GP Request Call | Call Me Back | Pray For Me [Very Simple]

GP request call, also known as a Pay for Me or Call Me Back. Pay for Me or Call me back, means a GP user can contact another GP user when they have not any balance. You will also say this system emergency communication system. Every user must know about this method to communicate with other users when you have not enough money.

So, what can you do to get the offer? In this article, I am going to discuss this topic so that you will hassle-free get the offer. Scroll the page below and follow each of the sections to get the offer.

What is Request Call in GP?

You may already know that requested call, also known as a Pay for Me. It is a system that helps you to contact others when you have not any balance. But it takes charge of the users who accept your request. You will use the method in your emergency time. So, let’s check out the below process to get the GP Request Call service.

GP Request Call Number 2023.

In the past, GP request name is so popular, but now it is also popular as a Pay for Me service. So, you need to know the most updated information so that you will easily find out the best information for you. Here, you will get the most updated data in 2023. So, let’s check out the GP Request Call most updated data about this topic.

Service Name Dial Process
GP Emergency Call Request, Call Me Back Press *123*TargetNumber#

Click: Banglalink Request Call

Request Call GP Process.

To available the service, the subscriber needs to dial *123* and followed the next process. After that, you need to press the # button. For example, you will need to dial *123*your request number#. After dialing the number, it knocked the request number person that he or she willing to accept the request. If the person accepts the request, it will take charge, and both of you talk without any hassles.

GP Request Call System is *123*01700000000#

How To Give Request Call in GP?

Here, I provide you the accurate data, which helps you to get a full idea to get the service. So, if you are really interested in getting the service, you will check out the below table to get the service. I hope that the table is capable of full-fill your requirement.

Service Detail Need to Do
Add a number to Pay For Me (Call Request) White-list *123*1*017xxxxxxxxx#
Add a number to Pay For Me (Call Request) Blacklist *123*2*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a number from Pay For Me (Call Request) White-list *123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a number from Pay For Me (Call Request) Blacklist *123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Check personal (Call Request) White-list *123*11#
Check personal (Call Request) Blacklist *123*22#

I hope that information helps you a lot to get the best service. You will add, delete, blacklist the number. The process is very simple, and you just need to dial the number without any worried. If you have still confused, you will let me know in the below comment box.

Request Call Code in GP.

In the section we have added GP Request Call Code which helps to know hot to send call request in GP SIM. So, let’s check below table with.

Name Dial Code
GP Request Call Code *123*01700000000#

Terms and Conditions.

  • The caller and receiver must active the SIM.
  • You can call a maximum 4-time a day to get the service.
  • Both for Prepaid and Postpaid users.
  • The receiver charge 0.15/10 second for all GP products.

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Questions)

Q: How can I get GP call history?

Ans: You can get the GP call list from the MyGP app. You need to go for APP and click the call list. After that, you will see you’re every call history.

Q: How can I know MY GP number?

Ans: If you want to know your own GP number, you will dial *2#, or you will also dial *111*8#. After dialing the number, you will get a pop-up SMS to get your own number.

Final Words.

GP request call system is one of the most important services for the users. When you have an emergency situation, you need to contact the people. It would help if you never used any balance when you use the service. You just follow the upper table to get the service. The service is most updated, so you never need to get data from another web.