Surovi Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number

Surovi Paribahan is a popular transport company in Bangladesh. They provide their service in whole Bangladesh. However, if you are looking for a comfy, secure, and affordable bus service for your journey, then this article is one of the best resources for you.

In this article, I am going to share with you detailed information about this transport. So, let’s check out the article below and get your desire location, counter, number, ticket, and online ticket without paying any extra cost.

Surovi Paribahan Pvt Ltd.

You may don’t find yourself hassled enough when you wanted to buy the ticket or wanted to know the location from the web. However, in this article, you will get the most updated information so that you can get all of the detail which this transport authority provides in recent times. So, without wasting our time, let’s get started.

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Surovi Paribahan Online Ticket Booking.

Surovi Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking | Counter Number

When you have not enough time to physically get the ticket, you need to collect the ticket online. You will get a Surovi transport ticket online without paying any extra charge. First, you can call the ticket counter number to book the ticket. On the other hand, you will get the ticket from and some other websites.

Surovi Bus Dhaka Ticket Booking Counter

If you live in Dhaka and wanted to all of the detailed information on their counter and ticket or phone number, you can check out the below table to get the right information. So, let’s check out the below list.

Counter NamePhone Number
Kolabagan CounterMobile Phone: 01980-033191
Rainkhola CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259304
Gabtoli CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259305
Nobinagar CounterMobile Phone: 01732-252613

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Surovi Bus Counter Barisal

This is another area which Surovi transport provides its service. You will get detailed information from the below table to collect the table. So, let’s check out the counter area and number to book the ticket.

Counter NamePhone Number
Barisal Sohor CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259306
Bakergonj Counter, BarisalMobile Phone: 01757-504108
Gournodi CounterMobile Phone: 01711-459949
Vhuwaghata CounterMobile Phone: 01716-410866
Vhandariya Counter, PirojpurMobile Phone: 01791-259309, 01739-959013
Mothbariya Counter, PirojpurMobile Phone : 01713-209403
Amua Counter, KathaliaMobile Phone: 01718-080056, 01791-259311
Jhalokathi CounterMobile Phone: 01724-916760
Dowatola CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259312

Surovi Transport Barguna Counter

This section is only for Barguna’s people. This transport provides their bus service in this District. If you want to know detailed information about this district Surovi bus service, you can check out the below section.

Counter NamePhone Number
Kakchira CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259313, 01791-259308
Patharghata CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259310, 01733-555899
Chandukhali CounterMobile Phone: 01791-259307
Aamtoli CounterMobile Phone : 01728-475191
Kamarhat CounterMobile Phone: 01713-869420
Kathalia Counter, JhalokathiMobile Phone: 01714-511573

Patuyakhali Ticket Booking Office

If you recently stayed in this district and wanted to get first class bus service, then this transport helps you a lot. So, let’s check out the below section in detail so that you can easily get their service.

Counter NamePhone Number
Potuakhali CounterMobile Phone: 01753-209403
Subitkhali Counter, PotuakhaliMobile Phone: 01721-328103
Kuakata CounterMobile Phone: 01758-337099
Kolapara CounterMobile Phone: 01728-414914
Lebukhali CounterMobile Phone: 01756-635198
Mohipur Counter, PatuakhaliMobile Phone: 01748-538466
Shakharia CounteMobile Phone: 01718-343882

I hope that these areas help you a lot to get the ticket and number. The number is recently updated, and this way, you will get each of the numbers running.

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Ticket Booking Facilities.

When you book the ticket, you may get the ticket. Most of the time, users need to collect the ticket from the counter. You may easily avoid unavailable issues to book the ticket. There are couples of advantages you will get to book the ticket.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is Surovi transport?

Ans: It is a bus transport support company which provides their service for a long-time in Bangladesh. So, you can say that it is a transport company which provides first-class bus service.

Q: How can I get the phone number of Surovi transport?

Ans: If you want to get this transport support, you need to collect the number and counter location. I already discuss all of the counters’ locations and phone numbers so that you can easily get support. Check out the upper section and get your information.

Final Verdict:

Surovi Paribahan is awesome, which provides their service with cool and comfy. You will get each of the facilities from this transport for a short and long journey. What next? Check out your location and number and book the ticket. You can book tickets online and also know the price from them.

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