MV Green Line Water Bus Schedule | Ticket Price | Booking Counters

Green Line is one of the most famous transports service companies of Bangladesh. Usually, Green Line provides bus services by road, but now Greenline Water Bus Schedule has expanded their services also in waterways by providing ships which are also called water buses.

As we know, Bangladesh is a land of river and therefore, waterway transport system is very common here. Hence, Green Line has provided water buses in various routes of Bangladesh.

So, people can easily use the luxurious, comfortable and affordable water buses of Green Line. For using the Green Line water buses, you need to know the schedule most importantly.

Therefore, in this article, we are showing you the schedule of Green Line Water Bus along with the ticket’s price, ticket counters, passenger carrying capacity and contact information. Hope you will be benefited enough from this.

Greenline Water Bus Schedule 2020

Nowadays, Green Line has provided two water buses in Dhaka to Barishal water route. The water buses departure from Dhaka boat terminal names Sadarghat Launch Terminal and arrive at the Barishal boat terminal.

The distance between Dhaka to Barishal is approximately 640 kilometers and it takes nearly 6 to 7 hours from Dhaka to Barishal via waterways. There are nearly 5 to 6 rivers which usually flow between Dhaka to Barishal route, such as – Padma, Meghna, Buriganga and so on.

There is only one Green Line Water Bus that travels from Dhaka to Barishal and also travels back from Barishal to Dhaka. Here is the time table chart of Green Line Water Bus from Dhaka to Barishal:

From To Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka Barishal 08:00 14:00

And now, here is the time table chart of Green Line Water Bus from Barishal to Dhaka:

From To Departure Time Arrival Time
Barishal Dhaka 15:00 21:00

So, we can see that, the water bus leaves Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal at 08:00 am and reaches Barishal nearly after six hours at 02:00 pm. Again, it travels back from Barishal at 03:00 pm and arrives at Dhaka at around 09:00 pm.

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GreenLine Water Bus Ticket Price:

The ticket’s price of Green Line Water Bus varies according to the seat categories. This water bus has two types of seats compartments, including air-conditioned compartments, and they are : Economic Class and Business Class.

Here is the price chart of Green Line Water Bus along with the names of seat categories.

Seat Categories Ticket Fee (BDT)
Economy Class 700
Business Class 1000

Passenger Capacity of Green Line Water Bus:

The Green Line water ship carriers around 600 people in one trip from Dhaka to Barishal or Barishal to Dhaka. The seats compartments include air conditioner, Wi-Fi connection, T.V. service, life-saving jackets, fire-fighting service, canteen corners, massage seat and so on.

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Green Line Water Bus Ticket Counters:

For travelling from Dhaka to Barishal or vice versa via Greenline Water Bus Schedule, firstly, you need to book your ticket.

You can buy the tickets from the ticket booth located beside the boat terminals. Moreover, you can also purchase tickets from all the bus ticket counter booth of Green Line Transport Service situated all over the city.

Now, we are showing the addresses of Green Line Water Bus Ticket Counters:

Ticket Counters of Dhaka:

  • 9/2, Outer Circular Road, Momenbagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka.
  • Sadarghat Lalkoti Counter, Sadarghat, Dhaka.
  • All Bus Counters of Green Line Transport Service, Dhaka.

Dhaka counters Booking Number

02 83 153 80

01730 06 00 04

01730 06 00 71

01730 06 00 72

01730 06 00 73

Ticket Counters of Barisal:

  • Kakroli Road, Sadar Road, Barishal.
  • Yakub Ali Super Market, 2nd floor, Nathulabad, Barishal.
  • Mir Market, Parara Road, Barishal.
  • BDS Market, 2nd floor, East of Hotel Arena, Barishal.

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Barishal counters Booking Number

01730 06 00 76

01730 06 00

7701730 06 00 78

01730 06 00 79

Green Line Service Contact Number:

For any inquiries about Green Line Water Bus, you can easily contact via phone.

Here we are giving the hotline numbers of ticket counters:

  • Dhaka Counters: 01730-060004, 01730-060071, 01730-060072, 01730-060073, 02-8315380.
  • Barishal Counters: 01730-060076, 01730-060077, 01730-060078, 01730-060079, 01711-343351.

GreenLine Water Bus Ticket Booking:

If you wish to Booking MV Green Line Launch Ticket from online, please click here, which helps to easily get the launch ticket, in below to check Green line Counter contact address.

Green Line Water Launch Shipping Schedule

For you helps, In the section we have shared MV Green Line Launch Shipping schedule, please check in below………….

Starts from Dhaka at 8:00 am in the morning.

Starts from Barishal at 3.00 pm in the evening.

MV GreenLine Water Bus Launch Rent:

There are many times to reach Dhaka to Barishal and Barishal to Dhaka, in the time you have to need food as a breakfast, lunch and more. Now we have mentioned in below MV Green Line Launch Rent,

For First Class – 1000 Taka (1st Floor)

For Secound Class – 700 Taka (Ground Floor)

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There are so many rivers that are located on Dhaka to Barishal route. Hence, the waterways transport is very popular in Bangladesh, that is why, if you are planning to travel through water, you need to have the knowledge of Greenline Water Bus Schedule, ticket’s prices, ticket booking counters and also contact information.

Green Line water buses ensures the life safety of all passengers by providing fire-system as well as life-saving jackets and so on. So, you can have a worry-free journey through water by Green Line Water Bus from Dhaka to Barishal.