GP Call List Check Online | How To Check GP Sim Call List [Easy Process]

Today, we will let you know about the GP Call List Check Online system. Generally, GP Call List Check is a new and upgraded system of Grameenphone (GP). Nowadays, GP is the largest telecommunication provider of Bangladesh. Besides, most people use GP SIM in this country. For instance, there are various ways to do Call List Check GP Online. So, to know GP call history, you should know how to check call list in GP.

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Besides, you have to create GP online E-care Account first. The GP users can easily check their call history on E-care online system. Moreover, both GP Prepaid and Postpaid users are eligible for this online service. Also, you can enjoy the GP call list check online by downloading My GP app. Therefore, now, we are here to give you all the details and process of the How to Check GP Call List Online.

Process Of GP Call List Check Online :

Consequently, GP always comes up with exclusive beneficial online service. Now, GP provides the GP Call List Check Online system has awesome service for all GP users. So, the customers can look their own number calls history anytime. Generally, you can see your call list on your phone. But, GP provides some easy online process to check the GP Call list.

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For instance, the users can check the GP Call List on My GP app. Besides, they can get GP Call List Check Online on the GP E-Care website. The GP E-care is one of the best online website system. Because, GP E-care has calls list, call record and call usages history checking service. Also, customers can check their call service, avail talk time offers internet package and SMS Plan. So, it is a great website by GP that known as GP E-care online system. Now, let’s see the process to know Call List Check GP via online.

How To Check GP Call List :

Generally, GP is giving the amazing online facility for doing GP Call List Check for all GP users. Besides, at first, you have to open an E-care account at GP website by given your mobile number and password. Moreover, E-care is free online service. So, you do not need to pay any charge for this service. The GP users can check their previous call list, internet and SMS by E-care online system.

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On the other side, you can also check your calls history by My GP app. Likewise, My GP app is an upgraded digital online service online. Besides, which you can download from Google Play Store any time. So, now we will give you the process of how to check Call List in GP by using GP E-Care and My GP app.

How To Check Call List By GP E-Care :

Generally, GP E-CARE is an online website system of GP for the users. Besides, users can enjoy many useful services on GP E-Care. Also, they can easily check their call’s history from GP E-Care online service. But, the users have to create an E-Care account first. So, here is the process of how to check the GP Call List from GP E-Care.

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1. Firstly, create GP E-CARE Account. So, you have to visit official website.

2. Then, you have to click the E-CARE Button. Otherwise, you can do direct registration by giving your mobile number and password for login.

3. Besides, you will receive a confirmation message from GP at your mobile number.

4. Then, log in to GP E-Care to use the GP Call List Check Online.

5, Basically, you can see only 5 previous call history on the Home Screen.

6. Moreover, by clicking on View History button you can check your call history from last 30 days.

7. For example, you can see the history of incoming and outgoing calls, sending SMS, receiving SMS and internet data usage.

8. Surprisingly, you can avail the GP Call List Check on GP E-Care for free without paying any charge.

GP Call List Check On My GP App :

The GP has recently published their digital online service My GP app. Besides, now you can see your own Call List Check GP from My GP App. Also, it is a free online app, just like the GP E-Care. Moreover, you can check your all outgoing, incoming call history from last 30 days from My GP App. So, now let’s show you the necessary steps of doing GP Call List Check Online on My GP app.

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1. Generally, you have to download My GP app from Google Play Store at first.

2. Consequently, you will get Call History, Internet, SMS, Recharge and other history on My GP app screen.

3. Then, you have to click on the Call History icon.

4. Thus, you can look your previous 30 days Call details easily.

5. Otherwise, you can also check other history of GP SMS, internet offers and recharge.

 Final Lines :

Finally, we have given you all the details of how to GP Call List Check Online. So, you do not have to face any problems about the service. Simply, you can follow the easy process of how to check call list in GP system. Besides, we provided two different ways of GP E-CARE and My GP app online procedure.

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By using any of these apps and sites you can Check Call list in GP by yourself. Also, you can check your internet history, SMS history and recharge history here. In case, if you have any trouble with the GP Sim Call List Check Online, you can get help by dialing the GP Customer Care number.

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