Shyamoli Paribahan: Ticket Price| Counter Number| Online Ticket Booking

Generally, the Shyamoli Paribahan BD Bus is the best and popular bus service company. Basically, Shyamoli Paribahan Pvt Ltd transport Bus service company has the largest transportation service overall Bangladesh. Besides, Shyamoli buses also travel to India from Bangladesh. Likewise, the travelers can visit to Kolkata and Siliguri by traveling in Shyamoli bus. Moreover, Shyamoli bus service company is very well-known for their modern features and facilities.

Shyamoli Paribahan Pvt Ltd Bus.

Nonetheless, Shyamoli buses provide the fastest, secure and comfortable journey for the passengers. So, the passengers can travel in Shyamoli buses for going to different cities and areas. For instance, Shyamoli Ltd has so many AC and Non-AC buses. Also, you can travel in both at a reasonable price to go to different cities. Accordingly, Shyamoli has their service and counters to all other cities too. So, now let’s see the Shyamoli Bus Service counter, the latest numbers, ticket prices and other details.

Shyamoli Paribahan Ticket Price 2024:

Surovi Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number

Basically, the Shyamoli Transport is one of the largest bus service companies. Likewise, Shyamoli buses travel in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Rajshahi, Khulna, Kustia and so on. Besides, the passengers can travel to these places by paying the small amount of money. That is to say, the Shyamoli paribahan ticket price is very much reasonable for the passengers. Moreover, you will get the modern and the fastest bus service. Because, Shyamoli provides both comfortable and luxurious buses.

Meanwhile, there are both Shyamoli AC and Non-AC buses for the customers. So, you can choose your buses according to your choice and budget. Likewise, the Shyamoli AC bus ticket price is more expensive than the Non-AC buses. Also, there are business and economic class compartments are also available.

On the other hand, the ticket’s price also depends on the distance. For instance, Shyamoli Travels Dhaka to Cox’s bazar ticket price is 800 BDT (Non-Ac) and 1500 BDT (AC). Besides, the Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka to Siliguri bus fare is 2000 BDT. On the other hand, the bus ticket price of Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka to Kolkata is 1700 BDT (Non-AC) and 1900 BDT (AC). So, now let’s see the price chart of all Shyamoli Bus Service ticket price.

From To Type Ticket Price
Dhaka Chittagong Non-AC AC 480 BDT 1200 BDT
Dhaka Cox’s Bazar Non-AC AC (Econo) AC (Business) 800 BDT 1500 BDT 2200 BDT
Dhaka Bandorban Non-AC AC 620 BDT 1400 BDT
Dhaka Teknaf Non-AC AC 900 BDT 1200 BDT
Dhaka Sylhet Non-AC 470 BDT
Dhaka Rajshahi Non-AC 480 BDT
Dhaka Kustia Non-AC 450 BDT
Dhaka Rangamati Non-AC AC 620 BDT 1500 BDT
Dhaka Rangpur Non-AC AC 500 BDT 1000 BDT
Dhaka Pabna Non-AC AC 400 BDT 700 BDT
Dhaka Kolkata AC (Econo) AC (Business) 1700 BDT 1900 BDT
Dhaka Siliguri AC 2000 BDT

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Shyamoli Bus Paribahan Ticket Booking Online

Surovi Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number

Accordingly, the customers can book their Shyamoli bus ticket from online websites. Usually, the customers need to go to the nearest counters for booking tickets. But, now they can easily buy Shyamoli Travels online ticket. Likewise, there are so many websites that provide Shyamoli Enterprise ticket online for buses.

For instance, the passengers can buy their online tickets from,,,, and so on. Besides, if you want to visit India in Shyamoli bus, you need to go to counters. Because, to visit there, the customers need to show passport and visa for security purposes. Otherwise, they can book their tickets from online from their home and working places.

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Shyamoli Bus Service Routes :

Likewise, the Shyamoli Bus Service provides their buses in so many cities and areas of Bangladesh. For instance, the passengers can travel to their destination by using Shyamoli Transport Nr travels. Nonetheless, the passengers will get the Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka in the Dhaka city. Besides, the passengers of other areas can get Shyamoli Enterprise Chittagong and Shyamoli Paribahan Sylhet.

Moreover, the passengers of Dhaka and Cox’s bazar can travel in the Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Surprisingly, this bus company has their bus service in India also. That is to say, now, you can travel in Shyamoli Bus Service Dhaka to Kolkata. Also, the Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka to Siliguri buses are available. So, you cannot only travel in Bangladesh but also can travel to India. So, first, let’s see all the bus travelling routes of Shyamoli Paribahan BD.

Dhaka – Chittagong Dhaka – Khagrachari Dhaka – Bianibazar Dhaka – Dinajpur Dhaka – India
Dhaka to Cox’s-bazar Dhaka to Kaptai Dhaka to Chatok Dhaka to Kustia Dhaka to Kolkata
Dhaka to Teknaf Dhaka to Fatikchori Dhaka to Rajshahi Dhaka to Pabna Dhaka to Siliguri
Dhaka to Rangamati Dhaka to Sylhet Dhaka to Naogan Dhaka to Gaibandha  
Dhaka to Bandarbon Dhaka to Sunamganj Dhaka to Rangpur Dhaka to Joypurhat  

Shyamoli Transport Counter Address :

Consequently, the Shyamoli has bus services all around in Bangladesh. Besides, it has also buses for Kolkata and Siliguri of India. Likewise, the Shyamoli buses travel in both urban and rural areas. For instance, millions of people use Shyamoli buses for travelling. But, to board and travel, the passengers should know the counters address and number. Because, most of the buses start from the counter areas.

Moreover, you can know the bus schedule, ticket price and many other things by calling to the counters. Meanwhile, in this article, you will get the address and number of all Shyamoli Transport counter. On the other hand, there are several Shyamoli counters in the cities of Bangladesh. Also, there are some counters of Shyamoli in India too. So, let’s see the names of areas where you will get Shyamoli bus counters.

  • Dhaka Counter.
  • Chittagong Counter.
  • Sylhet Counter
  • Cox’s Bazar Counter.
  • Teknaf, Bangladesh.
  • Rangamati, Bangladesh.
  • Bandarban, Bangladesh.
  • Rangpur, Bangladesh.
  • Maulavibajar, Bangladesh.
  • Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
  • Khulna, Bangladesh.
  • Pabna, Bangladesh.
  • Kolkata, India.
  • Siliguri, India.

Shyamoli Enterprise Contact Number All Cities :

Nonetheless, there are huge people who travel in Shyamoli buses every day. So, most importantly, they should know the primary information about Shyamoli buses. Likewise, they should know the bus counter’s number and address of their cities. Also, the customers need to know the counter numbers and address of their destination cities as well. So, now let’s see the Shyamoli Travels contact number, counter names, and address below.

Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka Counters :

  • Technical Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068922, 01908899517.

  • Asad Gate Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-8124881, 02-9124514

Mobile Number : 01714-619173.

  • Kollyanpur-1 Bus Counter

Phone Number: 02-8091161.

  • Kalyanpur Bus Counter

Phone Number: 02-9003331

Mobile Number: 01716-47895.

  • Kalyanpur-2 Bus Counter

Phone Number: 02-9003331, 02-8034275, 02-8360241, 02-8091162.

  • Kalabagan Bus Counter

Phone Number: 02-9141047.

  • Kamalapur New Counter

Phone Number: 02-8316246.

  • Kamalapur BRTC Office (International)

Phone Number: 02-8360241

Mobile Number: 01716-942154, 01711-472297.

  • Arambag Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7194291, 02-7192215, 02-7193915, 02-9124514.

  • Sayedabad 1 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7541336.

  • Sayedabad 2 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 7550071.

  • Sayedabad 4 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7541249.

  • Sayedabad 3 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7550071.

  • Sayedabad 7 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7541953.

  • Fakirapul Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7193725.

  • Malibag Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068927.

  • Uttara Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7541249, 02-7914336.

  • NORDA Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-55050218.

  • Abdullahpur Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068930.

  • KP BRTC Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-8091183.

  • Gabtali -1 Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 0190889952.

  • Gabtoli -3 Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068925.

  • Gabtali 4 Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01908899521.

  • Gabtali -5 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-9014359.

  • Gabtali – 6 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-9014561.

  • Gabtoli Mazar Road Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-9011100.

  • Gabtali NS Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068924.

  • Gabtali VIP Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-9002624.

  • Panthapath Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-9112327.

  • Panthapath office Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01711-040881, 02-9102082.

  • Kamalapur Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-48316246.

  • BRTC Bus Depot, Kamalapur Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-58312094, 02-49353882.

  • Hemayetpur Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01908-899524.

  • Abdullahpur Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01865-068930.

  • Fakirapul Bus Counter

Phone Number : 02-7193725.

Shyamoli Paribahan Chittagong Contact Number :

  • Corlonel Hat Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01740-997980.

  • Dampara Bus Counter

Mobile Number :01911-797140.

Phone Number : 031-2866022, 031-286623.

  • BTRC-1 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-2866025.

  • BTRC-2 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-2866024.

  • Station Road Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-2866026.

  • Alangkar Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01875-098707.

  • AK Khan Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-43150005.

  • Navy Gate Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-740675.

  • Bayzit Bus Counter

Phone Number : 031-2581473.

  • Rijarb bazar Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01813-225858, 01820-309305.

  • Kaptai Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01754-783430.

  • Bandarban Bus Counter

Phone Number : 0361-62560.

Shyamoli Bus Service Contact Number Narayanganj :

  • Narayanganj-1 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 01671-764288.

  • Narayanganj-2 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 01671-764794.

  • Narayanganj-3 Bus Counter

Phone Number : 01671-764772.

  • 107 BB Road Bus Counter

Phone Number : 01671-764282.

Shyamoli Transport Contact Number Sylhet :

  • Kadamtali No-1 Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01716-036687.

  • Kadamtali No-2 Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01726-6870244.

  • Suburban Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01913-03222.

  • Humayun Rashid Chatar Bus Counter

Phone Number : 0447-8880907.

  • Mazar Gate Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01792-875375.

  • Moulvibazar Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01767-551153.

Shyamoli Paribahan Counter Cox’s Bazar :

  • Near Hotel Sea Palace, Kolatoli, Bus Counter

Mobile Number : 01759-777178.

Manager : Mr. Milon

Mobile Number : 01731-629200.

  • Jhawtola School Market, Cox’sbazar

Mobile Number : 01724-848491.

Manager : Mr. Milon

Mobile Number : 01731-629200.

  • Cox’sbazar Central Bus Terminal, Cox’sbazar.

Mobile Number : 01728-809846.

Manager : Md. Jahid Hassain

Mobile Number : 01733-144914.

Shyamoli Paribahan Counter Number India :

  • Kolkata Office: Phone: 6/1 Marquis Sreet

Phone No: 009133-39579672, 22520693, 0091-9831239007, 9831037603.

  • Karunamoye, Salt Lake Bus Counter

Phone No: 0091-9748090471.

  • TRTC Bus Dept, Agartola Bus Counter

Phone No: 0091-9863045083.
Siliguri Office, Hotel Cental Plaza, Maldaguri

Phone No: 0091-9132628243.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the time of Shyamoli Transport Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar?

Ans: Generally, the Shyamoli Bus Service Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar buses start at 8:00 am to 12:00 pm from various places of Dhaka.

Q. Where can I get Shyamoli PariEnterprise bahan Chittagong bus counters?

Ans: Likewise, the customers can get the Shyamoli bus Chittagong counters in Dampara, BTRC road, Station road, Navy gate and so on.

Q. Can I travel outside Bangladesh in Shyamoli Bus Service bus?

Ans: Surprisingly, you can travel to India from Bangladesh in Shyamoli private buses. For instance, there are Shyamoli Transport Dhaka to Kolkata and Siliguri buses are available from Bangladesh to India.

Q. How to book Shyamoli Bus Service ticket?

Ans: Nonetheless, the customers can visit to the nearest Shyamoli Enterprise counter in their native cities. On the other hand, they can buy Shyamoli paribahan online ticket from, and so on.

Q. What is the Shyamoli Travels Dhaka to Siliguri bus fare?

Ans: Usually, the Shyamoli Bus Service ticket price from Dhaka to Siliguri bus is 2000 BDT. And, the buses are Air-conditioned.

Q. What type of bus available in Shyamoli Transport Dhaka to Kolkata?

Ans: Generally, there are three types of Shyamoli Paribahan Dhaka to Kolkata buses are available. Likewise, they are Non-AC, AC economic and AC business classes.

Final Lines :

Hence, it is all about the Shyamoli Paribahan BD bus services. Likewise, we have provided all the necessary details about the Shyamoliltd. Accordingly, if you want to board on bus, you have to know the counters, ticket prices and numbers. So, you will get all the bus counter’s addresses of Shyamoli here. Then, you can easily visit to the counters to book your tickets.

Otherwise, you can also buy and book Shyamoli bus ticket online. Besides, the individual bus routes and ticket prices are also given. Otherwise, you can use the Shyamoli contact numbers for any confusion and, queries. Then, by doing these you can easily have a fast and comfortable journey in Shyamoli buses. Thanks for being with us.

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