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The Soudia Bus is one of the most renowned bus service company of Bangladesh. Likewise, Soudia transport Bus service company is the largest transportation service of Bangladesh. Basically, Soudia Bus service was launched long time ago for providing buses transportation service to all over Bangladesh. For instance, the buses of Soudia company travels from every metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Therefore, they have provided Soudia Paribahan counter in every city and important places of the country.

That is to say, the passengers can visit to Soudia Paribahan counters in their respective cities. Besides, the Soudia provides the best busses for the passengers. Moreover, Soudia Paribahan ticket price is very reasonable. So, you can travel to your destination places at the cheapest price. Likewise, there are so many people who travel in Soudia buses regularly. Now, let’s see the counters number, ticket price and other important details about Soudia transport bus service.

Details of Soudia Bus Paribahan :

Generally, Soudia transport provides bus services by road all around the country. Basically, they have their bus service in both urban and rural areas. Likewise, bus transportation system is the most common and fast transportation of Bangladesh. Nonetheless, Soudia provides both comfortable and luxurious busses for the travelers. Accordingly, the Soudia provides unlimited buses in various routes of the country.

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Also, you can travel in all these modern and comfortable busses paying a short amount of money. For instance, Soudia has so many large buses with modern designs and comfortable seats. Moreover, there are both Soudia AC and Non-AC buses are available for travelers. So, the passengers can choose the best one for their enjoyable traveling. But, first, they have to buy Soudia Paribahan ticket from the Soudia buses counter. Likewise, passengers can easily visit to the Soudia Paribahan counter Dhaka, Soudia bus counter Cumilla, Soudia bus counter Cox’s bazar.

Soudia Bus Ticket Price :

For instance, Soudia has the best bus service in Bangladesh. Consequently, Soudia transport company has the comfortable buses for passengers. Moreover, there are both AC and Non-AC buses available for making the journey enjoyable. Besides, the Soudia Paribahan ticket comes with a reasonable price. So, the travelers can buy the Soudia Transports tickets from the Soudia counters. Also, now, they can buy and book their Soudia Transports tickets from online. But, first they should know the Soudia bus ticket price. So, now, let’s see the Soudia Paribahan ticket price for various popular routes.

FromToTypeTicket Price
DhakaChittagongAC750 BDT
DhakaCox’s BazarAC1200 BDT
DhakaBandorbanAC620 BDT
DhakaTeknafAC900 BDT
DhakaKolkataAC1100 BDT
ChittagongCox’s BazarAC / Non-AC400 BDT / 250 BDT

Soudia Paribahan Ticket Online.

Nowadays, online ticket booking is very easy way to book tickets for the travelers. Likewise, there are so many online websites for booking bus tickets. Meanwhile, the Soudia transport company also provides their bus tickets online. So, the passengers can buy their bus tickets from home and work places. For instance, you can buy your tickets of Soudia buses from, BD online tickets and so on. That is to say, you do not need to go to the bus counters to book your bus tickets of Soudia.

Dhaka Counter :

Generally, Dhaka is the most important city of Bangladesh as it is the capital city. So, many people travel from Dhaka to other cities. Also, many people come to Dhaka from other cities for various purposes. Therefore, Soudia has many Soudia buses counter Dhaka. For instance, the passengers can visit to the counter and know the bus schedule. Then, they can easily buy the Soudia Paribahan ticket from according to their time. So, now, let’s see the addresses and contact numbers of Soudia Paribahan counter Dhaka.

  1. Gabtoli Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654863
  2. Dhaka Fokirapul Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654858
  3. Sayedabad Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654856
  4. Kalabagan Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654861
  5. Sayedabad Counter 2, Phone Number : 01919-654857
  6. Abdullahpur Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654754

Chittagong Counter :

Accordingly, the Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh. Besides, the city is situated near Cumilla, Feni, Cox’s bazar and so on. Therefore, the passengers choose bus service to travel from Chittagong and travel to Chittagong from other places. Nonetheless, Soudia has the largest number of Soudia Transports counter in Chittagong. So, let’s see the Soudia Paribahan counter’s addresses and phone numbers in Chittagong.

  • Soudia Paribahan counter Dampara, Phone Number : 01919-654821
  • Chattogram Bohoddarhat Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654842
  • Chattogram Nevi Gate Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654832
  • Loha Gora Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654875
  • Chattogram Cinema Palace Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654823
  • Chittagong Notun Bridge Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654843
  • Chattogram Bayejid Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654834
  • Chattogram Cinema Palace Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654823
  • Chittagong Alangkar 1, Phone Number: 01919-654819
  • Chattogram Alangkar 2, Phone Number : 01919-654825
  • Chattogram Alangkar 3, Phone Number : 01919-654822

Cox’s Bazar Counter :

Likewise, Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist spot of Bangladesh. So, it is the favourite visit place for the travellers. Besides, the passengers always prefer bus journey for traveling to Cox’s Bazar. Generally, Soudia buses are always available for going and coming from Cox’s Bazar. Therefore, now, let’s see the addresses and contact numbers of Soudia Paribahan counter Cox’s Bazar.

  • Kolatoli Cox’s Bazar Counter,  Phone Number : 01919-654813
  • Cox’s Bazar Terminal Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654814
  • Cox’s Bazar Kolatoli Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654890
  • Chakaria Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654892
  • Cox’s Bazar Laldighi Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654812
  • Teknaf Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654818

Khulna Counter :

Nonetheless, now, we will provide all the Soudia counters of buses in Khulna, addresses and mobile phone numbers below.

  • Royal Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654883
  • Sonadanga Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654881
  • Benapole, BGB camp, Phone Number : 01919-654946, 01919-654945
  • Satkhira, Phone Number : 01919-654887
  • Magura, Phone Number : 01919-516483
  • Gari khana Jessore, Phone Number : 01919-654992
  • Jessore New Market, Phone Number: 01919-654893
  • Manihar Jessore, Phone Number : 01919-654879
  • Jhenaidah, Phone Number : 01937-468291, 01747-000070

Barishal Counter :

Here are the addresses and contact information of Soudia Paribahan counter Barishal given below.

  • Pirojpur, Phone Number : 01919-654755
  • Bundaria, Phone Number : 01919-654778
  • Barisal, Phone Number : 01919-654873
  • Amtali, Phone Number : 01919-654776
  • Khepupara, Phone Number : 01919-654876
  • Patuakhali, Phone Number : 01919-654874
  • Barguna, Phone Number : 01919-654775

Sodia Buses Counter In Other Districts :

Consequently, Soudia is very popular for bus traveler for visiting the important cities and tourist places. So, Soudia has Soudia Paribahan counters in every other cities. So, let’s see the other cities Soudia Paribahan counter’s addresses and contact numbers below.

  • Bandarban Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654833
  • Rangamati Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654837
  • Feni Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654731
  • Barguna Counter, Phone Number: 01919-654775
  • Khagchari Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654882
  • Barishal Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654873
  • Kuakata Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654877
  • Chandpur Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654872
  • Patualkhali Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654874
  • Khulna Royal Counter, Phone Number : 01919-654883
Soudia Paribahan Skin Download

Surprisingly, the Soudia buses have the best skin designs in the body of the buses. Basically, all the Soudia buses of both AC and Non-AC buses are designed beautifully in their body. So, the passengers can easily download the skin pictures of Soudia buses. Therefore, we are giving here the link of Soudia Paribahan skin download.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. What is the number of Soudia Paribahan counter Dhaka?

Ans: For instance, contact number of Soudia Paribahan counter Dhaka is 01919-654863, 01919-654861.

Q.What is the number of Soudia Paribahan counter Chandpur?

Ans:Likewise, the phone number of Soudia Chandpur bus counter is 01919-654872.

Q.What is the Soudia Paribahan ticket price from Dhaka to Kolkata?

Ans:Basically, the passengers can use Soudia AC buses for traveling to Kolkata from Dhaka and Dhaka to Kolkata. Besides, the ticket’s price of Dhaka to Kolkata Soudia Paribahan is 1100 tk.

Q.What is the Soudia AC buses fare of Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar?

Ans: Meanwhile, the Soudia AC bus fare of Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar is 400 tk and Non-AC bus ticket price is 250 tk.

 Q.Where can I get Soudia Paribahan counter in Chittagong?

Ans: Accordingly, the customers will get Soudia Paribahan counter Dampara, Cinema Palace, New Bridge, Bohaddarhut, Navy gate and so on.

Final Lines :

Thus, we have included all the necessary details about the Soudia bus transport service company of Bangladesh. Likewise, all the bus counter’s addresses of Soudia is given here. That is to say, if you do not know the exact address of Soudia counters you can check out in this article. Also, the customers can get all the contact numbers of the bus counters of Soudia.

Besides, the Soudia Paribahan ticket price of AC and Non-AC buses with the destinations are also here for you. On the other hand, the passengers can buy tickets from counters and many online sites for tickets. In case, you want to see the bus body and skin design, you can see online. Meanwhile, for any confusion and, queries or, if you want to the bus schedule and ticket price, contact to any Soudia counter. Thanks for being with us.

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