Skitto Emergency Balance | GP Skitto Advance Loan [Updated]

Do you need Skitto emergency balance? Surely you are coming to the right place. Today, I am going to share with you all Bangladeshi SIM card (Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, and GP) emergency balance codes that help you get the emergency balance without any issues.

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However, the emergency balance is also known as a loan balance, JotPot balance, etc. Really it is good news for you that Skitto provides you an emergency balance service. On the other hand, recently, Teletalk started the emergency balance service, and this service can take every customer without any hassles.

So, let’s break down the Skitto emergency balance code.

Details Of Skitto Emergency Balance.

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the Teletalk emergency balance. The Teletalk emergency dial code “1122” you just need to dial this code, and after that, the company provides you 10 taka to 50 taka instant balance. But remember your balance must go below 2 takas otherwise, this service is not available for you.

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Moreover, when you recharge your SIM balance Teletalk company cut taka from your balance with a little charge. Skitto emergency balance service charge is:

  • For 10 taka (free)
  • 20 taka (2 taka)
  • 30 taka (3 taka)
  • 50 taka (5 taka)

Before you plan any emergency balance, you should consider the charge or fee of your loan.

GP Skitto Emergency Loan Code.

Let’s jump to another SIM company that provides emergency balance. However, Grameenphone or GP always provides their users with the best opportunity to get the Skitto emergency balance up to 200 Taka per user without any requirement. But it depends on your average recharge or top-up. Suppose your average top-up 50 Taka; you will get 50 Taka loans.

Service NameDial Code
Skitto Emergency Balance Code121*1*3#

The customer will have a dial on 1211*3# without any charge for getting the emergency balance. After dialing the number, you will get an SMS or check the emergency balance section to know the balance.

GP Skitto Advance Loan By Siktto APP.

Why not get 5 Taka to use the Siktto APP? You need to do just a simple process such as download the APP from the play store and go to the slider menu, click Skitto emergency balance, and get 5 Taka. More clearly Slider menu> emergency balance> get 5 Taka.

How to get skitto emergency Loan?

When your emergency balance is very low below 2, Taka Siktto is ready to provide you an emergency balance of 5 Taka. But you need to complete some process they are:

  • Install the app and go to the Hamburger menu
  • Click emergency loan
  • Just press on “Just get 5 Tk.”
  • After that, you will get a  confirmation SMS

All SIM (Banglalink, GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk) Emergency Loan Code.

Now you have to clear about all of the SIM emergency balance. Still, confuse? Don’t worry; check out the chart for easily get the code.


If you need the emergency balance check of your SIM, you can follow the below code specially Skitto Emergency Balance.

  • For Grameenphone customers, they need to dial *121*1*3#, and it is charge-free.
  • If you are a Robi user, you need to dial *222# or *1# for checking emergency balance.
  • Banglalink customer need  to check the emergency balance dial *874*0#
  • When you are an airtel user, you need to dial *778# or *1# for checking out the emergency balance.
  • Finally, Teletalk users need to dial *152# to check out the emergency balance.

When you need to check the emergency balance, you can choose the upper code for checking your emergency balance.

GP Emergency Balance Code.

We have added GP Emergency Balance Code below which helps to know how to get GP Emergency loan, Just Follow the table and get your Advance Balance.

Service NameDial Code
GP Emergency Balance Code.*121*1*3#

Robi Emergency Balance Code.

Well, if you are a Robi SIM user and want to get an emergency balance or the siktto emergency balance number, you will focus on this section. However, Robi also offers their customer emergency service, and the dialed number is *123*007#, and it is free; you never need to cost any money. But Robi does not provide its users with much emergency balance like GP SIM.

Service NameDial Code
Robi Emergency Balance Code.*123*007#

Click: Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code.

Now let’s talk about Banglalink SIM emergency balance, which you take from skitto sim emergency balance code. Like GP, Rbi, and Teletalk, this SIM also provides you a dial number *874# for getting an emergency balance. Like GP, SIM Banglalink offers its users up to 200 Taka emergency balance services.

Service NameDial Code
Banglalink Emergency Balance Code.*874#

But remember, you can not custom setup your emergency balance; the company provides the emergency balance with your average top-up. But it is hassle-free, easy to bring the balance.

Airtel Emergency Balance Code.

This is the final SIM, which I tell you about its emergency balance. Siktto also offers the emergency balance of Airtel. Like GP, Banglalink, you can not set up the custom balance. The company provides you the emergency balance on your average top-up—however, the dialed number of *141# (charge free) to dial. But remember you can not get up to 100 Taka.

Service NameDial Code
Airtel Emergency Balance Code.*141#

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So, feel free to dial the number and take your emergency balance. Don’t forget the number or code.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.

Check the Teletalk Emergency Balance Code form Wiki Of Info, Below you can follow the table, here we have added Teletalk Advance Loan Code.

Service NameDial Code
Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.*1122*

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Now it is clear to you that how to get skitto emergency balance. Besides, I also talked about other all of Bangladeshi SIM so that you can easily take your Skitto emergency balance and check out the balance too. If you need any suggestions or exact data, let me know the below comment box.

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