Rangpur Express Train Schedule 2024| Ticket Price [Updated]

Here we have brought the Rangpur Express train schedule & ticket price 2024. This Bangladeshi intercity train runs between Rangpur & Dhaka.  The train journey is very safe and comfortable for a long time journey. This train journey gives you some extra facilities which you don’t get on any other way.  Rangpur express is one of the fastest and luxury trains in Bangladesh. Sunday is the off day of this Rangpur train express.  This article helps you if you want to know about the Rangpur express train schedule & ticket price.

Details of Rangpur Express Train:

This Rangpur Express intercity train no is 771/772. From this train, passengers can get many other benefits. The Rangpur express runs between Dhaka to Rangpur route. Without Sunday, this train runs six days a week. Before you travel this Rangpur express train, you must know the schedule of this train.For your facility, we have added the exact time and ticket price of this train below. So, carefully read this article.

Rangpur Express Train Schedule :

Before we have mentioned the Rangpur Express is the only train that runs on Dhaka-Rangpur route. This train’s off day is Sunday. And, a week, Rangpur Express runs six days. Rangpur Express starts its journey at 9:00 AM from Dhaka. This train reaches its destination Rangpur at 7:00 PM after 10 hours of travel.  From Dhaka station, this train number is 771.Again, The train starts the journey to Dhaka at 8:00 PM from Rangpur. And, it reaches its destination at 6:05 AM. When it’s traveling on the Rangpur route, then this train number is 772.

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Rangpur Express Train Route  Departure  Arrival 
Dhaka to Rangpur (771) 9:00 AM 7:00 AM
Rangpur to Dhaka (772) 8:00 PM 6:05 AM

Rangpur Express Intercity Train Schedule:

Here we will include Rangpur Express train Schedule 2024. Rangpur Express train journeys on Dhaka to Rangpur road. This train starts the mission from Kamalapur station at 09:10 AM and ends Rangpur at 7:05 PM. So, it takes 8 hours to get to the destination. And, this train departs from Rangpur station at 8:10 PM. And it arrives at Kamalapur railway station at 6:10 AM. So, see Rangpur Express train off-day carefully. 

Train Name Off Day From Departure  To Arrival 
Dolonchapa Express (767) No Rangpur 16:40 Dinajpur 20:20
Dolonchapa Express (768) No Rangpur 08:11 Santahar 12:20
Rangpur Express (772) Sunday Rangpur 20:00 Dhaka 06:05

Mail Express Train Schedule From Rangpur:

From Dhaka to Rangpur, there are many mail express trains. All these mail express trains start their journey from Dhaka to Rangpur and Rangpur to Dhaka. This Rangpur mail express train is here:

Train Name Off day From Departure  To Arrival 
Uttarbanga Mail (7) No Rangpur 15:42 Panchagar 21:30
Uttarbanga Mail (8) No Rangpur 15:42 Shantahar 22:40
Ramsagar express (59) No Rangpur 10:03 Dinajpur 13:20
Ramsagar express (60) No Rangpur 18:20 Bonarpara 21:45
Dinajpur express (61) No Rangpur 08:11 Birol 10:40
Dinajpur express (62) No Rangpur 13:27 Lalmonirhat 14:50
Lalmoni Commuter (63) No Rangpur 14:02 Parbatipur 15:30
Lamoni Commuter (64) No Rangpur 06:55 Lalmonirhat 08:00
Parbatipur Commuter (69) No Rangpur 18:21 Parbatipur 19:20
Parbatipur Commuter (70) No Rangpur 21:25 Lalmonirhat 22:25
Rangpur Commuter -1 No Rangpur 13:25 Parbatipur 14:20
Rangpur Commuter -2 No Rangpur 10:57 Lalmonirhat 11:50

Break Station Of Rangpur Express Train:

The Rangpur Express train has many break stations. When this train travels Dhaka to the Rangpur route, it takes a break. So, for passenger facilities, we have added the station name and their uptime & downtime. We will give the chart below. However, look at that chart carefully.

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Station Name  Uptime  Downtime
Biman Bandar 09:37 05:35
B-B-East 11:30 05:35
Chatmohar 12:52 03:59
Natore 13:59 01:06
Santahar 15:10 00:05
Bogra 15:54 23:14
Sonatola 16:26 22:44
Bonapara 16:43 22:19
Gaibandha 17:14 21:56
Bamondanga 17:46 21:24
Pirgacha 18:05 21:05
Kaunia 18:22 20:30

Rangpur Express Train Ticket Price:

We hope you know that there are various ticket prices according to the seat class of carriage and your destinations. Like this Rangpur Express train has 11 substations and four-seat types, we are trying to add all the train ticket prices. These available four seats are.

  • Shovan
  • Shovan Chair
  • Singdha (Non Ac)
  • Snigdha Ac

Ticket Price Of Dhaka To Rangpur & Rangpur To Dhaka Train:

If you want to travel the Rangpur Express train, you need to know about their ticket price. They decorated their ticket price with seat category wise. We gave the ticket price in the chart below. See this chart carefully and know the ticket price of Rangpur Express.

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Seat Category  Ticket Price 
Shuvon 390
Shuvon 465
Snigdha 620
Ac Seat 930

Rangpur Express Substations Wise Ticket Price :

There are several substations in different places in the Rangpur Express. So, for this separate substation and different areas. They also have different ticket prices for the distance of substations. And, This Rangpur expresses also considers the amount for types of seat class. The complete list of the ticket price is here.

Destinations  Shovan Shovan Chair Snigdha Non Ac Snigdha Ac
Rangpur 390 465 620 930
Pirgacha 370 440 590 880
Bamandanga 360 430 575 860
Gaibandha 345 410 550 820
Bonar Para 330 400 530 795
Bogra 305 365 485 730
Santahar 275 330 440 660
Natore 245 295 395 590
Chatmohor 210 250 335 500
Bangabandhu Bridge West 170 205 270 405
Bangabandhu Bridge East 105 125 165 250

Final Thought:

On the other hand, The Rangpur Express trains have all modern facilities for their passengers. Rangpur Express trains have a canteen to serve food, big prayer rooms for the passengers.And they also have public toilets, police guards, etc. So, from this article, you can find all of the information about the Rangpur Express train schedule 2024. If you have any questions about the Rangpur Express train schedule, leave a comment below. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

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