Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service 2024 | Active & De-active for free [Latest]

If you are a Banglalink user, you may sometimes hear about Banglalink miss call alert service. It is an important function for the people who do not want to miss a single call list when their phone switch-off. I know you have not lots of questions about this topic for using this service without hassles.

In addition, this service is free for all Banglalink customers. So, you need not pay any money for activating and de-activating this service. Today, I am going to share with you some important codes which help you to use this service free of cost. So, without delay, keep reading until the end.

Banglalink Miss Call Alert service

All prepaid customers can enjoy this missed call alert service free of cost. This offer you can use until you can not get the stop SMS. Here stop SMS means the SIM company sends you an SMS where write about finishing the offer. So, if you are ready to complete the active and de-active process, keep reading below the Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service.

  • How to activate miss call alert in banglalink (free)
  • MCA (Miss Call Alert) active when you apply some code. The code is very easy to dial, and you never need to pay any money for it. Whatever the MCA process below:
  • Go to your SMS body option and type “start,” and you need to send 622.
  • After that, the miss call alert was done instantly without replying to any SMS.
  • After confirmation, you will get an SMS, which knows you that your miss call alert—successfully done.
  • When you complete the process, all of the incoming calls automatically divert to 622 numbers.
  • You don’t have to pay a monthly any subscription fee.
Package Name Type Text Send Number
Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service (Active) Start 622

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However, I hope that the above information helps you a lot to complete the MCA process without any hassles and making any payment.

How to Stop Banglalink Miss Call Alert (Free)

You already know and complete the activation of miss call alert service. But what can you do when you need to stop the service anytime. Of course, Banglalink already built-in a process to de-active the service with just a simple process. So, without talking more, let’s check out the process below.

  • A customer can easily de-active the missed call alert service without paying any money. However, you need to type “stop” of your SMS body and send it 622.
  • The de-active registration code was done instantly.
  • You will get a confirmation code after done the process.
  • The customer needs to dial *62# to chancel the call divet.
Package Name Type Text Send Number
Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service(De-active) stop 622

Click: Miss Call Alert GP

In this VAT, and SMS charge is free. So, you can get the service anytime when you need and also de-active the service without any cost. If you have any issues to get this service, you will contact the customer care service. So, why are you late get the Banglalink Miss Call Alert Service right now?


Q: Why my miss call alert service is not working?

A: Some of the server issues from the SIM Company. You can wait for at least 3-days to resolve the issue. Your service still not working; you can de-active the code and again activate the code. I hope this time to solve your problem. Still occurring the issue, you need to talk the customer care.

Q: Is the miss call alert service takes any charge?

A: No, it is free for any Banglalink users. You never need to pay any money when you active and de-active the code.

Link: Airtel Miss Call Alert BD


I hope that this content helps you a lot to get the Banglalink miss call alert service. I tried my best to provide you with updated data so that you can instantly get the service. So, if you want to get these advantages, you will need to check out the above method right now. On the other hand, if you have any issue or wanted to know the exact data, you can let me know the below comment box.

So, what do you want else from this content? I hope that the information is enough for you to get the service without hassles.

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