Skitto SMS Pack 2024[Daily & Weekly Package]

Now, Skitto is one of the most popular SIM in Bangladesh, which operated by GP. Certainly, Skitto offers its user Skitto SMS pack offer in 2024. If you are a Skitto SIM user and wanted to get the SMS packages for your helping hand, this article is surely suitable for you. However, I found Skitto SIM SMS offers low cost or cost-efficient. I hope that it is a revolutionary benefit for you to get the SMS.

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In this review, I share with you must updated data. You may know that skitto sim SMS package now offers its user daily and weekly SMS offer, which is more than enough. So, without wasting our time here. Let’s get started in the main section.

Skitto SMS Pack 2024

In 2024, Skitto offers its subscriber daily and weekly SMS offer. It is updated to purchase the code, and you must apply the 2024 code for buying the package. If you want to buy the Skitto SMS offer, you can check out the below chart to get the package without any issues. So, without delay, let’s check out the list below.

Volume Price Validity
10 SMS (Skitto to Any Local Operator) 1.5 Tk 1 Day
100 SMS (Skitto to Any Local Operator) 10 Tk 7 Days

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Skitto 10 SMS 1.5 Tk Offer

Now Skitto is offering 10 SMS Only 1.5 Tk with 1 Day Validity for use any local operator. All price includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge. So, let check below Skitto SMS Pack full information.

  • Name: Skitto 10 SMS Pack.
  • Price: 1.5 Tk (includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge)
  • Validity: 1Days
  • Operator: Any
  • Auto Renew: No

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Skitto 100 SMS 10 Tk Pack.

Skitto is also offering 100 SMS 10 Tk Pack with 7 Days Validity. It is a Skitto weekly SMS Pack. You can check below with active process.

  • Name: Skitto 100 SMS Offer.
  • Price: 10 Tk (includes 15% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15 % VAT & 1% surcharge)
  • Validity: 7Days
  • Operator: Any
  • Auto Renew: No

Skitto SMS Pack Dial Code (Daily Package)

If you think that you just need a 1-day SMS offer, which is enough for you, of course, you can try the Skitto 1-days offer. To get the offer, you need to complete a simple process. However, to get Skitto daily offer, you need to go to Skitto live service, which I provide in this article.

Price SMS Validity Net
1.5 Taka 10 1-days Any

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The package is included 5% SD, 15% VAT, and 1% sure charge.
  • You can check out the SMS balance from Skitto App or dial *121*1*4#.
  • No auto-renewal option here.
  • You can use the package only for 24-hour
  • To get the package, you need to pay 1.5 Taka.
  • For getting this service, you need to click here.

I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this section. The process is not complicated. But if you are still confused, you can let me know in the below comment box.

Skitto Weekly SMS Package .

You may not like the upper package or don’t match the upper package, and that’s why you are coming here. However, if you want to choose a weekly package from Skitto, you need to follow this section. To completely buy the package, you need to follow the below Skitto SMS Pack Offer.

Volume Price Validity
100 SMS (Skitto to Any Local Operator) 10 Tk 7 Days

Let’s check: Skitto SMS Package Offer

Terms and Conditions:

  • All of the SMS included SD (5%), VAT (15%), and sure charge 1%.
  • It does not come with an auto-renewal system.
  • You can use this package for 7-days started from activation.
  • You need to pay 10 Taka for 100 SMS.
  • The SMS you can use with any network.
  • You can check out the SMS balance from Skitto APP or dial *121*1*4#.
  • To get this package you need to click here

I think this package is suitable for you. You can easily send the SMS with any SIM without paying any extra cost. So, without delay, get your chance right now.


After analyzing the upper two skitto SMS pack, I hope that you can already choose your desire package. Skitto offers its user valuable service, and the SMS pack is one of them. The information which I provide you is most updated. But if you think that you need more information about Skitto SMS Pack 2024, you can let me know in the below comment box. I hope that you can enjoy a lot with this valuable content.

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