Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule 2024 | New Times Table

A railway journey is a most popular and more comfortable journey than other transports. people want to know Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule for going one to another place. The very first reason behind its popularity, it’s traffic-free transport. But here happening a problem when any occasions come.

The railway authority frosted to take the pressure on extra passengers. Here is the chance to miss the train tickets. For solving this problem, you may purchase the ticket ten days from the journey date. To help you, today I am going to describe all the information about the Bangladesh railway train schedule of all rout.

Bangladesh’s railway is now providing more modern services. They have a lot of online-based services.

Users can collect any type of information or purchase train tickets from their official website or mobile app. Travelers can also check the train schedule of the Bangladesh railway from the app and website. Some of the non-government companies like Robi, and Grameenphone work with Bangladesh railway from launching their services.

Now, Users may easily pay for the payment of tickets on these mobile operators. Not only that, one of the most popular and trusted payment gateway Bkash has an option to purchase the train tickets from the Bkash mobile app.

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Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule 2024

There are many trains in Bangladesh, the trains are running various routes day and night. The BD trains are divided into different lines like Meter Gauge and Dual Gauge, in the content we have discussed Meter Gauge and Dual Gauge Train Schedule Time Table for the people. The train roots Eastern part of Bangladesh, Anyway, In the Eastern part you will go to many local places in Bangladesh such as Bangabandhu Bridge East, Mohangonj, Chittagong, Sylhet, Chandpur, Kisoregonj, Santahar, Ishurdi, Dhaka, Dewangong, Noakhali, Rangpur, Tarakandi, Dinajpur, Comilla, Laxsum, Lalmonirhat and many more. So, In Below to Following the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule

Intercity Trains Schedule (Metre Gauge & Dual Gauge):

The Intercity Trains Metre Gauge and Dual Gauge Train Schedule locally cover six areas such as Sylhet, Chittagong, Dhaka, Dinajpurhat, Kisoregonj, Ishurdi, Mohangonj, and Kisoregonj. It is the most comfortable intercity train of Bangladesh Railway. So, let’s check the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule with the BD mail train schedule below which we have added to the table.

Train no Name Off-day Departure Arrival
Station Time Station Time
701 Subarna Express Friday Chittagong 06:40 Dhaka 13:00
702 Subarna Express Friday Dhaka 15:00 Chittagong 21:45
703 Mohanagar Goduli   Chittagong 15:00 Dhaka 22:10
704 Mohanagar Provati   Dhaka 07:40 Chittagong 15:15
705 Ekota Express Tuesday Dhaka 10:00 Dinajpur 19:40
706 Ekota Express Monday Dinajpur 21:20 Dhaka 07:15
707 Tista Express Monday Dhaka 07:20 Dewangong 12:55
708 Tista Express Monday Dewangong 15:00 Dhaka 20:40
709 Parabat  Express Tuesday Dhaka 06:40 Sylhet 13:35
710 Parabat  Express Tuesday Sylhet 15:00 Dhaka 22:30
711 Upukol Express Wednesday Noakhali 06:20 Dhaka 12:40
712 Upukol Express Tuesday Dhaka 16:20 Noakhali 22:35
717 Joyantika Express   Dhaka 12:00 Sylhet 19:50
718 Joyantika Express Thursday Sylhet 08:20 Dhaka 16:00
719 Paharia Express Monday Chittagong 08:15 Sylhet 17:30
720 Paharia Express Saturday Sylhet 10:15 Chittagong 20:00
721 Mohanagar Provati Sunday Chittagong 07:00 Dhaka 14:20
722 Mohanagar Goduli Sunday Dhaka 15:20 Chittagong 22:50
723 Uddayan Express Saturday Chittagong 21:30 Sylhet 06:30
724 Uddayan Express Sunday Sylhet 21:20 Chittagong 06:10
729 Megna Express   Chittagong 17:00 Chandpur 22:10
730 Megna Express   Chandpur 05:00 Chittagong 10:40
735 Agnibina Express   Dhaka 09:40 Tarakandi 15:20
736 Agnibina Express   Tarakandi 16:30 Dhaka 22:50
737 Egarosindhur Provati Wednesday Dhaka 08:10 Kisoregonj 12:15
738 Egarosindhur Provati   Kisoregonj 06:45 Dhaka 10:50
739 Upaban Express Wednesday Dhaka 21:50 Sylhet 05:30
740 Upaban Express   Sylhet 22:00 Dhaka 05:30
741 Turna Express   Chittagong 23:00 Dhaka 06:35
742 Turna Express   Dhaka 23:30 Chittagong 07:10
743 Bharamaputra   Dhaka 18:00 Dewangong 00:10
744 Bharamaputra   Dewangong 06:30 Dhaka 12:15
745 Jamuna Express   Dhaka 16:40 BB_East 00:10
746 Jamuna Express   BB_East 01:10 Dhaka 08:10
749 Egarosindhur Goduli   Dhaka 18:30 Kisoregonj 23:10
750 Egarosindhur Goduli Wednesday Kisoregonj 12:45 Dhaka 16:55
751 Lalmoni Express Friday Dhaka 22:10 Lalmonirhat 08:20
752 Lalmoni Express Friday Lalmonirhat 10:40 Dhaka 21:05
757 Drutojan Express Wednesday Dhaka 19:40 Dinajpur 05:30
758 Drutojan Express Wednesday Dinajpur 07:40 Dhaka 17:55
767 Dolonchapa Express   Santahar 13:30 Dinajpur 20:30
768 Dolonchapa Express   Dinajpur 05:40 Santahar 12:20
771 Rangpur Express Sunday Dhaka 09:00 Rangpur 19:00
772 Rangpur Express Sunday Rangpur 20:00 Dhaka 06:15
773 Kalani Express Friday Dhaka 16:00 Sylhet 22:45
774 Kalani Express Friday Sylhet 06:40 Dhaka 13:25
775 Sirajgong Express Saturday Ishurdi 07:45 Dhaka 15:10
776 Sirajgong Express Saturday Dhaka 17:00 Ishurdi 24:00
777   Wednesday Dhaka 23:50 Mohangonj 06:10
778   Thursday Mohangonj 08:30 Dhaka 14:40

Intercity Trains Schedule (Broad Gauge & Dual Gauge):

The Intercity Trains Broad Gauge and Dual Gauge Train Schedule locally cover six areas such as Saidpur, Rajshahi, Khulna, Goalonda hat, Dhaka, Chilahati, Kolkata, and Dhaka. It is the most comfortable intercity train of Bangladesh Railway. So, let’s check the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule with Broad Gauge and Dual Gauge train schedule below which we have added by the table.

Train no Name Offday From Departure To Arrival
715 Kapotaskh express Wednesday Khulna 06:30 Rajshahi 13:10
716 Kapotaskh express Wednesday Rajshahi 14:00 Khulna 20:50
725 Sundarban express Friday Khulna 19:30 Dhaka 05:50
726 Sundarban express Saturday Dhaka 06:20 Khulna 16:20
727 Rupsha express Thrusday Khulna 07:45 Saidpur 17:15
728 Rupsha express Thrusday Saidpur 07:45 Khulna 18:00
731 Barendra express Sunday Rajshahi 15:00 Chilahati 22:15
732 Barendra express Sunday Chilahati 05:30 Rajshahi 12:35
733 Titumir express Wednesday Rajshahi 06:30 Chilahati 13:40
734 Titumir express Wednesday Chilahati 14:20 Rajshahi 22:00
747 Simanta express No Khulna 21:00 Saidpur 06:20
748 Simanta express No Saidpur 19:00 Khulna 04:30
753 Silk city express Sunday Dhaka 14:40 Rajshahi 21:05
754 Silk city express Sunday Rajshahi 07:20 Dhaka 13:45
755 Madhumati express Friday Goalonda hat 15:00 Rajshahi 20:30
756 Madhumati express Friday Rajshahi 07:00 Goalonda Ghat ghat 12:30
759 Padma Express Tuesday Dhaka 23:10 Rajshahi 04:50
760 Padma Express Tuesday Rajshahi 16:00 Dhaka cantt 21:50
761 Sagardari Express Monday Khulna 14:50 Rajshahi 21:40
762 Sagardari Express Monday Rajshahi 06:10 Khulna 13:00
763 Chittra Express Monday Khulna 08:30 Dhaka 18:20
764 Chittra Express Monday Dhaka 19:00 Khulna 05:10
765 Nilsagar Monday Dhaka Cantt 08:25 Chilahati 18:15
766 Nilsagar Sunday Chilahati 21:20 Dhaka Cantt 07:50
769 Dhumketue express Tuesday Dhaka 06:00 Rajshahi 11:50
770 Dhumketue express Monday Rajshahi 23:20 Dhaka 04:50
3107/3110 Moitree Express Dhaka Cantt 08:10 Kolkata 18:45
3108/3109 Moitree Express Kolkata 07:10 Dhaka Cantt 18:05

Mail/Express Trains Schedule (Metre Gauge):

It is one kind of part of Metre Gauge intercity train, The Mail and Express Trains or Metre Gauge are covers huge range area around Bangladesh. if you are journey like peoples and wish to going one to various place, you can choose the Mail train for a good journey. As per the system, the mail train doesn’t have a more off day, it can reach every stoppage. let’s have a look Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule from the table.

Train no Name Off day From Departure To Arrival
1 Dhaka mail No Chittagong 22:30 Dhaka 07:10
2 Chittagong mail No Dhaka 22:30 Chittagong 07:15
3 Karnaphuli express No Chittagong 11:00 Dhaka 23:00
4 Karnaphuli express No Dhaka 08:25 Chittagong 20:25
7 Uttarbanga mail No Santahar 09:30 Punchogor 22:40
8 Uttarbanga mail No Punchogor 08:00 Santahar 22:30
9 Surma mail No Dhaka 22:50 Sylhet 12:00
10 Surma mail No Sylhet 20:20 Dhaka 10:15
11 Dhaka express No Noakhali 21:00 Dhaka 05:55
12 Noakhali express No Dhaka 20:10 Noakhali 04:40
13 Jalalabad express No Chittagong 19:30 Sylhet 11:10
14 Jalalabad express No Sylhet 22:30 Chittagong 13:15
17 Kushiara express No Akhaura 06:15 Sylhet 13:00
18 Kushiara express No Sylhet 16:10 Akhaura 22:50
19 Bagora express No Santahar 16:00 Lalmonirhat 22:50
20 Bagora express No Lalmonirhat 08:30 Santahar 15:30
21 Padmarag express No Santahar 06:20 Lalmanirhat 12:30
22 Padmarag express No Lalmanirhat 14:10 Santahar 20:20
29 Sagarika express No Chittagong 08:15 Chandpur 14:25
30 Sagarika express No Chandpur 15:10 Chittagong 21:10
33 Titas commuter No Akhaura 05:00 Dhaka 08:30
34 Titas commuter Friday Dhaka 10:10 B.Baria 13:15
35 Titas commuter Friday B.Baria 13:50 Dhaka 16:35
36 Titas commuter No Dhaka 17:40 Akhaura 21:40
37 Mymensingh express No Chittagong 15:10 B.B Setu Purbo 09:10
38 Mymensingh express No B.B Setu Purbo 02:00 Chittagong 20:10
39 Isakhan express No Dhaka 11:30 Mymensingh 21:45
40 Isakhan express No Mymensingh 07:30 Dhaka 19:50
41 Kanchan express No Parbatipur 07:00 Thakurgaon road 10:30
42 Kanchan express No Thakurgaon road 15:00 Parbatipur 18:40
43 Mahua express No Dhaka 12:20 Mohanganj 19:10
44 Mahua express No Mohanganj 20:30 Dhaka 03:30
45 Samatat express No Noakhali 08:00 Laksam 09:50
46 Samatat express No Laksam 17:20 Noakhali 19:20
47 Dewanganj Comuter No Dhaka 05:30 Dewanganj Bazar 12:00
48 Dewanganj Comuter No Dewanganj Bazar 13:20 Dhaka 19:25
49 Balaka Comuter No Dhaka 10:30 Mymensingh 14:10
50 Balaka Comuter No Mymensingh 14:55 Dhaka 19:00
51 Jamalpur commuter No Dhaka 15:40 Dewangonj Bazar 22:20
52 Jamalpur commuter No Dewangonj Bazar 04:20 Dhaka 10:30
53 Benapole Commuter No Khulna 07:10 Benapole 09:50
54 Benapole Commuter No Benapole 12:45 Khulna 15:40
55 Voyal express No Dhaka 21:00 Dewangong Bazar 04:15
56 Voyal express No Dewangong Bazar 01:00 Dhaka 12:25
Turag/1 Express No Dhaka 05:00 Joydebpur 06:00
Turag/2 Express No Joydebpur 07:25 N.Gong 09:50
Turag/3 Express Friday N.Gong 10:05 Joydebpur 12:25
Turag/4 Express No Joydebpur 12:45 Dhaka 14:30
Turag/5 Express No Dhaka 13:30 Joydebpur 14:50
Turag/6 Express No Joydebpur 15:55 Dhaka 17:20
Turag/7 Express No Dhaka 17:20 Joydebpur 18:45
Turag/8 Express No Joydebpur 19:20 Dhaka 20:45
219 Local No N.Gong 9:20 Dhaka 10:00
221 Local No N.Gong 12:15 Dhaka 12:55
223 Local No N.Gong 13:40 Dhaka 14:25
225 Local No N.Gong 14:45 Dhaka 15:25
229 Local No N.Gong 17:20 Dhaka 18:05
231 Local No N.Gong 18:45 Dhaka 19:25
233 Local No N.Gong 19:50 Dhaka 20:35
235 Local No N.Gong 20:45 Dhaka 21:25
237 Local No N.Gong 22:05 Dhaka 22:45
239 Local No N.Gong 22:50 Dhaka 23:30
220 Local No Dhaka 08:20 N.Gong 00:40
222 Local No Dhaka 10:35 N.Gong 11:15
224 Local No Dhaka 12:30 N.Gong 13:15
226 Local No Dhaka 13:40 N.Gong 14:20
228 Local No Dhaka 15:00 N.Gong 15:45
230 Local No Dhaka 16:20 N.Gong 17:00
232 Local No Dhaka 17:45 N.Gong 18:25
234 Local No Dhaka 18:30 N.Gong 19:15
236 Local No Dhaka 19:45 N.Gong 20:25
238 Local No Dhaka 20:55 N.Gong 21:40
240 Local No Dhaka 21:30 N.Gong 22:35
61 Dinajpur Commuter No Lalmonirhat 06:50 Birol 10:20
62 Dinajpur Commuter No Birol 10:40 Lalmonirhat 14:00
63 Burimari Express No Lalmonirhat 12:50 Parbatipur 15:00
64 Burimari Express No Parbatipur 05:20 Lalmonirhat 07:40
65 Burimari Express No Lalmonirhat 08:00 Burimari 10:10
66 Burimari Express No Burimari 10:30 Lalmonirhat 12:40
69 Perbotipur Commuter No Lalmonirhat 21:00 Parbatipur 23:10
70 Perbotipur Commuter No Parbatipur 18:30 Lalmonirhat 20:40
75 Dholesssory Express No Mymensingh 11:45 B.B Setu East 15:50
76 Dholesssory Express No B.B Setu East 19:30 Mymensingh 23:45

Mail/Express Trains Schedule (Broad Gauge):

The Mail Express Trains (Broad Gauge) Schedule and Time Table almost same as meter Gauge, these covers areas are Chapainawabganj, Goalondaghat Joydevpur, Khulna, Rahanpur, Chilahati Parbatipur, Rajshahi, Benapol, Ishurdi. In below to check the Broad-Gauge train Schedule time table. So, Check the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule with MAIL/EXPRESS TRAINS

Train No Name Off day From Departure To Arrival
5 Rajshahi express No Joydevpur 13:55 Chapainawabganj 01:00
6 Rajshahi express No Chapainawabganj 08:10 Sirajgonj Bazar 17:30
15 Mahananda Express No Khulna 12:40 Chapainawabganj 01:00
16 Mahananda Express No Rahanpur 05:45 Khulna 18:30
23 Rocket express No Khulna 09:30 Parbatipur 22:10
24 Rocket express No Parbatipur 10:00 Khulna 00:15
25 Nakshikantha express No khulna 02:00 Goalondaghat 11:00
26 Nakshikantha express No Goalondaghat 13:00 Khulna 22:15
27 Chilahati express No Parbatipur 04:30 Chilahati 06:30
28 Chilahati express No Chilahati 07:10 Parbatipur 09:30
31 Uttara express No Rajshahi 12:10 Parbatipur 19:15
32 Uttara express No Parbatipur 03:25 Rajshahi 10:25
53 Benapol commuter No Khulna 07:10 Benapol 09:50
54 Benapol commuter No Benapol 12:45 Khulna 15:40
57 Rajshahi commuter No Ishurdi 07:00 Chapainawabganj 11:20
58 Rajshahi commuter No Chapainawabganj 13:40 Ishurdi 19:00

Bangladesh Railway Eastern Train Schedule 2024

The Eastern side rout’s one of the busy train routes in Bangladesh. Easter rout basically Dhaka, Chittagong, Noakhali, Chandpur, Dinajpur, Dewangong, Sylhet, Rangpur, Tarakandi, Kisoregonj, Bangabandhu Bridge East, Lalmonirhat, Santahar, Ishurdi, Mohangonj routes. Every day a lot of trains on arrive on these routes.

As for the busy routes, the passenger needs to purchase the ticket a couple of days from the journey date. In this case, the railway has an option to buy train tickets at home.

Travelers can easily purchase tickets from the official railway website or the “Rail Sheba” mobile application. To buy the tickets, see the Eastern train schedule below.

Bangladesh Railway Eastern Train Schedule

BD Trian Eastern Train Schedule Eastern Train Schedule in BD Railway Eastern Train Schedule 2020 Railway Eastern Train Schedule BD Railway Eastern Train Schedule Railway Eastern Train Schedule

Western Train Schedule of Bangladesh Railway 2024

Bangladesh railway western routes mainly connected with 16 cities. Almost every day Rangpur Express, Ekata Express, Lalmoni Express, Kurigram Express, Panchagarh Express, Darjeeling Express, Dolanchapa and Karatoya Express move on another station on the western routes.

Western train routes busy like the Eastern routes. For a hazard-free journey, the traveler should purchase the ticket before the journey date on these routes.

Because of the occasions or other public holiday’s, here is an extra passenger pressure. Some of the time see that the passenger need to stand a long line to buy the tickets. So, check the western route train schedule below and purchase tickets now.

Bangladesh Railway Western Train Schedule Railway Western Train Schedule 2020 Railway Western Train Schedule today Railway Western Train Schedule Western Train Schedule Bangladesh Western Train Schedule BD Western Train Schedule

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Latest Train Schedule of Bangladesh Railway

According to the system, the authority is changing the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule for various purposes, now we have added new train schedule information which helps to know any kind of latest railway Timetables, all are the trains’ names in below with leave station and reach station names.

Dhaka Station Train Schedule

Dhaka is the central position in Bangladesh. Every day most of the train starts the journey from Dhaka station to other railways stations. To know the Dhaka station train schedule, see the chart of the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule below.

Bhairab Bazar Train Schedule

  • Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Bhairab Bazar to Noakhali Train Schedule
  • Bhairab Bazar to Kishoregonj
  • Bhairab Bazar to Chittagong train schedule
  • Bhairab Bazar to Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Bhairab Bazar to Mymensingh Train Schedule

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Akhaura Station Train Schedule

  • Akhaura To Noakhali Train Schedule
  • Akhaura To Chittagong Train schedule
  • Akhaura To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Akhaura To Dhaka Train Schedule

Brahmanbaria Station Train Schedule

  • Brahmanbaria To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Brahmanbaria To Noakhali Train Schedule
  • Brahmanbaria To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Brahmanbaria To Sylhet Train Schedule

Chandpur Station Train Schedule

  • Chandpur To Comilla Train Schedule
  • Chandpur To Chittagong Train Schedule

Chittagong Station Train Schedule

  • Chittagong To Chandpur Train Schedule
  • Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Chittagong To Comilla Train Schedule
  • Chittagong To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Chittagong To Mymensingh Train Schedule

Comilla Station Train Schedule

  • Comilla To Noakhali Train Schedule
  • Comilla To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Comilla To Akhaura Train Schedule
  • Comilla To Chandpur Train Schedule
  • Comilla To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Comilla to Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Comilla To Mymensingh Train Schedule

 Feni Station Train Schedule

  • Feni To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Feni To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Feni To Dhaka Train Schedule

Jamalpur Station Train Schedule

  • Jamalpur To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Jamalpur To Tarakandi Train Schedule
  • Jamalpur To Dewangonge Bazar Train Schedule
  • Kishoregonj To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Kishoregonj To Chittagong Train Schedule

Kulaura Station Train Schedule

  • Kulaura To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Kulaura To Akhaura Train Schedule
  • Kulaura To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Kulaura To Sylhet Train Schedule

Laksam Station Train Schedule

  • Laksam To Noakhali Train Schedule
  • Laksam To Comilla Train Schedule
  • Laksam To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Laksam To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Laksam To Chandpur Train Schedule
  • Laksam To Sylhet Train Schedule

Mymensingh Station Train Schedule

  • Mymensingh To Tarakandi Train Schedule
  • Mymensingh To Mohangonj Tain Schedule
  • Mymensingh To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Mymensingh To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Mymensingh To Dewangonj Train Schedule

Noakhali Station Train Schedule

  • Noakhali To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Noakhali To Laksam Train Schedule
  • Noakhali To Comilla Train Schedule

Shaiestaganj Station Train Schedule

  • Shaiestaganj To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Shaiestaganj To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Shaiestaganj To Akhaura Train Schedule
  • Shaiestaganj To Dhaka Train Schedule

Sarishabari Station Train Schedule

  • Sarishabari To Trarakandi Train Schedule
  • Sarishabari To Dhaka Train Schedule

Srimangal Station Train Schedule

  • Srimangal To Sylhet Train Schedule
  • Srimangal To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Srimangal To Chittagong Train Schedule

Sylhet Station Train Schedule

  • Sylhet To Chittagong Train Schedule
  • Sylhet To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Sylhet To Akhaura Train Schedule

Joydebpur Station Train Schedule

  • Joydebpur To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Dewangonj Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Tarakandi Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Sirajgonj Train Schedule
  • Joydebpur To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule

Tarakandi Station Train Schedule

  • Tarakandi To Chittagong Train Schedule
  •  Tarakandi To Dhaka Train Schedule

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Gaforgaon Station Train Schedule

  • Gaforgaon  To Tarakandi Train Schedule
  • Gaforgaon To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Gaforgaon  To Mohangonj Train Schedule
  • Gaforgaon  To Dewangonge Bazar Train Schedule

Narsingdi Station Train Schedule

  • Narsingdi To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Narsingdi To Kishoreganj Train Schedule
  • Narsingdi To Chittagong Train Schedule

Rajshahi Station Train Schedule

  • Rajshahi To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Rajshahi To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Rajshahi To Chapainowabgonj Train Schedule

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Dinajpur Station Train Schedule

  • Dinajpur To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Dinajpur To Santahar Train Schedule
  • Dinajpur To Panchagar Train Schedule
  • Dinajpur To Parbatipur Train Schedule

Lalmonirhat Station Train Schedule

  • Lalmonirhat To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Lalmonirhat To Santahar Train Schedule
  • Lalmonirhat To Parbatipur Train Schedule

Bogra Station Train Schedule

  • Bogra To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Bogra To Santahar train Schedule
  • Bogra To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Bogra To Rangpur Train Schedule
  • Bogra To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule

Chuadanga Station Train Schedule

  • Chuadanga To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Chuadanga To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Chuadanga To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Chuadanga To Chilahati Train Schedule

Gaibandha Station Train Schedule

  • Gaibandha To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Gaibandha To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule
  • Gaibandha To Santahar Train Schedule
  • Gaibandha To Rangpur Train Schedule
  • Gaibandha To Dinajpur Train Schedule

Ishwardi Station Train Schedule

  • Ishwardi To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Ishwardi To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Ishwardi To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Ishwardi To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Ishwardi To Chapainawabgonj Train Schedule

Jessore Station Train Schedule

  • Jessore to Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Jessore to Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Jessore to Khulna Train Schedule
  • Jessore to Chilahati Train Schedule

Parbatipur Station Train Schedule

  • Parbatipur To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Santahar train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule
  • Parbatipur To Panchagar Train Schedule

Santahar Station Train Schedule

  • Santahar To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Rangpur Train Schedule
  • Santahar To Parbatipur Train Schedule

Sirajgonj Station Train Schedule

  • Sirajgonj To Dhaka Train Schedule

Joypurhat Station Train Schedule

  • Joypurhat To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Joypurhat To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Joypurhat To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Joypurhat To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Joypurhat To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Natore Station Train Schedule

  • Natore To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Natore To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Natore To Chilahati Train Schedule
  • Natore To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Natore To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Natore To Parbatipur Train Schedule

Poradha Station Train Schedule

  • Poradha To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Poradha To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Poradha To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Poradha To Chilahati Train Schedule

Ullapara Station Train Schedule

  • Ullapara To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Ullapara To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Ullapara To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Rangpur Station Train Schedule

  • Rangpur To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Rangpur To Santahar Train Schedule
  • Rangpur To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Rangpur To Parbatipur Train Schedule
  • Rangpur To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule

Tangail Station Train Schedule

  • Tangail To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Tangail To Dinajpur Train Schedule
  • Tangail To Khulna Train Schedule
  • Tangail To Rajshahi Train Schedule

Khulna Station Train Schedule

  • Khulna To Dhaka Train Schedule
  • Khulna To Rajshahi Train Schedule
  • Khulna To Chilahati Train Schedule

International Train Schedule in BD

Bangladesh railway has a couple of international train services. These services connect to only India. Bandhan express and Maitree Express offer these international services. Bandhan Express provides this service from Khulna to Kolkata and also Kolkata to Dhaka railway stations. On the other hand, Maitree Express has a couple of schedules from Dhaka to Kolkata and Kolkata to Dhaka in a week.

  • Dhaka To Kolkata Train Schedule
  • Khulna To Kolkata Train Schedule

Train Schedule BD 2024: Download Rail Sheba Train Ticket App

The “Rail Sheba” train ticket app is an excellent service in the Bangladesh railway. After connecting with this app, users may easily know ticket prices 2024 or collect all information about the Bangladesh railway from it.

Here is also available Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule This app is available on google play store and apple store.

Railway Schedule PDF Download

To search on google “Bangladesh Railway schedule”, the user can see a couple of low-quality images or the text sheet. As a result, they couldn’t save the schedule for the future.

In this case, users may download the Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule PDF. Portable Document Format is made crystal clear version of image or text. It is very easy for conservation.


Bangladesh Railway is the most significant transport method in Bangladesh. Every day a vast number of train move the Bd train popular routes.

As a safe and traffic-free transport, the passenger wants to travel with the Bangladesh railway. Compared to the past Bangladesh railway provides smart services now. Anyone can easily get the Bangladesh railway train schedule from the railway’s official website and “Railway Sheba” Mobile App.

After all, if anyone decided to travel on the railway, hopefully, it will be a great and enjoyable safe journey.  To know the updated train schedule BD, check this website regularly.

If anyone has an individual query about the train schedule Bangladesh railway, they could comment on the comment box.

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