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Bangladesh Railway Ticket Prices 2021| Train New Time Table

If you decide to make a journey by train for the first time, the information about Bangladesh railway ticket prices will help you. However, the Bangladesh railway service is the service provided by the Government. It is better to purchase a ticket before a day of your journey date. People consider train as safer transport to make a long journey throughout Bangladesh. There are many rail lines that link different districts of this country. So, the schedules of the Mail express are different. The railway ticket price for all the tickets is not the same. It depends on the destination, type of the ticket, the process of buying the tickets, etc.

It is not a pleasant experience for a person to buy a ticket by standing a long line. Now people can collect tickets from online service. It saves your time when you know the prices of different types of tickets such as cabin ticket price, east zone ticket price, the ticket price for children, e-ticket price; it will save your time. However, as the Government-authorized organization, the government authority determines the cost of the ticket.

Train Tickets Prices Information of Bangladesh Railway| Time and Seat Class

Bangladesh railway ticket prices mainly depend on the seat classes of the train. However, it has mainly three types or categories, such as air-conditioned, first-class, and second class. Every type has some unique features that make them different. Besides, Bangladesh railway ticket prices for child, cabin are also different. Let’s see them.

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· First Class Air conditioned

It is considered as an expensive class on the train. However, this type of coach is available on most of the popular routes of inter-city trains. However, the coaches are air-conditioned with carpet on the floor. Besides, padded leather seat, sleeping accommodation, enough space are available.

· First class and first-class chair

The first-class coach is not air-conditioned. But it has suitable sleeping accommodation and ample place. The first class Chair coach has several seats, mainly nine seats. It is ideal for day travel. A spacious area for leg is available.

· Second class – Shavon Chair

Middle-class passengers like Shavon Chair in the second class compartment of the train. It is one type of seater couch. It contains a total of nine seats.

· 2nd class Shovon and Shulov

These two types are the cheapest class’s seat of a train. The seats are not comfortable enough. These are for urban or short-distance train routes. Though you can enter into it, it is not guaranteed matter that you will get a seat. So, it seems the Shulov couch is crowded.

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price East Zone

The east zone of Bangladesh railway means the eastern part of Bangladesh. Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Sylhet, Chittagong to Sylhet is the routes of the east zone. However, the prices of tickets are different for different classes according to the services. Dhaka Chittagong route contains these five routes.

  • Sonar Bangla Express
  • Turna Express
  • Mahanagar Provati
  • Subarna Express
  • Mahanagar Express

Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka has the following routes.

  • Parabat Express
  • Kalani Express
  • Joyantika Express
  • Upaban Express
  • Kalani Express

Chittagong to Sylhet has the following train routes:

  • Paharika ExpressUddayan Express

Bangladesh Railway East Zone All Ticket Prices

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price West Zone

West zone means the western part of the country. It means Khulna, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, etc. districts. Before knowing the price of the tickets of these areas, you need to the available routes of the train from Dhaka to these districts. Let’s see them.

Dhaka to Rajshahi train service has three routes. They are:

  • Silk city Express
  • Dhumketue Express
  • Padma Express

Dhaka to Dinajpur rail service has only one route containing different types of services such as air-conditioned, Shavon, First Class, AC seat, Snigdha, etc. Besides, the route Dhaka to Shirajgonj has one train, such containing different seat types. Dhaka to Khulna has two routes, and they are:

  • Sundarbans Express
  • Chitra Express

Bangladesh Railway East Zone All Ticket Prices

International Railway Ticket Prices in BD

Bangladesh railway not only provides the inter-country rail service but also has an international route. However, the only global connection of the railway of Bangladesh is with Kolkata. Only two trains are available. The routes are Dhaka to Kolkata and Khulna to Kolkata. However, the trains are:

  • Maitree Express
  • Bandhan Express

All Train List and Route of Bangladesh Railway

In the section to know the Bangladesh Railway full train list and route which helps to easily understated every day running train data. More about forty nice train up down in various line around the country. In below check the list

All Train List and Route of Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price List

A list of all the routes and types of Bangladesh railway ticket prices will help a passenger very much. Now I am going to give you a list at the below:

Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka Train Ticket Price
Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavonShavon ChairFirst SeatFirst BirthSingdhaAC SeatAC Birth
Parabat Express 320425 610736 
Joyantika Express265320425  736 
Upaban Express265320425690  1149
Kalani Express265320425    
Chittgong to Sylhet Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavonShavon ChairFirst SeatFirst BirthSingdha
Paharika Express315375500 719
Uddayan Express315375 795719
Dkaha to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavon ChairSingdhaAC SeatAC Birth
Silkcity express340656782 
Padma Express340656 1223
Dhumketue Express340656782 
Dkaha to Khulna Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavon ChairSingdhaAC SeatAC Birth
Sundarban express5059661156 
Chittra Express505966 1781
Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavon ChairFirst SeatSingdhaAC Seat
Ekota Express4656208921070
Dhaka to Sirajgonj Train Ticket Price
Train NameShavon ChairSingdha
Sirajgonj Express240460

Popular Route of Bangladesh Train

There are hundred plus train in Bangladesh, all are sleeper day to night going to hole Bangladesh various places. Now to know the Pullman Popular Route which helps to understand in what time most popular train up down.

> Dhaka to Chittagong
> Chittagong to Dhaka
> Dhaka to Kolkata
> Dhaka to Rajshahi
> Dhaka to Ullapara
> Dhaka to Jessore
> Dhaka to Bogra
> Dhaka to Rangpur
> Dhaka to Sylhet
> Dhaka to Lalmonirhat
> Dhaka to Tangail
> Dhaka to Natore
> Dhaka to Joypurhat
> Dhaka to Sirajganj
> Dhaka to Santahar
> Dhaka to Dinajpur
> Dhaka to Gafargaon
> Dhaka to Sreemangal
> Dhaka to Mymensingh
> Dhaka to Laksham
> Dhaka to Jamalpur
> Dhaka to Feni Train
> Dhaka to Comilla Train
> Dhaka to Bhairab Bazar
> Dhaka to Akhaura

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Bangladesh railway has mainly two regions for distance routes. These are eastern and western routes. As the capital, Dhaka is considered the middle of these regions. There are many stations and junctions all over the country. You do not have to pay more for a ticket on a train because it is a government service. So, for this reason, it is essential to know Bangladesh railway ticket prices.

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