Dipjol Paribahan: Online Ticket, Price, Counter Address

Dipjol Paribahan is one of the most popular transportation service in Bangladesh. Their various kinds of services are provided throughout the country. Their main priority is the safety and comfort of their passengers. That’s why this company is gaining success over time. Thousands of people travel from Dhaka to the other districts in this transports.

Currently Dipjol Enterprise is providing AC and Non-AC buses. Their ticket prices are also very reasonable. Their ticket counters are at the center points in the cities. If you are interested to know about Dipjol transport service, here we are providing all the information about their ticket counter addresses, contact number and online ticket booking method.

Dipjol Transport is mainly available in the Dhaka and Rajshahi Divisional routes. You can travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi divisional districts and also return from there. Their main routes are:

  • Dhaka To Bogra To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Sirajgonj To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Shatmatha To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Shantahar To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Naugaon To Dhaka.
  • Rongpur to Dhaka to Rongpur.
  • Dhaka to kurigram to Dhaka.

Dipjol Paribahan Ticket Price 2024.

Dipjol Bus Service sell their tickets at an affordable price. You can choose AC bus or Non-AC bus according to your choice. The bus ticket price also changes with the type of seat. You can get the ticket from any counter of Dipjol bus service. From the following table, you will get to know the price of ticket.

Starting PointDestinationTicket Price
DhakaBogra400 BDT
DhakaSirajganj300 BDT
DhakaShatmatha350 BDT
DhakaShantahar350 BDT
DhakaNaogaon400 BDT

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Dipjol Paribahan Online Ticket.

If you are not able to go to the bus counter, or you want to book ticket from home, you can buy ticket online. But at present Dipjol Transport doesn’t have any online source to sell ticket. You can make a call using Dipjol Paribahan Contact number to book a seat. But you can buy ticket online from Shohoz website. For buying ticket from Shohoz, you have to create a Shohoz account. For creating the account, you have to go to the website, www.shohoz.com. Then follow the steps below:

  • At first, select the ‘Bus’ option.
  • Then, put your starting point and destination at ‘From’ and ‘To’ section
  • Then, write down the date of journey and select the bus operator Dipjol Enterprise.
  • Give the time and seat number.
  • At last, make payment and confirm your ticket.

Dipjol Enterprise Contact Number.

Dipjol Paribahan BD has bus counters in many places around the country. You may need the contact numbers of the counters to book a ticket. Here we are giving you the contact number of Dipjol bus head office.

Dipjol enterprise head office contact number: 01787-671500.

Dipjol enterprise head office address: 3 Mirpur Rd, 1207, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Other counter addresses and contact numbers are also given below.

Dipjol Enterprise Dhaka

Dipjol Enterprise head office is situated in Dhaka. But there are bus counters throughout the cities in Dhaka and Rajshahi. You can get into the bus from these counters and also get down at these locations. So, if you are searching for Dipjol Bus Transport Contact Number and addresses of bus counters, just follow the table below.

Counter AddressContact Number
Gabtali Bus Terminal Counter01882-004521
Bipile Counter01882-004530
Chandra Counter01882-004531
Nobi Nagar Counter01882-004529
Savar Counter01882-004528
Assad Gate Counter01882-004527
Shyamoli Counter01882-004526
Kalyanpur Counter (Khwaja Super Market)01882-004525
Kalyanpur (Sohrab Pump) Counter01882-004524
Technical More01882-004523

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Dipjol Bus Service Rajshahi Division.

Dipjol bus service is available in the districts of Rajshahi Division. You can book Dipjol Enterprise Ticket by calling to the providing numbers of counters. We are giving you the addresses along with the phone numbers of the Dipjol transport ticket counters. From these locations you can get into the buses and get down at scheduled time. From the following table, you will get your information.

Counter AddressContact Number
Sirajganj Road Counter01882-004533
Naogaon Counter01882-004543
ThonThonia Counter01882-004537
Dupchanchia Counter01882-004539
Santahar Counter01882-004538, 01882-004542
Murrail Counter01882-004540
Choumuhani Counter01882-004541
Sherpur Counter, Bogra01882-004534
Sirajganj Counter (Girani Bazar)01882-004532

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to buy ticket online for Dipjol Enterprise?

Ans: You can create an account in Shohoz websire using www.shohoz.com and select Dipjol Enterprise. Give other information to confirm ticket.

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Rangpur using Dipjol Enterprise bus?

Ans: It will cost 500 BDT to travel from Dhaka to Rangpur using Dipjol Enterprise bus.

Q: Where is Dipjol Enterprise ticket counter location?

Ans: The location of Dipjol Enterprse head office is 3 Mirpur Rd, 1207, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Q: Is Dipjol Paribahan safe?

Ans: Dipjol Enterprise buses always gives priority to their customer’s safety.


Dipjol Paribahan is currently available in Dhaka and Rajshahi divisional routes. This transportation service is comfortable and safe. The buses are also smoke free. So, you can choose this bus service without hesitation. The information mentioned above might help you to know about Dipjol Enterprise. All the counters’ number and location along with ticket price are given in this article.

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