Airtel Emergency Balance Service | Activation Code [Updated]

Emergency balance is a thing that we all ask for. Every day for any emergency call or any important call, we prefer to have some emergency balance. When we do not have the balance on our phones, emergency offers are there for us. Every mobile service in our country has kept that in mind and providing this service to the customers. No matter what the operator is, the Airtel Emergency Balance service is there.

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Airtel is one of the leading mobile operators in Bangladesh. They have an Emergency balance service also. Many people are using Airtel but do not know how to get the Airtel Emergency Balance. There is more than one way to get this amazing service within a short period without any hassle. The offer will discharge limits.

Details Of Airtel Emergency Balance:

Each mobile company in Bangladesh gives emergency talk time or advance credit balance. On the off chance that we are utilizing any sim card and confronting low mobile balance issues on our phone. Any user can charge from 10tk to 200tk emergency talk time credit on our cell phone number. This service works perfectly for each client. So, let’s check how to get Airtel Emergency Balance 2024 From Wiki Of Info.

If you want to Airtel Emergency Balance, data, and minutes, Please Dial *141#

Loan DetailService Fee (Tk.)Total (Tk.)
Loan 12 TK2.6714.67
Loan 15 TK2.6717.67
Loan 22 TK2.6724.67
Loan 25 TK2.6727.67
Loan 32 TK2.6734.67
Loan 50 TK2.6752.67
Loan 100 TK2.67102.67

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Airtel Voice Minutes Loan:

PriceAny Net MinutesValidity
2 Tk24 hours
5 Tk55 hours
11 Tk1416 hours
16 Tk2024 hours
25 Tk3224 hours

Airtel Data Loan.

14.67 Tk70 MB3 Days
25 TK300 MB3 Days

Like other operators, Airtel also gives us the services of Emergency balance to support us when we need backup. Many people ask how to take emergency balance in Airtel? Some codes require for us to get the desired amount of emergency.

Emergency Balance Code.

If someone is looking for Airtel Emergency Balance Code, he or she must follow the set by step instructions and dial the numbers. The following steps instruct the brief idea about the Airtel emergency balance of different services.

  • Dial *141*# to get air credit.
  • To check the air credit, dial *778# or *1#
  • Dial *875# to get emergency internet,
  • To check emergency internet, dial *8444*88# or *3#

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Emergency Balance Amar Number:

Before getting any loan or emergency balance, a subscription is necessary. All Airtel clients can get talk-time and web crisis balance whenever, anyplace in their portable account! For the Airtel Emergency balance code, we have to dial the code

To get the advanced balance, we have to punch the system *141*10# or dial the number 20141 for the operator.

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Airtel Emergency Minute:

Numerous individuals may need a credit or a loan. We can, without much of a problem, perceive how to take an emergency minute from here. After dialing this Airtel emergency balance code *141# of Airtel users, they will have the option to consider all to be these choices as we want.

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Price BDTAny Net MinutesValidity
2 BDT3 minute4 hours
5 BDT6 minute5 hours
11 BDT15 minute16 hours
16 BDT23 minute1 Day
25 BDT35 minute1 Day

Airtel BD Emergency Balance – Loan Offer

Most of us know that Airtel offers loans as an emergency. But here are so many loan offers. Many users ask how to get emergency balance in airtel loan offer and what the charges are. Here we have to understand that is when subscribers need to recharge, the balance will be deducted from the main phone balance.

Need to Know: Airtel Balance Check Code

Loan DetailService Fee (Tk.)Total (Tk.)
Loan 12 TK2.4414.44
Loan 15 TK2.4417.44
Loan 22 TK2.4424.44
Loan 25 TK2.4427.44
Loan 32 TK2.4434.44

All we have to dial *141# and get out desired service.

Way to Check Emergency Balance:

It is obvious that many people hardly remember or recall their existing balance after conducting some communication. So we must say that it is important to check and find out the emergency balance Airtel. All we have to do is press *778# to check the balance, and then we are good to go.

Airtel Talk time Loan:

We can get airtel talk time loan by the emergency offers of Airtel recharge. Here below, we can get the detail and benefits of the Talk time loan of Airtel.

Loan typeUser EligibilityBenefitService fee (Tk.)First recovery attempt
Tk 53 monthsTk 5 added to customer’s main accountTk 1 fee will be recovered with benefit after 24 hours24 hours after loan credited
Tk 105 monthsTk 10 added to customer’s main accountTk 2 fee will be recovered with benefit after 24 hours24 hours after loan credited

Airtel Internet Loan:

By the Airtel loan, the user can get an internet loan also. There are two types of internet package loans that airtel is currently providing.

  • 10 MB internet which is a 2 TK service fee package. In fact, the package validity of this is 90 days. These 10 MB web benefits offer utilization 24 hours after credit.
  • 20 MB internet which is a 4 TK service fee package. In fact, the package validity of this is 150 days. These 20 MB web benefits offer utilization 24 hours after credit.
Loan typeValidity of benefitUser EligibilityBenefitService fee (Tk.)First recovery attempt
10 MBAvailing Day3 months10MB224 hours
20 MBAvailing Day + extra 2 days5 months20MB424 hours

Airtel SMS Loan:

This is one of those offers that Airtel offers daily. Here are the details of the SMS loan given below;

  • With a fee of 1 taka, we can get the 25 SMS Airtel advance loan service. We can use this offer for 90 days after subscription. It is a 24 hours service.
  • With a fee of 2 takas, we can get the 75 SMS Airtel advance loan service. We can use this offer for 150 days after subscription. It is a 24 hours service.
Loan typeValidity of benefitEligibilityBenefitService fee (Tk.)First recovery attempt
25 SMSAvailing Day90 days25 SMS124 hours after loan credited
75 SMSAvailing day + 1 day150 days75 SMS224 hours after loan credited

Airtel Emergency Internet Loan.

Now and then, Airtel users need information for some specific explanation. These internet offers will deliver our obstruction. Even if we have no internet connections for browsing, then this will be a great chance to break our pressure. So we must appreciate this most recent information advance offer.

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TakaData VolumeValidity
14.44 Taka70 MB3 Days
25 Taka300 MB3 Days
Terms and Conditions:

It is a useful and easy procedure that helps us in communication during emergency purposes. But everything comes with a price and terms. Here are the terms and conditions for Airtel emergency balance bd.

  • For any loan VAT, TAX and SC are included
  • Any user recharge on their cell phone will deduct from the original balance.
  • After the loan deduction, the user will take an emergency balance loan once more.
  • If you want the right information about Airtel Emergency Balance 2024, Please Click This Link.
Final Words:

Airtel is the best phone service company in Bangladesh. For over 15 years they are providing us the service. At the same time, we believe the Airtel Emergency Balance service is the best in this case. This organization offers low-cost Internet packages/‍ SMS bundles/ Minutes offers. Clients can buy extraordinary bundles from here according to their prerequisite.

The customers who are using Airtel services can get the Airtel Emergency Balance from any parts of Bangladesh. And most of the time the organization type to provide the best service possible.

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