Nabil Paribahan: Ticket Price, Online Ticket, Counter Location & Number.

Nabil Paribahan bus service is well known in northern Bangladesh. They provide their service for a long-time without 100% satisfaction to its users. This article is one of your best resources when you are looking for the best bus service for short and long journey.

Are you ready to know about this transport service? If yes, then check out the below content and get your ticket or counter without any hassles. Each of the information I collect is most updated in 2024. So, without delay, let’s get started with the content right now.

Nabil Transport in 2024

Most of the time, we don’t find the ticket counter or get the wrong information because of updated information. Don’t worry; you will get each of the information with the most updated features so that you can easily get the location, ticket, and other elements without any issues.

Nabil Paribahan Ticket Price 2024

Now, you have enough information and the number for this transport. But you should know the ticket price to get the ticket. So, let’s check out the below ticket price of Nabil transport.

Route Per Person Fare
Dhaka- Rangpur Taka. 450
Dhaka- Bogra Taka. 350
Dhaka- Soidpur Taka. 550
Dhaka- Thakurnaon Taka. 600
Dhaka- Debigonj Taka. 450
Dhaka- Dinajpur Taka. 550
Dhaka- Domar Taka. 550
Dhaka- Fulbari Taka. 500
Dhaka- Kurigram Taka. 500


  • It would help if you reached the bus counter at least 20 minutes before.
  • You can carry a maximum of 10 KG weight.
  • Passengers must carry legal goods.
  • Used all of the secure elements.

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Route of Nabil Transport

It is very important to know the transport route before starting the journey. If you want to know the route of Nabil transport, then check out the below section.

Departure Destination
Dhaka Rangpur
Same Bogra
Same Soidpur
Same Thakurgaon
Same Debigonj
Same Dinajpur
Same Domar
Same Fulbari
Same Kurigram

 Nabil Bus Paribahan Online Ticket.

If you want to collect Nabil’s transport ticket online, you need to visit some website like the official website and (shohoz) which sells the bus ticket. However, you can also buy your ticket to call the ticket counter. However, the ticket is not available all of online portal. So, you need to do it perfectly.

Dhaka Counter.

Nabil Paribahan Dhaka division counter and number may help you to get the right location. If you live in Dhaka, you can check out the below table to get the number and location without paying any extra money.

Counter Name Phone Number
Assad Gate Counters Mobile No: 01839-968533, 01882-003271
Kalyanpur Counters Mobile No: 01869-811012, 01869-811013
Mazar Road Counter 1 Mobile No: 01839-968530, 01869-811014
Mazar Road Counter 2 Mobile No: 01839-968531, 01882-003268
Technical Counter Mobile No: 01810-12081

All Counters in Bogra

If you live in Bogra, then you may be happy to hear that Nabil Paribahan has some counter in Bogra. In the below section, you will get a counter and number list for easy contact with this transport.

Counter Name Phone Number
Bogra main Counter Mobile No: 01774-976078
Sherpur Counter Mobile No: 01761-545967

Rangpur Division Counters

Rangpur always gets some advantage, especially on transport facility. However, if you want to know all of the counters’ locations and the number of this transport, this section is one of your’s best resources.

Counter Name Phone Number
Gobindaganj counter Mobile No: 01839-968522
Rangpur Counters Mobile No: 01720-993503
Taraganj Counter Mobile No: 01718-268902

Counters of Dinajpur District of Nabil Transport

Now, let’s check out the Dinajpur district counter and number list so that you can get the right information from this section and solve your transport issues.

Counter Name Phone Number
Dinajpur Counter Mobile No: 01839-968503
Ranirbandar Counter Mobile No: 01737-039966
Birganj Counter Mobile No: 01748-929289
Setubagan counter Mobile No: 01716-630262
Phulbari counters Mobile No: 01721-888444
Birampur Counter Mobile No: 01732-787878

Thakurgaon District All of Counters

If you think that the upper district is not a match for you and wants to know Thakurgaon counters, you can check out the below list.

Counter Name Phone Number
Thakurgaon Counter Mobile No: 01742-554422
Vulli Counters Mobile No: 01710-631032
Pirganj Counter Mobile No: 01746-715441, 01737-890944
Rani Shankar Counter  Mobile No 01711-587788

Panchagarh Counter

This is another district that also provides Nabil’s bus services. If you live in this district, you can check out the below table to get the offer.

Counter Name Phone Number
Panchagarh Counters Mobile No: 01712-414444
Boda Counters Mobile No: 01712-363321
Debiganj Counter  Mobile No: 01726-898292

Kurigram Counter

Kurigram is another district, and you can easily get all of Nabil’s bus counter from the below table. So, let’s check out the list below table.

Counter Name Phone Number
Kurigram Counter  Mobile No: 01868-114447

Lalmonirhat Counters

Like the upper district and division, you will also get the Lalmonirhat counter and number from the below table. So, let’s check out each of the counter and their phone number.

Counter Name Phone Number
Lalmonirhat Counter Mobile No: 01869-810054
Burimari Counter Mobile No: 01716-441551

Nilphamari Counter

This is my final district which helps you to get a complete list of Nabil’s bus service. So, without wasting our time, let’s check out the below list.

Counter Name Phone Number
Nilphamari Counter Mobile No: 01712-204187
Syedpur Counter Mobile No: 01717-061122
Domer Counter Mobile No: 01713-717445
Chilahati County Mobile No: 01922-883101

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How much cost should I spend for Dhaka to Bogra using Nabil Transport?

Ans: If you want to use Nabil transport and go Dhaka to Bogra, then you need to pay 350 Taka. They don’t offer any AC coach service.

Q: Is Nabil Transport safe for women?

Ans: Of course, they maintain all of the security purposes. So, you don’t worry about safety at any cost.

Final Verdict

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about Nabil Paribahan. This transport company is truly much better for a comfortable journey. You can book an online ticket from their official website or another website. I included all of the ticket prices so that you can easily take the basic concept. So, without delay, check out the ticket list and get your desire one.

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