Teletalk Internet Pack 2022 |Data Packages List [Updated]

Teletalk internet pack is an important part of our day to day life. As a student, employees, businessmen, and any other persons need the internet. Whatever if you are a Teletalk SIM user, you need to be aware of the internet (of course, updated). When you completely know about your internet pack, you save lots of money and time.

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I know you want to know how to buy a teletalk internet package without hassles. Today, I will share with you the Teletalk SIM internet package everything which you should know. So, if you need a complete guide for choosing a suitable package, keep reading this informative content below.

List of Teletalk internet pack 2022 [Regular]

Now we are living in 2022. You may know that in 2022 internet package, and 2022 internet package has lots of different. You can not purchase the package to apply the previous code. So, you need to choose an Teletalk Internet Pack updated info that provides you an excellent service and hassle-free buy option.

VolumePriceUSSD CodeValidation
1 GB27 Taka*111*27#7 days
1 GB49 Taka*111*49#30 days
2 GB93 Taka*111*93#30 days
3 GB44 Taka*111*44#5 days
3 GB66 Taka*111*66#10 days
10 GB97 Taka*111*97#10 days
25 GB198 Taka*111*198#10 days
30 GB344 Taka*111*344#30days

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In 2022, there are different types of internet package, such as special and others. Let’s discuss it deeply.

Teletalk Weekly Internet Pack.

In the section we have shared Teletalk Weekly Internet Pack for the users, please check the below chat table with activation code which helps to understand Teletalk Internet Pack details.

VolumePriceUSSD CodeValidation
1 GB27 Taka*111*27#7 days
1.5 GB29 Taka*111*513#7 days

Teletalk Monthly Internet Pack.

Now to see Teletalk Monthly Internet Pack and active your one. there are many people want to Teletalk Internet Package or Teletalk Monthly Internet Package for cover full month data. So, let’s check below the Teletalk Monthly Data Pack List.

VolumePriceUSSD CodeValidation
500 MB26 Taka*111*503#30-days
1 GB49 Taka*111*49#30-days
2 GB93 Taka*111*93#30-days
3 GB139 Taka*111*531#30-days
5 GB201 Taka*111*532#30-days
10 GB301 Taka*111*550#30-days
20 GB498 Taka*111*552#30-days
30 GB344 Taka*111*344#30-days
45 GB849 Taka*111*554#30-days

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Teletalk Agami Internet Pack.

The Teletalk company offers its users an Agami service. However, let’s check out the Agami offer so that you can easily choose your Agami package.

DataPriceUSSD CodeValidity
1 GB22 Taka*111*600#7-days
1 GB45 Taka*111*601#30-days
2 GB81 Taka*111*602#30-days
3 GB55 Taka*111*603#10-days
5 GB91 Taka*111*605#15-days
10 GB177 Taka*111*610#30-days
  • For 1 GB internet, you need to recharge 22 Taka, and you will use this package only 7 days, or you can dial *111*600#
  • 2 GB internet you need to recharge 81 Taka, and you will only use 30 days, or you can dial *111*602#
  • To get 5 GB internet, you need to recharge 91 Taka, and you can use this package for 15 days. However, you can also dial *111*605#
  • Finally, if you want to take 10 GB, You need to recharge 177 Taka and expire the package after 30 days. Or you can dial *111*610#

So, if you are an Agami user, you can try the above package. But remember, you can not get up to 10 GB from this package. Note, the price is included VAT and other costs. So, you need not pay another cost.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Pack.

You read this section means that you are a Bornomala user and want to get an internet package suitable for you. Don’t worry, I discuss the below section about the teletalkbornomala internet pack so that you can choose your desire one.

VolumePriceUSSD  CodeValidity
1 GB24  Taka*111*611#7-days
1 GB46 Taka*111*612#30-days
2 GB83 Taka*111*613#30-days
3 GB62  Taka*111*614#10-days
5 GB96 Taka*111*15#15-days
10 GB186 Taka*111*16#30-days
  • If you want to get 1 GB internet, you need to recharge 23 Taka or dial *111*611#. You can use this package for only 7 days.
  • For getting 2 GB internet, you need to recharge 83 Taka or dial *111*613#. However, you will use this package for only 30 days.
  • Well, if you want to get 3 GB internet, you will need to recharge 59 Taka or dial *111*614#. The valid date only 10-days.
  • For getting 5 GB internet, you need to recharge 93 Taka only for 15 days. Or you will dial *111*615# for getting this package.
  • Overall, for getting 10 GB, you can recharge 179 Taka for 30 days. Or dial *111*616# for using this package.

However, the Bornomala package is for girls. This service provides its users with long-time and huge megabit with a low amount of money. So, if you are a user of this SIM, you can take these advantages.

Teletalk Oporajita Internet Pack.

According to my experience, Oporajita provides its users with a limited-service of the data package. So, let’s know about the Oporajita internet package.

VolumePriceUSSD CodeValidity
1 GB8 Taka*111*8#7-days
1 GB19 Taka*111*19#3-days
2 GB38 Taka*111*38#7-days
10 GB156 Taka*111*156#15-days
  • If you want to get 1 GB internet, you need to recharge 8 Taka for 7 days. Or you can dial *111*8#
  • 2 GB internet for 7 days you need to recharge 38 Taka, or you will dial *111*38#
  • For getting 10 GB internet package, you need to recharge 156 Taka for 15 days. Or you can dial *111*156#

You may see that the Oporajita offer is very low. Don’t judge it with the price. Like other Teletalk internet package, it also able to provide you fast internet service.

Teletalk Youth Internet Package.

Below we have added Teletalk Youth Internet Pack list, you can see the list and if you think which package is suitable for you, then by dialing activation code, to enjoy the Teletalk Internet Pack.

VolumePriceUSSD CodeValidation
100 MB9 Taka*111*501#5-days
500 MB26 Taka*111*503#30-days
1.5 GB39 Taka*111*513#7-days
3.5 GB78 Taka*111*511#10-days
5 GB201 Taka*111*532#30-days
3 GB139 Taka*111*531#30-days
10 GB301 Taka*111*550#30-days
20 GB498 Taka*111*552#30-days
30 GB649 Taka*111*553#30-days
45 GB849 Taka*111*554#30-days

Teletalk Internet Pack Offer 2022.

If you don’t get the special Teletalk internet offer, you need to purchase the package, which is ideal for all users. So, let’s check out a list below.

  • For getting 1GB internet 7 days, you need to recharge 27 Taka or dial *111*27#
  • 3GB 5 days recharge you need 44 Taka, or you can dial *111*44#
  • 3GB 10 days recharge 66 Taka or dial *111*66#
  • 1GB 30 days recharge 49  Taka or dial *111*49#
  • For getting 2 GB 30 days offer you need to recharge 93 Taka or dial *111*93#
  • For  checking your internet balance, you need to dial *152#, or you can type an SMS “U” and send 111

I think the Teletalk Internet Pack is suitable for you. If you are still unsatisfied, you need to keep reading for more detail.

However, if you are a user of Agami, Bornomala, and oporajita, you can follow the below Teletalk Internet Package to get the best service. It is not mandatory for you if you are not a user of these types of customers. So, without delay, let’s check them out.

Teletalk 3G 4G or 2G Internet Packages.

Well, I make a chart for you so that you can choose your code easily without going anywhere. So, let’s check out the Teletalk Internet Pack table below and purchase your desire package.

Volume and PriceExpireRecharge for activateUSSD activation
100 MB @ 9 Taka5 Days19 Taka*111*501#
500 MB @ 26 Taka30 Days26 Taka*111*503#
1.5 GB  @ 39 Taka7 days39 Taka*111*513#
3.5 GB @ 78 Taka10 Days78 Taka*111*511#
5 GB @ 201 Taka30 Days201 Taka*111* 532#
20 GB @ 498 Taka30 Days498 Taka*111*552#
45 GB @ 849 Taka30 Days849 Taka*111*554#

Teletalk Special Internet Offer.

  • Teletalk 10GB for 10 days you need to recharge 97 Taka, or you need to dial *111*97#
  • Teletalk 30GB for 30 days recharge 344 Taka or dial *111*344# for instant service.
  • Check your data you need to dial *152# or type U and send to 111

So, buy any of the packages you want. If you want to buy a custom internet package, you can also install the Teletalk APP, which helps you to purchase the internet step by step.

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Finally, I hope that the teletalk internet pack helps you to get your own package with your own budget. Teletalk provides its users with different service and fast internet. You may know that the teletalk internet package balance check is also different. I tried my best to include all of the updated data so that you can choose a budget-friendly internet package. So, without delay, choose your internet package and enjoy yourself.

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