Skitto Call Rate Offer 2024| Enjoy Low Call Amount [Updated]

Are you a subscriber of Skitto SIM and wanted to know the Skitto call rate offer? Currently, you are coming to the right place. You may know that Skitto SIM is a part of Grameenphone and also known as a GP SIM. The Skitto SIM is a new SIM but provides enough advantages of its user. Well, most of the people want to use the internet at a low cost, and for this reason, GP provides their user with this SIM so that they can be benefited.

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It does not only provide a powerful internet package but also provides well enough call rates. As a Skitto SIM user, you need to know the skitto sim call rate offer. But today I am going to share with you only the Skitto SIM call rate offer so that you can use the SIM properly with reducing the call rate money. So, without delay, let’s get started see Skitto Call Rate Offer 2024.

skitto call rate offer 2024

Skitto SIM provides its customer with the lowest call rate to any local operator in Bangladesh. Only 0.50/minutes cost will be delivered with your balance. Well, this SIM provides you with 24-hours service. On this balance, you will use the SIM 24-hour without any hassles.

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Here I provide a chart for you and I try to show much cost you need Skitto to Skitto and Skitto to others. So, let’s have a look at the Skitto Call Rate Offer chart.

Call Type Time Taka Price Pulse
skitto to skitto 24 hours          0.50/min 0.67/min   1 Sec
skitto to other GP products   24 hours          0.50/min   0.67/min 1 Sec
skitto to any local number   24 hours          0.50/min   0.67/min 1 Sec
3G video call   24 hours          0.60/min   0.77/min 1 Sec

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If you already a Skitto SIM user you may try this awesome call rate which is very low than any other operator.  Note, all of the Skitto Call Rate Offer on the chart included SD ( Supplementary Duty), included 15% VAT, and 1% sure charge.

GP Skitto Recharge Offer Call Rate.

Do you want to know the recharge offer call rate of Skitto? Keep reading for more detail about Skitto Call Rate Offer. However, you can recharge your Skitto SIM via Bkash, Rocket, and via some other mobile banking. But if you think you purchase any call rate via recharge, it is not available in Skitto like another operator.

Call Type Taka Time
Skitto to Skitto 0.50/min 24-hours
Skitto to GP 0.50/min 24-hours
Skitto to any local operator 0.50/min 24-hours
3G video call 0.60/min 24-hours

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Or, If you want to know the recharge process of Bkash or Rocket, please keep reading. To reload your Skitto SIM via Bkash, you need to follow the below Skitto Call Rate Offer.

  • Dial *247#
  • Then select mobile  recharge select “Grameenphone.”
  • Under  grameenphone, you will get “Skitto” option
  • Then you need to type your amount and enter your Bkash PIN to confirm
  • Finally, enjoy your balance

To reload other option is such as APP, Rocket, and others or from flexiload shop tell the retailer to recharge by the below system.

  • Dial *666*your number*amount*PIN#

The flexiload provider just needs this process to complete the setup, which is very easy. I think this section helps you a lot to recharge the balance with any method. For more detail, you can dial Skitto helpline “01701000121”, or you can visit their website for getting more information about Skitto Call Rate Offer “”

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Skitto SMS Pack Offer.

We have also added Skitto SMS Pack Offer List for the users. You can see the details below and choose your one.

Call Type Time Taka Price
skitto to skitto 24 hours          0.25/SMS 0.33/SMS
skitto to other GP products         24 hours          0.50/SMS 0.33/SMS
SMS (skitto to any local number)   24 hours          0.50/SMS 0.33/SMS
International number 24 hours          0.250/SMS 0.33/SMS

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I reload the Skitto balance?

Ans: Well, there are two types of the method you can easily recharge or reload your balance. Number one: You can recharge via mobile banking which I already discussed above which is most popular and easy methods. Or you can also recharge via retailer with trying the above method.

Q: Is Skitto SIM provides the lowest call rate?

Ans: yes, I think so. When I compare the above chart from another SIM, I must recommend Skitto SIM. But I can not find any different thing about VAT. All most all of the SIM companies charge 15% of VAT. Despite this issue, I think the Skitto SIM is well enough for you.

Q: How can I get Skitto SIM?

Ans: If you want to the owner of a Skitto SIM user, you need to go Skitto pickup points. Remember, you need to bring your NID (National ID card) photocopy. However, you also need to pay 200 takas to purchase the SIM and Skitto Call Rate Offer.

Q: How can I check Skitto balance?

Ans: You can check your Skitto balance via this code *121*1*1#.  You need to dial this code and you will the balance check pop up. On the other hand, you will check out the balance via Skitto app.


Now you have to enough information about skitto call rate offer. I hope you already able to reload or top-up the balance and find out the best caller rate for you. Skitto is a new SIM and part of GP. However, if you have any questions, you can contact me or let me know the below comment box. So, without delay and worry-free use Skitto SIM and save your caller rate minutes.

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