Skitto SIM Data Transfer 2024 | Balance/Data Share [Easy Way]

We all know that we can transfer the balance within the same operator. But, what if I told you, that you can transfer mobile data too? Ever heard it before? I don’t think so. GP’s Skitto sim data transfer lets you share data too. Isn’t it interesting? And,  Skitto is a sim maintained by GP. Hence, it is bound to offer the best service. Skitto is a package for the youth.

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As, Skitto has a completely different system. Compared to other operators. For example, Skitto is completely based on an app. In other words, a hassle-free system. And, the unique feature of this sim is data transfer. Not to mention, Skitto is the first sim in Bangladesh to let you transfer data. Skitto sim data Share is a unique feature. Here’s how you can use this offer.

How to Skitto SIM Data Transfer 2024 .

The process of transferring Skitto sim data transfer is quite simple. You just need the Skitto sim.and the app, for instance. Firstly, download the Skitto app. And, log in with your account. If you’re not registered then open an account. Then, you will see a hamburger on the left of your screen. Click the hamburger. Secondly, scroll down and find the reload and share option. Then, click it.

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You will see three options. Choose the data share option from there. Thirdly, enter your friend’s phone number. And, the amount of data you want to share. Then, click on “alright, let’s do it”. Lastly, Tap on okay to get a verification code. Enter the verification code you get. And it’s done. You have transferred the data. So, let check the process of How Do I Transfer Data in Skitto SIM.

Feature Charge Limit
Skitto SIM Data Transfer No Charges 100MB at once 1000MB within 30 days
Skitto SIM Data Transfer 2024 | Balance/Data Share [Easy Way]

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Skitto Data Share Limit.

Similar to the balance transfer. Skitto sim data Share also has limitations. Therefore, you can’t transfer as much as you want. You can transfer from 1MB to 100MB at once. And, u to 1000MB within 30 days of the first transfer. If you want to know more. Then, you can always visit the Skitto website.

Data Limit Charge
100MB at once 1000MB within 30 days No Charges

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Final Words:

As I said before, the Skitto sim data Transfer feature is first in Bangladesh. It’s a great feature. If you ever run out of data. Then, you can always ask your friend to share some. Also, if your friend runs out of data. Then, you can help him too. Above all, this is a great feature. To clarify this feature is only applicable to Skitto users.

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