Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule 2022| Ticket Price[Updated]

The train journey is more comfortable on another trip. For that, people want to travel by train. Here, we are going to discuss Dhaka to Joydebpur train schedule and ticket price 2022.  Dhaka to Joydebpur distance is very short. The distance between them is 33 kilometers. From this article, you can find all of the information about Dhaka to Joydebpur route train schedule and ticket price. And, all of this information we collected from Bangladesh Railway.

However, if you are planning to visit Dhaka to Joydebpur, you need to know their schedule.  Below, we added the Dhaka to Joydebpur train schedule 2022 and ticket price. So, read this post, attentively.

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Train List Of Dhaka to Joydebpur.

Like other train routes, Dhaka to Joydebpur also has two trains. People can enjoy this short route journey by these two trains. Passengers can make a good trip through those. Those two trains are:

  • Turag Express
  • Joydebpur Commuter

Besides this, There are two types of trains available on Dhaka to the Joydebpur route. Most of the people make their journey with these two beautiful trains.

The famous train is an intercity train because Joydebpur train has so many facilities from mail trains. The two trains are:

  • Intercity train
  • Mail Train

Intercity train:

Several intercity trains are running on Dhaka to the Joydebpur route. Here we are giving all of the intercity train lists below.

  • Hawr Express
  • Padma Express
  • Lalmoni Express
  • Drutajan Express
  • Chitra Express
  • Sirajgonj Express
  • Jamuna Express
  • Silk City Express
  • Ekota Express
  • Nilsagar Express
  • Sundarban Express
  • Dhumketu Express

Mail Train:

The Mail train is perfect for those who want a low budget ticket. And This train has no problem with time because it takes a long time to get to the destination. The mail trains are:

  • Turag Express-4
  • Turag Express-2
  • Joydebpur Computer-4
  • Joydebpur Computer-2
  • Vawal Express
  • Jamalpur Express
  • Mohua Express
  • Dewanganj Express
  • Balaka Express

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule 2022

According to Dhaka to Joydebpur Railway Schedule, Turag Express and Joydebpur Express are running twice a day from Dhaka’ Kamalapur Railway station.  And, also Turag Express and Joydebpur Express leave from Joydebpur Railway station.  When they were running on the Dhaka to Gazipur route, they stopped at all of the substations.  Here is the Dhaka to Joydebpur train schedule and Joydebpur to the Dhaka train schedule. However, now we will give Dhaka Kamalapur to Joydebpur train schedule below:

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Dhaka to Joydebpur Intercity Train Schedule: 

Like intercity trains, mail trains also run on this route. There are many mail trains on this route. If you want, you can also visit Dhaka to Joydebpur by train.  So, here we give Dhaka to Joydebpur train time for every passenger. The Dhaka to Joydebpur train time table 2022 is below:

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
705Ekota ExpressNoJoydebpur11:10B.M.S.E21:00
706Ekota ExpressNoJoydebpur07:00Dhaka08:10
707Tista ExpressMondayJoydebpur08:29Dewanganj Bazar12:40
725Sundarban ExpressTuesdayJoydebpur06:02Dhaka07:00
726Sundarban ExpressWednesdayJoydebpur09:17Khulna17:40
743Brahammoputra ExpressNoJoydebpur19:13Dewanganj Bazar23:50
745Jamuna ExpressNoJoydebpur17:50Tarakandi22:55
746Jamuna ExpressNoJoydebpur06:22Dhaka07:45
751Lalmoni ExpressFridayJoydebpur22:45Lalmonirhat07:20
752Lalmoni ExpressFridayJoydebpur18:52Dhaka19:55
753SilkCity ExpressSundayJoydebpur15:53Rajshahi20:35
754SilkCity ExpressSundayJoydebpur12:30Dhaka13:30
757Drutajan ExpressNoJoydebpur21:05B.M.S.E06:10
758Drutajan ExpressNoJoydebpur18:00Dhaka18:55
759Padma ExpressTuesdayJoydebpur00:05Rajshahi04:30
760Padma ExpressTuesdayJoydebpur20:40 Dhaka21:40
763Chitra ExpressMondayJoydebpur17:01 Dhaka17:55
764Chitra ExpressMondayJoydebpur19:58Khulna03:40
765Nilshagar ExpressMondayJoydebpur07:35Chilahati16:00
766Nilshagar ExpressSunndayJoydebpur04:30Dhaka05:30
769Dhumkato ExpressSaturdayJoydebpur07:00Rajshahi11:40
770Dhumkato ExpressFridayJoydebpur03:43Dhaka04:45
775Sirajgonj ExpressSaturdayJoydebpur09:19 Dhaka15:20
776Sirajgonj ExpressSaturdayJoydebpur18:02Sirajgonj21:30
777Hawr ExpressWednesdayJoydebpur23:15Mohangonj04:40
778Hawr ExpressThursdayJoydebpur12:43 Dhaka13:50
799Jamalpur ExpressNoJoydebpur11:35Jamalpur16:04
800Jamalpur ExpressNoJoydebpur22:24 Dhaka23:30

Dhaka to Joydebpur Mail/Express Train Schedule

Here we include Dhaka to Joydebpur intercity train schedule 2022 of departure time from Dhaka and arrival time of Joydebpur.  We also give this schedule off a day from Dhaka to Joydebpur trains. Because when you visit this train, this schedule would be helpful for you. This all intercity train maximum takes one hour to reach the station of Joydebpur. The intercity train starts their journey from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station.

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
5Rajshahi ExpressNoJoydebpur13:17Chapainababganj19:30
43Mohua CommuterNoJoydebpur09:39Mohanganj14:50
44Mohua CommuterNoJoydebpur20:05Dhaka21:10
47Dewanganj ExpressnoJoydebpur06:46Dewanganj Bazar11:40
48Dewanganj ExpressnoJoydebpur18:12 Dhaka19:25
49Balaka ExpressNoJoydebpur05:47Jharia Jhanjail10:15
50Balaka ExpressNoJoydebpur16:19Dhaka17:40
51Jamalpur CommuterNoJoydebpur16:47Dewanganj Bazar22:15
52Jamalpur CommuternoJoydebpur10:16 Dhaka11:15
55Vawal ExpressnoJoydebpur21:22Dewanganj Bazar04:20
56Vawal ExpressNoJoydebpur09:39Dhaka12:05
99Dhaka CommuterNoJoydebpur10:06Dhaka11:00
 Tangail Commuter-1FridayJoydebpur18:52BB East20:30
 Tangail Commuter-2FridayJoydebpur08:28Dhaka09:40
 Turag-2Turag ExpressFridayJoydebpur07:15Dhaka08:30
 Turag-4Turag ExpressFridayJoydebpur19:25Dhaka20:55
 Kaliakoire Express-1NoJoydebpur14:58Hi-tech City15:30
 Kaliakoire Express-2NoJoydebpur17:29Dhaka18:40

Joydebpur to Dhaka Mail Train Schedule: 

Train Name Off DayFromDeparture ToArrival 
Turag Express (1)FridayJoydebpur05:00Dhaka06:00
Joydebpur Commuter(1)FridayJoydebpur10:15Dhaka11:45
Joydebpur Commuter(3)FridayJoydebpur13:50Dhaka15:05
Turag Express (3)FridayJoydebpur17:15Dhaka18:40

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Ticket Price:

When you are going to arrive on the train, then you need to take a ticket. A journey by train is more comfortable than another. And its ticket price is also cheaper than buses.  They have middle classes and lower classes. You buy that ticket which you want. According to the Bangladesh railway, every ticket price is fixed. Dhaka to Joydebpur Ticket price is below:

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Seat categoryTicket Price with 15% VAT
Shuvon Chair50
First Seat90
First Birth110
AC Seat127
AC Birth150

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Ticket Online Booking:

Booking an online ticket is a simple step. If you want, you can book a ticket online before you arrive. So, The Bangladesh railway gives a train ticket online for everyone.  However, if you want to take online train ticket please follow this link below:

Dhaka to Joydebpur Dedicated Train Service:

Joydebpur is located in the Gazipur district. And, the Joydebpur railway station is the famous station. There are two dedicated trains available in Dhaka to the Joydebpur route. They are run twice a week. And, they are starting a journey for Dhaka to Joydebpur and Joydebpur to Dhaka. For that reason, they call those names dedicated to trains. In these two trains, you can visit without any problem. The departure time and arrival time are the same in these two trains every day. The two trains are:

  • Joydebpur Commuter
  • Turag Express

A journey by train is always enjoyable. And, when you compare it to the bus, the train journey is very comfortable. For this reason, maximum people choose the train for a long trip. This is comfortable because it has no balancing problem. However, here we added Dhaka to Joydebpur train schedule and ticket price 2022 and all information.  If you think we missed something about Dhaka to Joydebpur train, please share it with us. We are always here to give you an update. If you need more information, so please, go to the Bangladesh railway official website.

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