What Is Skitto SIM? The Ultimate Solution For Digital Era!

Do you want to know about Skitto SIM? You are feeling puzzled with this new word that your friends are talking about ‘Skitto’. Then you are in the right place to get all the answers. Skitto is an application-based sim that was introduced by Grameen phone last year.

This sim is for the students to get a low price call rate and data packs as well. So, let’s get all the information here to help you know all about Skitto SIM.

What is Skitto SIM?

Skitto is an application-based mobile service for Grameenphone users. Or you can say it is a digital-product for the new generation in our country. You don’t have to dial *121*1*1# USSD code to check the recent balance. There are any-kinds of USSD coding not applicable for GP Skitto ‍Operator.

Just download the application and touch the option that is shown on the screen. You will get your desired answer as well. Now the question is, how could you find the application?

The answer is simple; you have to download the Skitto Application from the Google Play store. If you are an iOS or iPhone user, you have to download it from Appstore as well.

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How to Get a Skitto GP SIM?

Now you may have the question: how could you get the Gp Skitto ‍SIM? So, you don’t have to worry that much to have it. You can get the sim from any GP customer care office. As well as, you can get it from the GP sim dealer service from any location.

Therefore, if you want to buy a Skitto ‍Operator SIM, then you need an original NID card. If you have Photocopy of your NID card, you can buy it as well. It is as simple as you think that Skitto SIM buy can be difficult. Just take 200bdt, go to the Skitto-point, and you will get the sim.

GP Skitto Mobile SIM Registration

After getting Skitto SIM, now what you have to do? It could be your primary concern, isn’t it? It’s simple; just download the Skitto application on your mobile. Now open the application, you will get the message like enter your Skitto SIM new number.

While entering the number, you will receive the code number in your phones’ message option. The code will auto-detect your phone IP number. On the other hand, you have to enter the code number manually. After entering the code, you have to sign up to operate the Skitto application.

Now the question is, how could you Sign up? You can sign up with your Facebook, Google account. The option will be included in the step. Otherwise, you can sign up with your password and click the Continue tab.

However, you have to check and save the information for Skitto Profile. By creating your Skitto profile, you become a happy user of Skitto ‍SIM as well.

How to buy SkittoMinute?

How could you buy your minutes on Skitto SIM? It’s a very crucial question while using a new application-based sim. But don’t worry; the process of buying a minute pack on Skitto is simple.

What you have to do? Just click on the Skitto application on your mobile. You can see the balance check Skitto -icon with the calculator. Just click on the Skitto-calculator-icon; you will see the promo details and select your favourite minute-pack.

What is Skitto’s Promo Code?

Skitto Promo code is a unique code by which you can buy your Skitto SIM. Skitto is a digital product for this reason GrameenPhone makes it fully secured. The promo code is different from one user to another.

By clicking each Get Skitto option from the application the Software creates an original code. The Promo code is a collection of numbers that generate from your given number. This code is one kind of software algorithm by which you can get a unique code.

How do I buy Skitto Internet Package?

Buying data packs from Skitto SIM is very simple. All you have to do just hit the Skitto application on your mobile screen. In the application, you have the yellow bar; just swipe the bar. Now click on the Data option that has numbers with the Skitto icon.

Now follow the steps that are given in the table here,

Step Numbers Instructions
Step 1 Select the Ready Packs Tab that show on the Mobile screen.
Step 2 You can find here different data packs offer just select one offer that you want.
Step 3 After checking the Data packs information just click on the Buy option.
Step 4 If you want to buy just confirm it by clicking on I trust you option.
Step 5 Here you can see confirmation ‘Cool! Take me back’. Just check the Data option.

How to Recharge Skitto ?

You can recharge your Skitto SIM from your nearest flexiload service as well. But you may face problems sometime while reloading from Flexiload retailer. For this reason, you can follow this simple instruction.

Tell your Flexiload retailer to dial this numbers *666*your Skitto number*amount you want to recharge*retailers flexiload pin#

As a result, you can solve your flexiload problem like this. But you can recharge your sim in another way that is via mobile banking. You can recharge from your bank debit/credit card or Bkash and rocket service.

To recharge your sim, just follow this instruction properly. Just open your application and go to the Reload option,

Step numbers Instructions
Step 1 Hit the Reload tab to select the packs that you want.
Step 2 Enter your amount that you want to recharge.
Step 3 Select Others option for Mobile banking from your Bank account
Step 4 Select your Card types that you have according to your Bank account.
Step 5 Enter your Card information details here.
Step 6 Enter the OTP or your bank account password and click on the Submit option.
Step 7 Scroll down and hit the Continue option you will get your balance on your sim

How to Recharge Skitto ‍from Bkash?

Recharging Skitto from Bkash is as simple as you reload for other numbers from Bkash. If you have your Bkash account and application just follow the steps here,

Step numbers Instructions
Step 1 Go to your Bkash Application and select Mobile recharge option.
Step 2 Just enter your Skitto number here and hit the arrow 
Step 3 Select GrameenPhone Operator as your option.
Step 4 Select the amount that you want to reload and press arrow 
Step 5 Choose the types that is Skitto and enter your Bkash PIN, press arrow
Step 6 Tap and hold for mobile recharge processing and you will get your balance.                 

Grameenphone Skitto SIM Replacement?

Suppose you lost your mobile or your sim you can replace your Skitto SIM easily. This service is the main benefit of having a digital sim. The reason is you can immediately take action and replace your sim again. What you have to do? Just go to the Skitto site from your Laptop/Desktop/mobile. Now follow the steps that is given here,

Step numbers Instructions
Step 1 Go to the application settings and click Security
Step 2 Just select the SIM Block option and press arrow
Step 3 Just select the Yes to continue for next step.
Step 4 Verify your account with your password or Facebook/Google account.
Step 5 After finishing your verification just click the Submit option.
Step 6 Just go to the GP customer care with your NID and collect your replacement sim 

GP Skitto Mobile SIM Price 2024

If you want to buy a Skitto for 2024, which is 200 Tk

Skitto Call Rate?

The call rate Skitto SIM is very reasonable, including vat without extra charge. Let’s talk about Vat of this sim here; you have to pay vat on,

  • Supplementary Duty (SD): 15%
  • VAT inclusive Of SD: 15%
  • Surcharge on base tariff/price: 1%

Here is the Local call rate for your better understanding; it is a 1second pulse for 24hours a day.

Call types Tariff/min All VAT included total charge
Skitto to Skitto 0.50paisa/min 0.67/min
Skitto to other Gp 0.50/min 0.67/min
Skitto to any localCall 0.50/min 0.67/min
3G video call 0.60/min 0.77/min

Skitto ‍Helpline Number?

Therefore, if you want to get some extra information, you can quickly contact the Skitto team. You can mail Skitto, or you can call them. Just call on 121 number or you call on 01701000121 this number. If you want to email your voice, then give your mail on this ID: help@skitto.com.

How to convert GP SIM to Skitto?

If you want to convert your GP sim to Skitto, you need to visit the GP customer service office. You have to take your NID card, which must be Biometric. But the good news is you don’t have to pay for it.

Converting Sim means you have to replace your old sim with Skitto SIM. You can complete it from the Skitto application by clicking on the Get Skitto . You can receive a promo code that will be valid for 1month. So, within one month, you can convert your sim from your nearest customer care service.

Final Words:

Now, you can understand what Skitto SIM is and how you could get it. This sim is an internet-based application sim. Therefore, if you don’t have a data connection, you can’t work on it. It’s beneficial for those people who have Wi-Fi connection 24/7.

But you can also get benefits with your GP network by getting a low rate of data packs. In short speech, to run this sim effectively, you must heve an internet connection. If you have so, you can get it.