Dhaka To Jamalpur Train Schedule 2022| Ticket Price [Updated]

People often need to travel to countries one place to other places. So they want one platform where they can get all information. If you plan to travel Dhaka to Jamalpur and that’s why you need to know Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule 2022 then this is the right place. Because of this article, I cover, 

  • Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule and Jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule, when the train will be left.
  • Dhaka to Jamalpur train details their departure and arrives time.
  • Dhaka to jamalpur ticket price, how you can but online or how can you booking online ticket etc.  

You must read this article carefully because there is some more important information which I will give in the space of writing. So let’s start, 

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train List: 

When you have decided to travel so first you choose your transport. The distance from Dhaka to Jamalpur is about 140 kilometres. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Jamalpur. By road, by river or railway you can go but the railway is the best way to go. So, if you determined to go railway then must get enough information about this way. First, you need to know about the train list, there are two categories train in Dhaka to Jamalpur way,

  1. Intercity train
  2. Mail train

Intercity Train:  

Intercity is one of the best train services in the country. The trains of this service have some good features like so fast service, and your journey will not be boring because they don’t stop regular intervals. There are four trains on this route they are,

  • Tista Express (707)
  • Aghnibina Express (735)
  • Brahmaputra Express (745)
  • Jamuna Express(743)

Mail Train:

There are many trains runs in Dhaka to Jamaal routes. now we have added Dhaka to Jamalpur Mail Train Details, check in below.

  • Vawal Express
  • Jamalpur Express
  • Dewangonj Express

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule 2022

There are four intercity trains are available in Dhaka to Jamalpur route. They have different departure times so you can choose your suitable one. Below I listed Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule.  

Intercity trains have also many luxurious facilities such as Ac Cabin, Canteen, Prayer Zone, Security guards, etc. So for a wonderful journey, you may choose any intercity train service.

  • Dhaka To Jamalpur Intercity Trains
  • Dhaka To Jamalpur Mail/Express Trains

Dhaka To Jamalpur Intercity Train Schedule:

Mail train services are also a good train service. Although its benefits are not as great as those of an intercity train service. For a safe and comfortable journey, you can choose this train service. There is three mail train service and they have no off day. Mail trains name is below.

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
707Tista ExpressMondayJamalpur11:33Dewangonge Bazar12:40
708Tista ExpressMondayJamalpur16:00Dhaka20:10
743Bhrammaputra ExpressNoJamalpur22:31Dewangonge Bazar23:50
744 Bhrammaputra ExpressNoJamalpur07:35Dhaka12:30
745Jamuna ExpressNoJamalpur21:30Tarakandi22:30
746Jamuna ExpressNoJamalpur03:15Dhaka07:40

If you find out a train service at a low cost then mail train service is a good option. Here below I have given Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule of mail train service,

Dhaka to Jamalpur Mail/Express Schedule:

From the above train list, you can choose which train will be best for you according to your suitable time.

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
37Mymensingh ExpressNoJamalpur06:38B.B East09:20
38Mymensingh ExpressNoJamalpur04:20Chittagong21:05
47Dewangonj CommuterNoJamalpur10:22Dawangonj Bazar11:40
48Dewangonj CommuterNoJamalpur14:05Dhaka19:15
51Jamalpur CommuterNoJamalpur20:48Dewangonj Bazar22:15
52Jamalpur CommuterNoJamalpur05:57Dhaka11:15
56Vawal ExpressNoJamalpur03:30Dhaka11:35
55Vawal ExpressNoJamalpur03:22Dewangong Bazar05:40
75Dholessory ExpressNoJamalpur13:17B.B East15:45
76Dholessory ExpressNoJamalpur20:07Mymensingh22:50

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Ticket Price: 

Dhaka to Jamalpur ticket prices is not so high. In the variation of facilities, it’s may differ. Suppose, you want to travel in AC seat then must be budget increase a little bit more. You can buy a ticket directly from the station or online. So, let’s check Dhaka to Jamalpur train ticket price.

Seat ClassTicket Price
2nd Class General50 Taka
2nd Class Mail65 Taka
Commuter80 Taka
Sulov95 Taka
Shovan160 Taka
Shovan Chair190 Taka
1st Class Chair255 Taka
Snigdha368 Taka
AC Seat437 Taka
AC Berth656 Taka

Online Train Ticket Booking Dhaka to Jamalpur:

To follow some simple steps you can book your online ticket. Because going to the train station and standing in line to buy a ticket is very time consuming and troublesome. Especially at any festival when everyone wants to go home from Dhaka, it is more difficult to buy tickets from standing in line for a long time. So you can easily book tickets online without any hassle. Just visit Bangladesh Railway official E-ticketing system website-www.esheba.cnsbd.com fulfil some step and buy pr booking you online ticket. 

Jamalpur to Dhaka Train Schedule 2022: 

Just as there is a definite time to go from Dhaka to Jamalpur, the intercity trains and mail trains come to Dhaka from Jamalpur at a specific time. Here I have mentioned the names and times of the trains of the two train services.

Jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule of Intercity Train service:

As I have first said intercity trains have many luxurious features and this train is so fast so you can choose any one from the list.

Train No.Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
708Tista ExpressMon15:5220:25
736Aghnibina ExpressNo18:3023:00
744Jamuna ExpressNo07:3512:30
746Brahmanbaria ExpressNo03:1007:45

Only Tista express have specific off day. Apart fromTista express, there is no off day for any other train. So you can easily travel any day of week.

Jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule of Mail Train service:

The best choice of lower budget train. In this trains there are no luxury features but they are good for safe travel. Moreover you fell some boring because it stops in regular interval. So let’s check Mail Train’s time schedule,

Jamalpur to Dhaka Mail Train Schedule:

Train No.Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
48Dewangonj CommuterNo14:0519:15
42Jamalpur CommuterNo5:5711:15
56Vawal ExpressNo03:3011:35

Jamalpur to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

You can see here different price rate of different seats. You can buy the one that is affordable for you or you can also book online. Similarly, Jamalpur to Dhaka seat’s price are varies for train’s facilities. For you convenient, here I also listed Jamalpur to Dhaka train ticket,

Seat CategoryTicket Price
Shuvon Chair190
First Seat255
First Birth380
Ac Birth656

Final Words:

It was a perfect description of Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule. Sometimes people are in hurry so they want to get all the information in one place so I hope my article will be especially helpful. I have tried to present all the important information like available train a service, trains name their departures and arrives time, seats price rate, and so on through a structure so that you can easily get the desired information. Sometimes people on hurry so they want all I hope this article will help you on your journey from Dhaka to Jamalpur. If you have any queries then feel free to ask.

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