Customer Care Number – GP, Robi, BL, Airtel, Skitto and Teletalk [Latest]

Nowadays, the Customer Care Number is very important to know. There are so many mobile operators in Bangladesh. The GP, the Robi, the Banglalink, the Airtel, the Teletalk, and so on. They all have a number for customer care helpline. Most importantly, it helps the users to solve their SIM problems. Also, you can know about the latest SIM Offers by calling the helpline numbers. Besides, you can start or, stop the packages with these numbers. Let’s see all the Customer care helpline numbers of all SIMs operators in Bangladesh.

All Customer Care Number List:

All the Customer Care Service numbers of all SIMs, are given below.

SIM Names Customer Care Number
  Grameenphone 121, 01711594594, 01700100121.
  Robi 123, 01819400400.
  Banglalink  121, 01911304121.
  Airtel 789, 121, 01678600786.
  Teletalk 121, 01550157750, 01550157760.
  Skitto 121, 01701000121.

GP, Robi, Banglink, Grammenphone, Skitto, and Teletalk Company Customer Care Number

All the Customer Care Service numbers of all SIMs, are given below.

  • GP Customer Care No: 121.
  • Robi Customer Care No: 123.
  • Banglalink Customer Care No: 121.
  • Teletalk Customer Care No: 121.
  • Skitto Customer Care No: 121.

GP Customer Care Number

The GP is the largest mobile operator of Bangladesh. Besides, millions of people use GP SIM in this country. So, everybody should know the Customer Care Number GP. The GP helpline number is always open for calling. So, you can call them for various purposes. For instance, you may face any issues while using GP SIM. There are some unwanted GP offers, that starts automatically. Moreover, the GP internet connection may not work properly. If you face any of these issues, you have to call the number of GP Customer Care. Then, your problems will be solved as soon as possible. Besides, you will be charged for the calling.

The customer care number of GP is 121, 01711594594, 01700100121.

Robi Customer Care Number

The Robi is the second largest telecom service company of Bangladesh. It is giving the best services to the users of all around the country. Basically, Robi has the customer care helpline to prevent the service issues. So, they have provided a number for customer care. Anytime, the users can use this number to get help from Robi. For example, some Robi Rewards services cost so much money. So, you can cancel the offers by calling the helpline number. Otherwise, the customer care operator will tell you the stopping process. Meanwhile, the calling charges will be deducted from your account.

The Customer Care Number Robi is 123, 01819400400.

Banglalink Customer Care Number

The Banglalink is one of the largest mobile operators of Bangladesh. They have strong helpline service. For instance, it is known as Customer Care Number BL. So, the users can use the Banglalink customer care service for many purposes. Besides, the BL helpline number is available for 24 hours. So, you can call them to solve the Banglalink service issues. Also, you can use the helpline to start and stop Banglalink offers.

The Customer Care Number of Banglalink is 121, 01911304121.

Airtel BD Customer Care Number

The Airtel has a huge number of users in Bangladesh. Currently, they have joined with Robi. So, their customer care service is as great as Robi. Meanwhile, the Airtel allows the users to enjoy the best helpline services. So, the customers can easily get rid of any Airtel service issues. The users can also stop the unwanted offers and promotional SMS from Airtel. The calling charge will be deducted from your account after the call.

The Customer Care Number Airtel is 789, 121, 01678600786.

Teletalk Customer Care Number

The Teletalk is the only government mobile operator company of Bangladesh. Therefore, Teletalk provides the best Customer Care Services. Besides, the Teletalk is improving their helpline service day by day. And, they are ready to fulfill their user’s all needs. So, you can always dial the number of Teletalk customer care. The customer care operator will help you to get rid of Teletalk service issues. Moreover, you can give your complaints by calling. Usually, the customers have to pay some money for calling the Teletalk helpline.

The Customer Care Number Teletalk is 121, 01550157750, 01550157760.

Customer Care Number Skitto

The Skitto is a new mobile operator SIM of Bangladesh. Besides, is supervised by GP. So, it ensures the best services as a part of GP. The Skitto SIM provides the fast internet and low call rate service. Besides, Skitto has the helpline number for the users. That is to say, the users can use the Skitto helpline number for various purposes. They can know the solution of any Skitto SIM issues by calling. Anytime, they can avail or, cancel the Skitto offers. Besides, you have to pay a short amount of money for the call. So, you can enjoy the fastest and comfortable Skitto Customer Care services.

The Customer Care Number Skitto is 121, 01701000121.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, every mobile operators have given the Customer Care Number for all users. Besides, the Customer Care service is very fast handling system. You can directly contact with the operator of your SIM by these numbers. Therefore, you can get rid of the service issues of your SIM. We have included the helpline numbers of Robi, GP, Banglalink, Airtel and Skitto. So, you will be able to call them for any purpose.

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