Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Schedule | Ticket Price & More [2024]

If you are searching for Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Schedule and ticket price 2024 you are in the right place. You need to know about their train schedule when you are thinking about visiting Dhaka to Lalmonirhat by train. Only Lalmoni Express is going to Dhaka to the Lalmonirhat route. Here, we try to give all information about Dhaka to the Lalmonirhat train schedule and ticket price.We hope this article can give you a clear idea which you need. Read this article carefully and get all information about Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Schedule & Ticket price.

Lists Of Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train:

The northern border of Bangladesh, Lalmonirhat is located. And, this is the part of the Rangpur division. Many people travel the Dhaka to Lalmonirhat route by train or bus every day. Lalmoni Express is the only train service that is available on this route. However, in this article, you can get all of the detailed information about Dhaka to Lalmonirhat train express schedule. There are 8 intercity trains in this Dhaka to Lalmonirhat route. These are-

  • Rangpur Express 
  • Lalmoni Express
  • Kurigram Express 
  • Panchagarh Express
  • Ekata Express
  • Darjeeling Express
  • Dolanchapa Express and
  • Karatoya Express 

Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Mail Express Train Schedule :

Lalmoni express is the only train you can go to Dhaka to Lalmonirhat. This train is an express train, and its code number is 751.It started the journey from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station at 10:10 PM. And, it arrives in Lalmonirhat railway station at 8:30 AM. Lalmoni express train off day is a Friday. So, below we will discuss Dhaka to Lalmonirhat train time table.

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    Name   Off Day   From Departure      To Arrival 
Bogra Express (20) No Lalmonirhat 6:25 Kaunia JN. 06:57
Padmarag Express(22) No Lalmonirhat 14:10 Santahar 20:10
Dinajpur Commuter (61) No Lalmonirhat 06:50 Birol 10:40
Burimari Commuter (63) No Lalmonirhat 13:00 Parbatipur 15:30
Burimari Commuter-1 (65) No Lalmonirhat 8:10 Burimari 10:15
Parbatipur Commuter  (69) No Lalmonirhat 16:45 Parbatipur 19:20
Burimari Commuter-3 (71) No Lalmonirhat 15:00 Burimari 17:30
Rangpur Commuter-1 No Lalmonirhat 12:00 Parbatipur 14:20

Lalmonirhat To Dhaka Intercity Train Time Schedule :

When Lalmoni express trains return from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka, then this train code is 752. Lalmoni express starts it’s a journey from Lalmonirhat Railways station at 10:40 AM, and it arrives in Dhaka at 8:55 PM. Friday is the off day.  Below we give Dhaka to Lalmonirhat and Lalmonirhat to Dhaka train time table. So see the list carefully-

Train Name Off Day From  Departure To Arrival 
Karotua express (713) No Lalmonirhat 11:05 Burimari 15:00
Karotua express (714) No Lalmonirhat 18:00 Santahar 22:00
Lalmoni express (752) Friday Lalmonirhat 10:40 Dhaka 20:55

Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Train Ticket Price 2024:

Here we give all substations in Dhaka to Lalmonirhat train route & ticket price. You can buy tickets on your budget. This train ticket price starts at 420 BDT and ends at 1510. So, if you want, you can buy this train ticket at your facility. However, see the below lists & get your needed ticket in here.

Seat category  Ticket Price with 15% VAT
Shuvon 420
Shuvon Chair 505
First Seat 675
First Birth 1010
Snigdha 840
Ac 1010
Ac Birth 1510

Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Substations Wise Ticket Price:

Dhaka to Lalmonirhat distance and seat class had to take a rate for this class. However, we have added the Dhaka to Lalmonirhat train ticket fare of different stoppages. So, see this substation ticket price here.

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Station Name Ac Birth Shuvon
Natore BDT 430 BDT 145
Joypurhat BDT 325 BDT 90
Santahar BDT 410 BDT 115
Gaibandha BDT 135 BDT 40
Ullapara BDT 850 BDT 240
Tangail BDT 1170 BDT 325
Bogra BDT 330 BDT 95

Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Express Substations:

On this journey, this train has different substations. For that, when this train started its mission, it stopped on several stoppages. We added the list of this substation where we started the trip and reached another goal.The stoppages list is the Dhaka to Lalmonirhat is here.

  • Natore
  • Sirajganj Bazar
  • Joypurhat
  • Santahar
  • Gaibandha
  • Ullapara
  • Tangail
  • Bogra
  • Biman Bandor

Facilities Of Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Express Train:

You can get many facilities; When you are thinking about traveling to Dhaka to Lalmonirhat or Lalmonirhat to Dhaka. We are trying to tell you all of these facilities. So, keep reading-

  • Have a nice prayer room for the passengers.
  • And, Have a First Aid box for Primary treatments.
  • Facilities of standing tickets.
  • For food Supply also have a canteen.
  • This first-class train passenger can carry 56 KG luggage.
  • Have wheelchair facilities for those who have a physical problem.

Online Ticket Booking Dhaka To Lalmonirhat:

Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Ticket Online, Now everyone can travel from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat ticket booking online because Online ticket booking is very effortless in another way.The Lalmoni express online ticket booking is available now. You can buy an online ticket from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat From this https://www.esheba.cnsbd.com/.  This is the Bangladesh Railway official e-ticketing system.

Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Route Distance:

From Dhaka, Lalmonirhat is far away. Around 360 KM distance from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat. So, when you journey from this Dhaka to Lalmonirhat route, it takes about 10 hours. If you love a long journey, then this train journey gives you big entertainment.

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Route Map Of Dhaka To Lalmonirhat Express Train:

Now, we include the route map of Dhaka to Lalmonirhat. This route map gives you a fantastic idea when you think you will visit Dhaka to Lalmonirhat.So, before visiting the Dhaka to Lalmonirhat train, this map helps you understand this train journey. However, here is the route map of Dhaka to Lalmonirhat.

Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Route Map

Link: Bangladesh Railway Route Map

Final Thought:

This is all about Dhaka to Lalmonirhat Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2024. We are trying to give you all the detailed information. Do you have any suggestions, if yes, please let us know? If you have any questions about this Lalmoni express, you can comment in the comment box. We are always waiting for a reply to your comment. Thank you. Have a safe journey.

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