Teletalk Agami Internet Package 2024 | Data Offer List [Updated]

Teletalk Agami Internet Package 2024. We all know about the lower call rate of Teletalk SIM. Teletalk has launched various SIMs for its customers. Teletalk also has a variety of internet packages. One of these is the SIM is Agami. Today I will discuss the Teletalk Agami Internet Package. Since it is a special SIM for students, the Teletalk Authority has very efficiently arranged its internet package offer. Students should be able to use the internet at a low cost and use their talents for the right and creative work.

List Of Teletalk Agami Internet Package 2024.

There are vast uses of the internet in our daily life. People can show their talents in the whole world through the internet. In the past, what happened you have talent but lack of opportunity you could not show it the world. But now it is easy to work. And it’s possible only for the internet. We know our students are very much talented.

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Some of them very good at singing, some can dance well, some of them can art very nicely. So they need to focus or show their talent. Internet Package of Teletalk Agami SIM 2024 has a different internet offer. Affordable prices and different validity are also available. So, let’s check the Teletalk Agami Internet Package below.

Data volume Price (Including SD,VAT &SC) Usage validity Short code USSD Activation
1 GB 22 Tk. 7 Days A1 *111*600#
1 GB 45 Tk. 30 Days A2 *111*601#
2 GB 81 Tk 30 Days A3 *111*602#
3 GB 55 10 Days A4 *111*603#
5 GB 91 Tk. 15 Days A5 *111*605#
10 GB 177 Tk. 30 Days A6 *111*610#

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What is Teletalk Agami SIM:

Teletalk AGAMI 3G SIM is not for sale. It is distributed among students who get GPA Five in S.S.C. Exam. They can get this SIM through online name registration. In the SIM you will get Internet Offer and Teletalk Agami Internet Package.

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Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Offer :

When your registration is done and the SIM is capable of use. Then you can check Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Offer and Teletalk Agami Internet Package. In the Internet Package of Teletalk Agami SIM, you get several amounts of data offer. For your convenience, I am Sharing the Teletalk Internet Offer through the list form,

Data volume Price Validity USSD Code
1 GB Tk.21 7 Days *111*600#
1 GB Tk.43 30 Days *111*601#
2 GB Tk.81 30 Days *111*602#
3 GB Tk.53 10 Days *111*603#
5 GB Tk.87 15 Days *111*605#
10 GB Tk.169 30 Days *111*610#

Teletalk Agami Call Rate Offer.

In the section we have added Teltalk Agami SIM All types call rate Offers such as Teletalk Voice Call Rate Offer, Teletalk Agami SIM Video Call Offer, Teletalk Agami Internet Package, Teletalk Agami SIM SMS Offer, Pulse Offer, Teletalk Agami SIM Recharge Bonus, and More. Just follow the below chat table, which helps to know Teletalk Call Rate Offer 2024.

Offer Name Call Categories Call Rate/Min (24 Hours)
Voice call Teletalk to teletalk 45 Paisa
Voice call Teletalk to others 45 Paisa
Video call Teletalk to teletalk 45 Paisa
Pulse 1 seconds  N/A
SMS Teletalk to teletalk 30 Paisa
SMS Teletalk to others 30 Paisa
Data tariff 1 Paisa /15KB   N/A
Recharge bonus For tk.25 recharge, get voice-25min(on-net), data-50MB and SMS-25(on-net) validity 3 days   N/A

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Teletalk Agami SIM Registration Procedure:

Register for Agami SIM from any Teletalk number as per the following SMS format:

Type>> AGAMI>>space>> SSC_Board (First 03 letters) >> space>> SSC_Roll >> space>> SSC_Roll>>space>> SSC_Year>>space>>Contact_No and send to 16222.

Example: AGAMI    DHA 123456   2024 0155XXXXXXX

N.B: After successful registration, you will get an ID and OTP. You can withdraw Agami SIM from any Teletalk Customer Care showing this ID, OTP, NID no. and original copy of SSC Admit Card/Certificate/ Mark sheet. if you are done with the Registration process you will get Teletalk Agami Internet Package.

>>Data Tariff: Pay-per-use data rate is 15 KB/01Paisa

  • 1 GB 21 Tk: Get 1GB Internet only 21 Tk. It is a very cheap rate Internet package. And its validity is 7 Days. Dial *111*600# to activate this offer.
  • 1 GB 43 Tk: This is an exclusive Teletalk Agami Internet Package. 1-month validity Internet offer only 43Tk. So you can use 1GB of the Internet around the whole month. To activate this offer dial*111*601#.
  • 2GB 81 Tk: If you more speed Internet like 2GB then you can purchase this package. And it cost only 81Tk. Dial *111*602# to activate this package and its validity is 30 days.
  • 3GB 53 Tk: If you need high-speed internet at an affordable price then you can avail of this offer. Here you will get 3 GB of internet for only 53 Tk, and its validity is 10 days. To activate this offer dial *111*603#.
  • 5GB 87 Tk: Another attractive offer for AGAMI SIM users. 5 GB Internets only 87Tk. To get 15 days validities’ offer dial *111*605#.
  • 10GB 169 Tk:  This is a great offer package for any internet user. Only 169 you get him 10 GB internet and its validity is much longer 30 days. Dial *111*610# to get the offer.

Though this SIM is for students so it’s all call rates, SMS rates are very affordable for anyone. Let’s check the Teletalk Agami SIM call rate Offer and Teletalk Agami Internet Package.

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Agami SIM Voice Call Rate: 

  • Teletalk to Teletalk voice call rate is 45 paisa per minute.
  • Teletalk to Other voice call rate is 45 paisa per minute.

Agami SIM Video Call Rate: 

  • Teletalk to Teletalk video call rate is 45 paisa per minute.

Teletalk Agami SIM SMS Pack:

  • Teletalk to Teletalk SMS rate is 30 paisa.
  • Teletalk to Other SMS rate is 30 paisa.  

Agami SIM Recharge Offer: 

Recharge 25 Taka and get voice 25 minute (on-net), 50 MB data and SMS 25(on-net), and its validity is 3 days.

 Terms and Conditions:

  • 1 second pulse.
  • Before the expiration of the existing data pack the unused data will be carried forward if the same data package is availed. (Bonus data won’t be carried forward).
  • The amount of recharge described in the activation column will automatically activate the corresponding data pack.
  • To check the usage of the data package type “u” and send to 111.
  • To know the balance dial *152#
  • If you want to more about Teletalk Agami Internet Package, please follow the official link.

Final Words: 

For students who got GPA five in SSC exam is Agami sim. Since the students will use this SIM, it is arranged in such an internet plan so that they can buy the internet at a low cost and use it for a long time. Because students can’t buy the internet with much more money. The Teletalk Agami Internet Package will be very useful for students. I have tried to present all the offers of this package beautifully. It is to your advantage to understand all the offers

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