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Nowadays, Ambulance is one of the most important vehicles due to going pandemic. If you are living in Dhaka, you must know all details about Ambulance Service in Dhaka. So, you can use the Ambulance Service for of emergency. Besides, there are so many Ambulance Service Companies in Dhaka City. They are providing their service to the sick and injured patients. They are available for 24 hours every day, in Dhaka.

All you have to do is calling them, and they will be in your doors in a short time. Therefore, you must know the accurate location and contacts numbers of Ambulance Service in Dhaka. Moreover, you should also know the types of Ambulance Service, so that you can choose the right one. So, we are here to let you know all accurate details about Ambulance Service in Dhaka City.

An Ambulance is the kind of vehicle that is used for carrying the sick and injured patients to the hospitals. Usually, Ambulances are featured with medical kits, medicines and paramedics. Moreover, an Ambulance always has its own crew members along with driver.

They are medically trained for giving primary help to the patients. But, sometimes, Ambulance has Doctor and Nurse service in special cases. So, they can provide emergency treatment to the pregnant and heart patients in time.

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Normally, the Ambulances have Colorful Lights and Sirens on the above. The lights and sirens to warn the other vehicles and walkers. So, they can give space and clear traffics. And, it will help the Ambulances to reach hospitals in time. Besides, an Ambulance mainly carries some specific medical kits. Such as :

  • Stretcher or Scoop.
  • Wheelchair.
  • First Aid Kits.
  • Pulse Oximeter.
  • Thermometer.
  • Oxygen Mask.
  • Re-Breathing Circuits
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Heart Monitor.
  • ICU equipment.

The Ambulance Service in Dhaka provides emergency medical transportation help to the needy patients. And, they are the Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka city 24 hours, every day. So, you can get your needed Ambulance from any place of Dhaka. For instance, Dhaka is the busiest city of the country. Moreover, traffic jam is the main hassle for the patients. So, it is quite impossible to reach hospitals in time. That’s why, the Ambulance crew try their best to reach the hospitals as early as possible.

The fare of Ambulances is also reasonable. Besides, the poor patients can get Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka city in the cheap rent. The Ambulance charge depends on the varieties of Ambulance Service.  There are different types of Ambulances for different types of cases. Such as :

  • Air Conditioned Ambulance.
  • Non Air Conditioned Ambulance.
  • Freezing Van Ambulance.
  • ICU Ambulance.
  • NICU Ambulance.
  • Life Support Ambulance.
  • Air Ambulance with Ventilator.
  • Corporate Ambulance.

All types of Ambulances are available for 24 hours. They serve Ambulance Service in Mirpur, Ambulance Service in Gazipur, Ambulance Service in Muhammadpur, Ambulance Service in Uttara Dhaka.

Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka City

Ambulances are playing the most important role in this pandemic. Gratefully, so many drivers are giving ICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka for Corona patients and dead bodies. They are taking risk to help the infected patients who need emergency medical treatment. On the other hand, there are also other emergency medical cases. Such as :

  • Losing Consciousness.
  • Heart Attacks / Strokes.
  • Serious Bleeding.
  • Bone Breaking.
  • Serious Injuries.
  • Breathing Trouble.
  • Chest Pain.
  • Severe Burn.
  • Severe Allergic Reaction.
  • Asthma attack.

Let’s see the types of Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka city.

General Ambulance Services

General Ambulance provides general Ambulance Service in Dhaka. Normally, General Ambulances are used to carry sick, injured and pregnant women to the hospitals. Besides, General Ambulance has necessary medicine and first aid kits for emergency. The cost of General Ambulance Service starts from 1000 Taka. And, the charge depends on distance and time.

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AC Ambulance Services

AC Ambulance features with air-conditioned cabins. Air-Conditioned Ambulances are quite comfortable for the patients. You can get Air-Conditioned Ambulance Service in Dhaka city 24 hours. Besides, there are AC Ambulances of private hospitals. Mainly, AC Ambulance is used during hot weather. And, the rent of AC Ambulance is costly for providing Air Conditioned service. On average, the AC Ambulance cost 1500 Taka in Dhaka.

Non AC Ambulance Services

Non AC Ambulances do not come with air conditioned cabins. But, you can get all other medical facilities in Non AC Ambulances. Such as : stretcher, wheelchair, oxygen mask for 24 hours in Dhaka. For example, Ad-Din Ambulance Service, 24/7 Ambulance and 24 Ambulance are some best quality Non AC Ambulances. They are serving Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka city every hour.

Life Support (ICU) Ambulance Services

Life Support ICU Ambulances are designed with ICU set up. ICU is Intensive Care Unit. So, Life Support ICU Ambulance is for critical patients. They are providing their Ambulance Service in Dhaka to the life-threatening patients. Apparently, the ICU Ambulance comes with doctors and nurse. Because, the serious patients need intensive care. So, there should be trained server and proper medical facilities. ICU Ambulance, M ICU Ambulance and more Ambulances provide ICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka.

NICU Ambulance Services

An Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is also known as Intensive Care Nursery Unit. These unit provides treatment to the newborn babies. And, NICU Ambulance is for carrying ill or, premature infants. They help to take the sick newborn infants in NICU of hospitals. So, the NICU Ambulance is equipped with Neonatal Outreach programs. Besides, these ambulances come with Neonatal doctors and crew ensure the babies reach hospital safely. Jamuna Ambulance Service, M ICU Ambulance, Lamyea Ambulance provide NICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka.

Freezing Van Ambulance Services

The Freezing Van Ambulance Service provides transport service of dead bodies. Because, the dead bodies need to keep in freezer. The Freezing Van Ambulance has 5° C temperature cabin for dead bodies. So, the dead bodies do not melt or smell badly. The relatives of dead patients use Freezing Van Ambulance for carrying the body from one place to another. The rent of Freezing Van Ambulance is 600 Taka per hour.

Air Ambulance Services With Ventilator

The Air Ambulance Service means carrying patients by air transport. The Aero Planes and Helicopters are used for Air Ambulance Service. Mainly, to carry patients from distance cities and countries, you need Air Ambulance Service. The Plane, Helicopter or Chopper are designed with ICU, NICU and Ventilator service. Also, there are trained crew members and other medical facilities. Impress Aviation Ltd. Air Ambulance and many other companies provides Air Ambulance Service in Dhaka city. Anytime, you can get Air Ambulance Service from Dhaka to any other cities and countries.

Online Ambulance Service

The Online Ambulance Service is very handful in modern days. Nowadays, you can get Ambulance Service in Dhaka through online. There are trained crew who provide medical instructions to the patients. Also, you can get healthcare advice and medical counselling via online. Then, you can take necessary medicines and home treatment per advice. Besides, they suggest admitting in hospital in serious cases. The Online Ambulance Service is 24 hours available in Dhaka.

Corporate Ambulance Service

There is a huge number of Corporate Ambulance Service Companies in Dhaka. And, they are serving the transport help to the needy patients every second. Besides, they have multiple types of ambulance for the ill and injured people. So, you can use any of the Corporate Ambulance from any corner of Dhaka. Khaled Ambulance Service, Al-Amin Ambulance Service, Lamyea Ambulance Service, Ambulance and Ad-Din Ambulance Services are some famous Corporate Ambulance Service in Dhaka city.

So, lets check all are Ambulance services name in the Dhaka city.

Ambulance Services Name Contact No Address
Khaled Ambulance Service In Dhaka   01933246577 Plot 15, Rd No 71, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212.   67, Motijheel Road, Dhaka 1000.  
Alif Ambulance Service 01713205555 76/A, Ahmed Plaza, West Panthopath, Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road, Dhaka 1215.
Al-Amin Ambulance 01720448666 Panthopath, Mirpur, Kamalapur, Dhaka.
Mim Ambulance Service 01716523567 House-08, Road-13, DIT Project, Dhaka.
M ICU Ambulance Service 01716269038 61, Green Road, Dhaka,1205
Ahad Ambulance Service 01767732599 Near of Holy Family Hospital, Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka 1000.
24 Ambulance Service 01911125156 Ambagan, 274/2, Dhaka, 1217.  
Zoom Ambulance Service in Dhaka 01715942067 House # 15/E, Sobhanbag Road, Dhaka, 1207.
Lamyea Ambulance Service 01710070011  42/12, West Panthopath, Dhaka 1215.  
Hoque Ambulance Service 01764880099 2/F, Avenue 1, Dhaka 1216.
Desh Ambulance Service   01790509607 82, East Ahmed Nagar, Dhaka 1216.
Apollo Ambulance Service BD   N/A Satrasta Bus Stoppage, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Ave, Dhaka 1208.
Conscious Ambulance Service in Dhaka   01912603094 Zigatola Bus Stand, Dhaka 1209.
Mirpur Ambulance Service 01785906599 Mirpur, Dhaka.
NHFH Ambulance Service   01712367859 Plot 7/2, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216.
Jamuna Ambulance Service   01714360988. 43/R/R-5 A.C.N.S Tower, West Panthopath Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road, Dhaka 1205.
Ambulance Service Dhaka 01711980998 10, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1216.
Ambulance Service BD 01712539963 Green Road, Dhaka 1205.  
Salman Ambulance Service 01941354079 House No 88, Road No 4.
Dhaka Ambulance Service   01749807070  68, 69, Green Road, Dhaka 1205.
HASBD.Com Ambulance Service   01701777782 730/C, NG-11, Shahid Baki Sarak, Dhaka.  
Chandra Ambulance Service   01716523567 Road No 13, Dhaka 1212.
Mahim Ambulance Service   01774983692 Shaheed Shahbuddin Road, Dhaka 1207.
Rahat Ambulance Service   01716217379 Dhaka 259/2/A, Dhaka 1216.
Ali Ambulance Service    01712085019 Mirpur 10 Roundabout, Dhaka 1216.
Ambulance BD Rental   01778713649 28/5, Tahmahal Road, Dhaka 1207.
URAL EMS   01969906555 House-365 (3rd floor), Road-28, Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka 1206.
Hakkani Ambulance Service 01732587070 Dhaka 1216.
AS Ambulance Service   01711060025   Dhaka
Anisha ICU Ambulance Service 01714594814 Dhaka
Freezing Ambulance Service 01712367859 Dhaka 1212.
Bismillah Ambulance Service 01714444446 Eidgah Road, Dhaka.
Trust Ambulance Service 01926152464 Polashibazar, Dhakeshwari Road, Dhaka 1205.
Amar Ambulance Service   01701007330 2/4/1, Tolarbag, Dhaka.
Ambulance ICU Service   01819270157 61, Green Road, Multiplan, Ground floor of Dhaka 1205.
Al-Sakib Ambulance Service 01712367859 Zoo Road, Dhaka.  
Upoma Ambulance Service   01713543905 Shonir Akhra, Dhaka Chittagong Highway, Mukti Sharani, Dhaka.
Yeasin Ambulance Service   01712244294 52/A, Panthopath, Dolphin Golli, Dhaka 1205.
Ambulance & Lashbahi Freezing Service 01672417011 152/2/K, Green Road, Panthopath, Kolabagan, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205.  
Sazib Ambulance Service   01712382750 Dhaka
HR Ambulance Service   01971060025 Road No 10, Dhaka 1216.
Ambulance Service-We Care For You 24/7 01842227348 B/37, Zakirhossain Road, Dhaka 1207.
Ambulance Service 01909300004. Birdem Hospital, Dhaka 1209.
24 Ambulance Service   01911125156 Ambagan, 274/2, Dhaka 1217.
AMBULANCE SERVICE   01711980998 Panthopath, Dhaka 1215.
SS Ambulance Service   01812906091 19/1, Concord Tower, West Panthopath, Opposite of Square Hospital, Dhaka 1205.
Trauma Center Ambulance Service   01818128905 Trauma Center, 22/8/A, Opposite Manoshik Hospital, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207.
Uttara Ambulance and Freezer Service 01778713649  9, Garib E Newaz Ave, Dhaka 1230.
Ambulance Parking Spot 01774983692   Dhaka
M Ambulance   01716269038 61, Green Road, Dhaka, 1205.
24/7 Ambulance   01755998289 51/A/1, West Panthopath, Dhaka 1205.
Al-Islami Ambulance Service 01711712676 44/F/7/A, Dhaka, 1215.
Jony Ambulance Service   01712988375 89,2 Panthopath, Dhaka 1215.
Tuba Ambulances BD   01711980998 Sonargaon Janapath, Dhaka 1230.
Ambulanceac Service   01911558782 Goaltek Adomali Market, 36/B Khan Villa, Fayedabad, Dhaka.
Al-BARAQ AMBULANCE   01715343880 43/R/11, Indira Road, Dhaka 1207, 1215.
Airport Ambulance Rental   01778713649 250/A Airport, Dakshinkhan Road, Dhaka 1230.
ABC Ambulance   01735201528 House No 03, Road No 13, Jashimuddin Ave, Dhaka 1230.
Ambulance Al-Boraq   01733458833 Girl’s School Road, Dhaka 1215.
Jatrabari Ambulance Service 01871677962 Dhaka
Ambulance Hannan   01757848434 Dhaka
Duaripara Ambulance Service   N/A Dhaka 1216.
Air Ambulance Dhaka to Thailand / Singapore / Mount Elizabeth / General Hospital and More 01624176145 Dhaka 1230.
Air Ambulance Service in Bangladesh | Helicopter Ambulance in Dhaka | Chopper Service in Dhaka | 01678076363 Holding 16, Road 36, 1st floor, Dhaka 1212.
Helicopter Ambulance Dhaka | Air Ambulance Service Bangladesh   01977886877 Apt 2A, House No 16, Road 36, Dhaka 1212.
Air Ambulance Services to Singapore   01711438877 Suit B-3, Level 4, House-10, Road 53, Dhaka 1212.
Impress Aviation Ltd. Air Ambulance   01989093619 40 Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Road, Sarani, Tejgaon, I/A, Dhaka 1229.
Anjuman Mufidul Islam Ambulance   029336611 42 Anjuman Mufidul Islam Road, Dhaka 1205.
Anjuman Mofidul Islam Ambulance   029124020 Anjuman Mufidul Islam Road, Dhaka.
Asgar Ali Hospital Ambulance Service   01787683333 . Playground 111/1/A Distillery Road, Gandaria Beside Dhupkhola, Dhaka 1204.
LABAID Diagnostics Pallabi   01766660330 House No 21, Road-3, Harun Molla Shorok, Section-7, Pallabi, Mirpur 11, and Dhaka 1216.
LABAID Diagnostics Badda   01766660208 House 04, Road 10, Dhaka 1212.  
LABAID Diagnostics Gulshan   01766662525 House 13/A, Road 35, Dhaka 1212.
LABAID Diagnostics Dayaganj   01766662700 Tropical Bhuiyan Tower, Level-01-05, House 30-31/1, Dayaganj, Narinda Lane, Dhaka, 1100.  
LABAID Diagnostics Dhanmondi   09666710606 House-01 & 03, Road-04, Dhaka 1205.  
LABAID Diagnostics Malibag   01766662555 Rahman Arcadia, House 65, DIT Avenue, Malibag, Dhaka 1217.
LABAID Diagnostics Kolabagan   01766661331 House 66, Mirpur Road, Kolabagan 2nd Lane, 1205.  
LABAID Diagnostics Uttara-01   01766662606 Arman Plaza, House-15, Road-12, Dhaka 1230.
LABAID Diagnostics Uttara-02   01766662050 House-41, Gareeb E Newaz Ave, Dhaka 1230.
Home Health Medical Services   01994888999 Muktobangla Shopping Complex, Dhaka 1216.
Savar Ambulance Service   01711115935 Thana Road, Savar Union, Dhaka.
Bangladesh Specialized Hospital   09666700100. 21, Dhaka 1207.
Raha Ambulance Service   01715636615 In front of Enam Medical College & Hospital Gate, Thana Road,Savar Union, Dhaka.
City Rent-A-Car   N/A   233, Bir Uttam K M Shafiullah Shorok, Green Road Dhaka 1205.
Molla Rent-A-Car   01712915318 69/2, Maniknagar, Pukurpar, Dhaka 1203.
Shah Ali Rent-A-Car   01675683028 Sultan Legacy, 24 Katasur Road, Dhaka 1207.
Ambulance Service   01977083357 Road 5, Dhaka 1216.
Mohsin Enterprise   01719780488 10-D Bash Bari Road, Dhaka 1207.
Kazi Tushar Solutions Bd   01689116275 Notun Society Bazar Road, Dhaka 1216.
Holy Care Ambulance Service   01916814281 Bagher Bazar Bus Stop, Gazipur, Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway.
Ambulance Service   01717706072 151, 3 Shah Alibag Road, Dhaka.
Ambulance Service   01740925272 Road No 05, Dhaka 1216.
Sultan Ambulance Service   01700676641 Ibn E Sina Hospital, Dhaka 1205.
Ad-Din Women’s Medical College Hospital   029353391 2 Bara Maghbazar, Outer Circular Road, Dhaka 1217.
Al-Markazul Islami Bangladesh   01995559999 21, 17 Babar Road, Dhaka 1207.
Ambulance Services Chat Table in Dhaka City

Ambulance Services Coverage Area in Dhaka City.

There are many types’ ambulances services in the Dhaka city. In the section we would like to share all are location name which helps to hires best ambulance services through the contact. You may need to emergency medical services, you can see ambulance details list and call phone number with contact address. They are always ready to provide greatest ambulance service in your area.

All are Ambulance Services Coverage Full Dhaka City. Just Contact With them

Final Words:

Well, it is all about Ambulance Service in Dhaka. You cannot assume when or where you might need Ambulance. Therefore, we have included the contact numbers and addresses. There are almost all Ambulance Service in Dhaka city. So, you can get Emergency Ambulance Service in Dhaka city from any area. Besides, you can choose your desired type and Corporate Ambulance. Also, you can get comfortable AC, Non AC, ICU, NICU, Freezing Van Ambulances at a low cost. Thanks for being with us.

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