Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule | Ticket Price [2021]

When you are thinking of visiting Dhaka to Khulna by train, you have to know Dhaka to Khulna train schedule 2021. Here you can find all information about the train. Dhaka to Khulna route has many train services available. From this article, you can find Dhaka to Khulna train schedule, ticket price, stoppages, and other train route information. We have collected all this information on the Bangladesh railway. So, we hope this information is peaceful before starting your train journey . However, read attentively in this article. We sure this article is helpful for you if you want to know the train schedule of Dhaka to Khulna 2021.

Dhaka To Khulna Train Station List :

There are many stations on the Dhaka to Khulna train. When you want to journey by train, then you have to know about this train schedule, ticket price, and station list.

So, below we include the Dhaka to Khulna Train station list for you.

  • Arongghata Railway Station
  • Bejerdanga Railway Station
  • Doulotpur College Railway Station
  • Doulotpur Railway Station
  • Phultala Railway Station
  • Karnapur Railway Station
  • Khulna Junction Railway Station
  • Khulna Railway Station
  • Mohammadnagar Railway Station
  • Nowapara Railway Station
  • Purba Rupsha Railway Station
  • Shamontosena Railway Station

Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule 2021

For many purpose peoples are going to Dhaka to Khulna route, they need to know Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule. We know that Sundarban Express, Chitra Express run on the Dhaka to Khulna route. Well, now we will detail discuss Dhaka to Khulna train schedule today with Dhaka to Khulna train cabin ticket price, stoppages, station list, online ticket booking etc. for the peoples.

Train Name Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Sundarban Express (715) 6:20 AM 4:20 PM Wednesday
Chittra Express (736) 7:00 PM 5:10 AM Monday

Intercity Trains From Khulna :

Train Name & No From Off Day Departure To Arrival
Kapotaksha Express (715) Khulna Saturday 06:30 Rajshahi 12:20
Sundarban Express(725) Khulna Tuesday 20:30 Dhaka 05:40
Rupsha Express (727) Khulna Thursday 07:15 Chilahati 17:00
Simanta Express(767) Khulna No 21:15 Chilahati 06:20
Sagordari Express(761) Khulna Monday 16:00 Rajshahi 22:00
Chitra Express(736) Khulna Monday 08:40 Dhaka 17:40
Bandhan Express(3130) Khulna Runinin Day Only 13:30 (BST) Kolkata 18:10 (IST)

Mail Trains From Khulna :

Train Name & No From Off Day Departure To Arrival
Mohananda Express (15) Khulna No 11:00 Chapainawabgonj 21:40
Rocket Express(23) Khulna No 09:30 Parbatipur 22:00
Nokshikantha Express(25) Khulna No 02:00 Goaland Ghat 11:00
Benapol Commuter(53) Khulna No 06:10 Benapol 08:30
Khulna Commuter(95) Khulna No 12:10 Benapol 14:30

Dhaka To Khulna Train Ticket Price:

Everyone wants a cheap ticket price and a comfortable journey. So, The train is the best option for them.Because, if you compare with the bus service, The train ticket price is cheaper. Also, trains are the best choice for the middle classes and lower-middle classes.So, we will give you the ticket price of Dhaka to Khulna, which we take from Bangladesh Railway.

Seat Category  Ticket Price 
Shuvon  390
Shuvon chair 465
First seat  620
First birth 930
Snigdha 891
Ac 1070
Ac Birth 1599

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Online Booking:

Every passenger can buy train tickets in two ways. First of all, you can buy a train ticket directly from the train station. And the second is online, and the third is to download RailSheba and purchase your ticket.If you want, you can get quickly from the house to buy train tickets online. You can buy train tickets online from the Bangladesh railway’s official website. For that, you have to give the charge to purchase the tickets online.

Dhaka to Khulna Train List:

Here you will get the Bangladesh train schedule Dhaka to Khulna effortlessly. We are giving all information about Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule today. Nowadays, two trains are running on this Dhaka to Khulna route.  

  • The Sundarban Express 
  • The Chitra Express

Dhaka to Khulna & Khulna to Dhaka, both of these trains, are running in a two-way format on this route. You can get your train ticket at least five days ago from the date of your journey. 

1.Sundarban Express

One of the oldest and famous trains is the Sundarban Express. This train is running on Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka train route. We will give details of this Sundarban Express schedule, ticket price, and the stoppages of Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka.

Train Name Off Day Departure Arrival
Sundarban express (726) Wed 08:15 17:40

Sundarban Express Train Schedule:

Currently, we are going to talk about the most popular Sundarban Express train schedule. The Dhaka to Khulna & Khulna to Dhaka route train is running for six days in a week. Every week, this train has one day off, that is Wednesday in Dhaka to Khulna. And, the Khulna to Dhaka train’s off day is Tuesday. According to the schedule from Kamalapur railway station, Sundarban Express train leaves at 6.20 AM. And, again, it starts the trip from Khulna Railway station at 8.40 PM.  The Sundarban Express takes a minimum of 10 hours to reach its goal. So, now we gave the detailed information of Dhaka to Khulna Sundarban Express train schedule in the table below.

Dhaka to Khulna

Departure 6.20 AM
Arrival  4.20 PM
Off Day Wednesday

Khulna To Dhaka 

Departure 8.30 AM
Arrival  5.40 PM
Off Day Tuesday

Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price

Sundarban Express train is an intercity train. It’s run between Dhaka, which is the capital city of Bangladesh and Khulna.This train started the journey from 2003, 17 August. Now, we will give the latest ticket price of Dhaka to Khulna Sundarban Express train.We collected the train ticket price of the Bangladesh railway. So, if you want, you can believe all this information without any hesitation.

Class Price (Adult) Price (child)
Single Chair 550 Taka 335 Taka
Snigdha 996 Taka 639 Taka
Ac Berth 1,781 Taka 1,195 Taka
  • You can also get 15% Vat.

Sundarban Express Substation From Dhaka:

Station Name  Departure Time
Kamalapur 6:20 AM
Biman Bandar 6:52 AM
Joydebpur 7:25 AM
Mouchak 7:43 AM
Mirzapur 8:07 AM
Tangail 8:35 AM
BB Setu East 9:11 AM
SH M Monsur Ali 9:36 AM
Jamtail 9:50  AM
Ullapara 10:05 AM
Boral Bridge  10:27 AM
Chatmohor 10:39 AM
Ishwardi 11:30 AM
Bheramara  11:58  AM
Poradaha 12:21 PM
Alamdanga 12:40 PM
Chuadanga 1:05 PM
Barsana Halt 1: 27 PM
Court Chandpur 1:55 PM
Jessore 2:20 PM
Noapara 3:18 PM
Daulatpur 3:51 PM
Khulna 4:20 PM

2.Chitra Express

Chitra Express is another excellent intercity train of the Dhaka to Khulna route. This Chitra train is running on Kamalapur station in Dhaka to Khulna route. Sundarban Express and Chitra Express train between no significant differences.

Train Name  Off Day  Departure Arrival
Chitra express (764) Monday 19:00 3:40

Chitra Express Train Ticket Price:

This Chitra Express is also a Bangladesh intercity train that runs between Dhaka to Khulna. Chitra is named after the Narail river of Chitra.

Class Price Of Adult Price Of Child
Single Chair 505 Taka 335 Taka
Snigdha 966 Taka 639 Taka
Ac chair 1,156 Taka 765 Taka

You will get 15% Vat of this price.

Chitra Express Train Substatation From Dhaka:

Station Name Departure Time
Kamalapur 7:00 PM
Biman Bandar 7:30 PM
Jaydebpur 7:59 PM
Mirzapur 8:43 PM
Tangail 9:05 PM
BB Setu East 9:25 PM
SH M Monsur Ali 10:03 PM
Ullapara 10:21 PM
Boral Bridge 10:41 PM
Chatmohar 11:05 PM
Ishwardi 11:40 PM
Bharamara 12:04 AM
Poradaha 12:57 AM
Alamdanga 1:17 AM
Chuadanga 1:37 AM
Court Chandpur 2:35 AM
Jessore 3:40 AM
Noapara 4:13 AM
Khulna 5:10 AM

Schedule Of Dhaka To Khulna Train (Sundarban & Chitra Express)

Again we are discussing the Dhaka to Khulna train schedule together. If you need more information, just visit the Bangladesh Railway official site. 

Train Name Off day Departure Arrival
Sundarban Express (726) Wednesday 8:15 17:40
Chitra Express (764) Monday 19:00 3:40

Schedule Of Khulna To Dhaka Train:

Here is the Khulna To Dhaka Train Schedule. Sundarban Express Departure Khulna 8:40 AM and Dhaka Arrival 6:20 PM. This train journey took more than 10 hours. Monday is the Off day for Sundarban Express.

Train Name Departure Arrival  Off Day
Sundarban Express 8:40 AM 6:20 PM Monday
Chitra Express 8:30 PM 5:40 AM Tuesday

Dhaka to Khulna Train Station Contact Number :

  • Kamalapur Station: – 02-8315857, 02-9330522, 01843220622, 01711691612
  • Dhaka Airport Station:- 02-8924239
  • Khulna Station:- 041-723222

More information Of Bangladesh Train Schedule Dhaka to Khulna: 

  • Dhaka to Khulna Train Distance –  272 km
  • Journey Time – 9 hours 10 minutes to 10 hours 10 minutes 
Final Thought:

If you want, you can share it on your social media timeline. Because when you need this Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule, then you can find it easily. Here, we added all information about Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule and ticket pricing. Do you have any questions? If yes, then just comment on us in the comment box? When we see your comment, then definitely, we reply to you.

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