railway Station.
  • Kaunia Railway Station.
  • Birampur Railway Station.
  • Pirganj Railway Station.
  • Bamondanga Railway Station.
  • Pirgacha Railway Station.
  • Bonarpara Railway Station.

Railway Stations List Of Sylhet :

Sylhet division is situated on the eastern part of Bangladesh, on the bank of the Surma river. This division is famous for Sufi shrines, therefore, the Railway Stations of Sylhet division always remain busy because a lot of people come to Sylhet for visiting ornate tombs and mosques. There are four Railway Stations in Sylhet division. Here are the names of the stations :

  • Sylhet Railway Station
  • Sreemangal Railway Station.
  • Shaistaganj Railway Station
  • Kulaura Railway Station.

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Final Words :

Everyone should know the list of all Railway Stations of Bangladesh because the train journey is the most favorite and preferable transport system of this country. So, it is obvious that, there are so many Railway Stations in every divisions of Bangladesh which are always remain busy providing services to the boarding passengers. Bangladesh Railway ensures the modern, updated and proper service for the passengers. All Railway Stations List will help you to get the information about the overall Railway Stations of Bangladesh.