Teletalk Emergency Balance Service | Code| [Up to 50Tk]

Teletalk Emergency Balance Code. Teletalk is a telecommunication service provider. It is a government-owned the networking system. There are a lot of people in our country who use this network. While talking, it may happen that we run out of our balance, and we have an essential conversation yet to finish.

It can be late at night, and you do not have an option to recharge your phone. Do not worry. Teletalk gives you a fantastic solution to your problem like Teletalk Emergency Balance Service. You can get an emergency balance in Teletalk if you request. The process is describing below.

Details Of Teletalk Emergency balance.

Every Telecommunication service providers offer emergency balance. It is eligible for every active and registered Teletalk sim users in our country. You can get from 10 taka to 50 taka balance deposited in their account.  Many people ask about how to get the balance. You just need to follow some very easy steps for Teletalk Emergency Balance.

SMS/USSD CodeLoan Amount (Tk)Service Fee
Dial *1122# Or SMS “Loan” and send to 1122The service uses the scoring to calculate the loan amount available to the subscriberFree
Dial *1122*10# Or SMS “10” and send to 1122100
Dial *1122*12# Or SMS “12” and send to 1122121.60 (1.2 BDT service fee + 0.40 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*20# Or SMS “20” and send to 1122202.67 (2 BDT service fee + 0.67 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*30# Or SMS “30” and send to 1122304.00 (3 BDT service fee + 1.00 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*50# Or SMS “50” and send to 1122506.66 (5 BDT service fee + 1.66 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*0# Or SMS “Loan info” and send to 1122Check for the subscriber’s current debtFree

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Emergency Balance Code Of Teletalk.

You have to options to enjoy the service. You can dial *1122#, or you also can send a message to 1122 writing “loan” in the message box.  1122 is Teletalk Emergency Balance Code Amount?

Loan Amount (Tk)USSD CodeService FreeLoan Amount BDT
TK 10*1122#FreeTK 10
TK 10*1122*10#TK 0TK 10
TK 12*1122*12#1.53 BDTTK 12
TK 20*1122*20#2.55 BDTTK 20
TK 50*1122*50#6.38 BDTTK 50
Check for the subscriber’s
current debt
*1122*0#FreeCheck for the subscriber’s
current debt

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  • You have many recharge amount option. You can get 10, 12, 20, 30, 50 taka balance. You can choose the amount according to your need. 
  • To get 10 taka emergency balance, dial teletalk emergency balance code number *1122*10# or sms “10” and send it to 1122. 
  • To get more balance more than 10 taka, just follow the same procedure. Dial *1122* (12 or 20 or 50)# (you need to insert your desired amount) or sms the amount and send it to 1122. 

How to Get Emergency Balance in Teletalk?

If someone needs Teletalk Emergency Balance, he or she needs to follow some easy steps that are given below. There are two options to enjoy the service.  You have to dial the specific code or send a SMS.

Well, providing the emergency balance Teletalk also added some service charge to it.

  • For taka 10 balance, the service charge is free. 
  • For taka 12 the charge is 1.60 (1.2 BDT service fee + 0.40 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
  • For taka 20 the charge is 2.67 (2 BDT service fee + 0.67 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
  • For taka 30, the charge is 4.00 (3 BDT service fee + 1.00 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
  • For taka 50, the charge is 6.66 (5 BDT service fee + 1.66 BDT SC, SD & VAT)

The amount of emergency balance and service charge will be deducted when you recharge.

***SMS Charge for requesting a loan to 1122(emergency balance dial code)  is free.

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How Can I Check Emergency Balance in Teletalk? 

It is hard to remember the exact amount of balance that  exixst in your account. Specially, when it is about emergency balance, you better stay cautious about your amount. Teletalk users are able to check their emergency balance by simply dialing *1122# or send sms writing STATUS  to 1122.

Teletalk Emergency Balance Eligibility Criteria

Band ( Tk)Min ( Days)Service ChargeRecovery attempts
101800On Recharge
121801.60On Recharge
201802.67On Recharge
301804.00On Recharge
501806.66On Recharge

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Terms and condition:

  • If you want to enjoy the service, you need to be a registered and active prepaid user of teletalk.
  • A customer only can avail of the service if he has no due to his previous request. 
  • All services, tariffs, pulse will remain the same.


Teletalk is one of the renowned telecommunication companies for its cheap rate of talktime and service. It has introduced the facility of Teletalk emergency Balance to satisfy their customer. The service can be enjoyed all around the country. Just follow the instructed rule and enjoy the service with Teletalk.

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