How to Find GP SIM Pin Code Puk Code Online!

GP sim card pin code puk code is a great feature of the sim. And, they are quite important too. First, they are important because they are for the security of our sim. And, most importantly, if we lock our sim with GP sim pin code PUK Code. Then, we must know every detail about them.

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For example, you locked your sim with GP sim card pin code Puk code. And, forgot your pin code. Then, you can’t access your sim card. So, you should know what to do in that situation. If you know then it’s great. But, if you don’t know. Then, don’t worry about it. Because we are going to discuss it in this article. Hence, I recommend you to follow this article. If you want to know what to do if you’re stuck in a situation like this GP SIM Pin Code Puk Code.

GP SIM Pin Code Puk Code Online.

Well, by default there is a pin code set for every sim. Hence, GP sim also has a default pin code set. Nowadays, every sim’s default pin code is 1234. Similarly, the GP sim pin code is also the same. So, if you ever accidentally lock your GP sim card pin code puk code. Then, you can enter 1234 as a pin code to unlock the sim. Unfortunately, there is no GP sim default Puk code. Hence, every sim card of GP has a unique Puk code.

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Locking your sim card is always the best option. And, if you lose the sim. Then, no one will be able to use it. However, you have to remember your GP sim pin and puk code. Else, you can’t access your sim after inserting it into a new device. And, to set your GP sim pin code. First, find the security option in your mobile setting. Then, you will notice a lock sim card option there. Now, simply tap on that option and activate the sim lock by entering the pin code. Also, you will find the change pin option there. So, you can also change your pin to preference from there.

How to get GP PUK Code & PIN Code Online By USSD

It’s a common issue that sims get locked due to pin code. But, in GP there are certain ways you can fix it. Even, if you don’t remember the GP sim card pin code Puk code. You can find out your GP sim pin code from another GP sim, for instance. But, you will need some documents for that. And, you have to follow a few steps about GP SIM Pin Code Puk Code.

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  • First, dial *121*1600#. Then, it will ask you for the number you want to find the GP sim pin code.
  • Secondly, you will have to select the document through which the sim is registered.
  • Then, enter the document number of the document you have selected.
  • Also,  you have to enter the date of birth. And, the date of birth has to be the same as the document.
  • Finally, you will get a text with your desired GP sim pin code puk code.

How To Know GP SIM PIN & PUK Code From Customer Service.

In case, you don’t have another GP sim. Then, there is another way you can use to find our GP sim pin and puk code. And, that is to contact the customer care. You can connect them through any operator by calling 01711594594 or 121. And, you will be charged with your operator calling rate. But, to get the code from them. First, you have to give them some information.

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GP SIM Puk Code Lock

This is a problem people often face with GP sim card pin code puk code. And, that is getting GP sim puk code locked. Well, when you set GP sim pin code lock. If you enter the code wrong three times. Then, you will be asked to enter the puk code. And, if you enter the puk code wrong ten times. Then, the sim can’t be unlocked. You will have to replace the sim to use it. So, be careful while setting GP sim pin code. And, if you don’t remember it. Then, read the process mentioned below to find out your GP sim card pin code puk code.

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How can I get my GP SIM Pin Code?

Well, there are a few ways to get your GP sim card pin code puk code. But, the common way is to look behind the card you got your sim with. Because the default GP sim pin and puk code of your sim card written in the back of that card. But, if you lost it. Then, there are other ways to find it. For example, you can find it through the ussd code. I’ll tell you about how you can get it. And, for that, you have to read this article.

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For example, your last recharge amount, your NID number, and the number behind your sim card. After giving them the required information they will give you the GP sim card pin code puk code. Also, you can go to your nearest Grameenphone Customer care. And, you have to bring the NID card or the document with which you have registered your sim card. And, they will provide you with the information you need.

Final Words:

GP sim pin and puk code is a great option for the security of the sim. In case, the sim is lost and it is not locked. Then, someone can misuse it. And, because of that, you have to bear a lot of trouble. If the sim registered on your name is found in criminal activity. It could happen to anybody. So, for that reason, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Hence, using GP sim card pin code Puk code could be of much help. But, you should remember the GP SIM Pin Code PUK Code. So, you won’t have to get into any hassle like GP sim puk code lock. Even if you accidentally lock your sim card. Then, don’t panic and follow the procedure mentioned in this article. And, you should face no problems further. Thanks for your time.

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