Internet Balance Check Code – GP, Robi, Airtel & More[All SIM].

The internet is a vital thing at the present time. And pretty much everyone uses a smartphone. So everyone uses the internet on their phone. Mobile companies are coming up with various exclusive internet offers for their users. So that all classes of people can easily buy through an internet phone. Though today my article is about Internet Balance Check Code I will also provide some extra information that would be helpful for you. 

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All Operator Internet Balance Check Code:

After purchasing the internet package, the next task is to check the internet balance. Because many times the internet is needed in case of emergency but then there is no balance. So if you know the balance in advance, you don’t have to worry about running out of balance in an emergency. So for this reason you have to know the All SIM Internet Balance Check Code.  Here are the codes for checking the internet balance of tell companies in Bangladesh.

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For your convenience, I have given the entire balance codes in the form of a box and here you will find the codes of both postpaid and prepaid SIMs together.

Mobile Operator Pre-Paid Internet Post-Paid Internet
GP  *121*1*4#
Not Available
Banglalink *5000*500#
Robi *3#
 Call Free 8444
Airtel *3#
Teletalk  *152#
 Type ‘U’ and send 111.
Not Available

All SIM Internet Offer Code:

First of all, you need to know the internet offer of the SIM you use. Now all the mobile companies are offering various exclusive internets for their valued customers. You can choose any offer from there. Telecompanies like GP, Robi, Airtel, and Banglalink has its own app. By installing their app you can also their internet offer.  Below I give the list of Internet Offer Code,

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  • Grameen Phone:*444*1*2# 
  • Robi:*999#
  • Banglalink:*7323#
  • Airtel:*222*1#

Internet Package code: Internet package offer is other exclusive things provide by telecompany. In one Internet Package, they include many facilities. The code of the internet package is given below,

  • Grameen Phone:*111*7*2#
  • Robi:*140*14#
  • Banglalink:*125#
  • Airtel:*121*8#

GP Internet Balance Check:

Grameen Phone (Gp) is one of the largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh. They have various Internet offers for their valuable customers. Grameen Phone’s Internet Balance Check Code is, 

  • *121*1*4#
  • *566*10#

Banglalink Internet Balance Check :

Banglalink is another largest mobile operator company. Banglalink lunch different categories of internet package and they also have specific Net Balance Check Code for their honorable clients,

  • *5000*500#
  • *124*50#
  • *121*1#

Robi Internet Balance Check :

When you use more than one SIM it would be better for you to know the code of internet balance check. Then you don’t have to worry about the validity of the internet balance.

  • *3# 
  • *8444*88#
  • *123*3*5#
  • Or, Call Free 8444

Airtel Internet Balance Check :

Now people use the internet for many of their necessities. You need to know the Internet Balance Check Code because you need to be able to renew the internet again. Like other SIM companies, Airtel also has an internet balance check code,

  • *3# 
  • *8444*88#
  • *778*005#

Teletalk Internet Balance Check :

It is very easy to your Internet Balance. You can find out your internet balance by dialling any one of them.

  • *152#
  • Or, Type ‘U’ and send 111.

Final Words:

Many people nowadays use the internet in rural areas or where it is difficult to go outside anytime. So they can’t recharge balance their mobile if they want to, it’s a little difficult for them. Or many people use more than one SIM, in which case there is a possibility of forgetting the required code of the internet. I have tried to present the Internet Balance Check code of all the SIM companies in Bangladesh. I hope you like this article and you will find this article useful.

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