Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer 2023 | Free Data Offer [Updated]

Teletalk brings a Bondho sim offer for their valued prepaid customers. When you reactivate your unused sim, you can enjoy the Teletalk Bondho sim offer 2023 . In Bangladesh, this is the only Government telecom operator. Additionally,  if you don’t use your Teletalk sim for three months or more, you can enjoy a cheap call rate offer.

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And also you can enjoy the incredible internet and minutes offer. So, under Bondho sim offer 2023 , eligible subscribers get 2 GB internet, 20 minutes Talktime, 45 paisa first 19 Tk recharge. However, here we added the detailed information paisa the Teletalk Bondho sim award 2023 . So, please, keep reading this article attentively.

Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer Details.

Teletalk Bondho sim offers mostly higher than any other operator. If you have a Teletalk Bondho sim and want to reactivate this sim, you can provide a great deal. So, open Teletalk sim gets a special call rate 45 paisa per minute, Free 20 min, and a bonus 2GB internet. However,  We give you more information about Teletalk inactive sim offer 2023 check-in detail below.

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Teletalk Bondho SIM Internet Offer 2023 [All]

Teletalk published its Teletalk Bondho sim offer for their customer. They are always trying to give an excellent offer to their customers. So, like another sim, Teletalk also provides a fantastic offer for Teletalk Bondho sim customers. Below we give Teletalk Reactive SIM Offer for you.

Internet Package  Recharge Account Validity 
3 GB internet 38 Tk 7 Days
1 GB internet 45 Tk 30 Days
2 GB internet 77 TK 30 Days

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Teletalk 19Tk Recharge Offer

Teletalk brings Bondho a fantastic sim offer. When you activate your Bondho sim, you can use an extraordinary data offer. However, activate your Bondho sim and recharge 19 Tk, and get 2GB internet. To want this data offer, just need to recharge the exact 19 Tk. And, this Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer amount will be added to your essential balance. The particular internet validity is seven days.

  • Get 2GB internet only for 19 Tk recharge.
  • Internet validity: seven days.
  • You can use this internet for 24 hours.
  • Dial *152#, if you want to check your internet data balance.

First 19Tk Recharge 2GB Offer

Teletalk 22 Tk Recharge Offer

Reactivate your Teletalk Bondho sim recharge 22 Tk and get internet data and a special free data bonus. That means if you recharge 22 Taka and get a 22 Tk central account balance or another advantage. Internet validity is seven days.

  • Recharge 22 Taka and get 22 Tk in essential balance, dial *152#.
  • 2GB free internet and validity are seven days, dial *152#.
  • Also, you can get 45 paisa minutes at any local number. And, it’s valid for 30 days.
  • Every month (12 months), you can get a total of 12×2 = 24 GB data bonus in Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer.

Teletalk Bondho SIM Offers

Teletalk Bondho SIM Special Call Rate Offer.

When you return to the Teletalk family, then you can get a special cheap call rate offer. You can get this offer under the Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer. Teletalk Bondho sim users can enjoy the lowest call rates to any Teletalk number and any local operator. You can also enjoy 45 paisa/min call rates to any other Bangladeshi operators for 24 hours. To want this special Teletalk Bondho sim call rate, you need to recharge 22 Tk. After this 22 Tk recharge, you can instantly enjoy 2 GB internet data and special call rates in Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer.

  • At first, recharge exact 22 Taka
  • Then you can get 2GB internet, 45 P/Sec call rate to any local number of Teletalk number
  • 2GB internet validity is 7days, and 45 Paisa call validity is 30 days.
  • To add this recharge amount with your main balance.

Note: The Teletalk Bondho sim special call rate is not acceptable for bonus minutes, emergency balance, etc. However, if you have any kind of emergency balance, minutes bundle, then you need to buy it first

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Teletalk 49 Taka Recharge 3GB Data Offer

You need to go to any Teletalk retailer and recharge 49 BDT and get this 3GB offer. This internet validity is 15 days. Besides this, when you recharge 49 Taka, then you will get 100 SMS to any local number. This SMS validity is 30 days. The customer also can enjoy 47 paisa per min for 30 days.

  • You can get a 49TK main account balance, which can check by dialing *152#.
  • The customer will get a 47 paisa minute call rate to any number and valid for 30 Days.
  • Free 3GB Internet package will activate Free for 15 Days.
  • The Teletalk Bondho sim customer will also receive 100 free SMS. And it’s valid for 30 Days. You can use it with any number.

Teletalk 38 TK Recharge Offer.

For the second time 38 Tk recharge, you can get 3 GB internet. And, this is the Teletalk Bondho sim great internet offer. So, if you are reactive to your inactive sim, you can get this super offer. So, go to the retailer and recharge this 38 Tk and get this offer.

  • To get 3GB data, just recharge 38 Tk.
  • The data expired date is seven days.

 1GB 45 Tk Teletalk Bondho Sim Offer

1 GB @ 45 Tk is a Teletalk Bondho sim special internet offer. However, if you recharge 45 Tk, you can get 1 GB internet, which is valid for 30 days. So, recharge 45 Tk and to get this offer.

  • Recharge 45 Tk in your Teletalk Bondho sim and get this offer.
  • 1 GB internet offer.
  • The validity is 30 days.

 Teletalk 2 GB 77 Tk.

2GB @ 77 Tk is a Teletalk individual data pack offer. So, if you want to, recharge 77 Taka and get 2 GB of internet. Internet validity is 30 days. So, to activate this offer, just recharge exactly 77 Tk.

  • Only 77 Tk to get this 2GB data pack
  • Internet validity is 30 days

Bondho SIM Offer Eligibility Check. 

Do most people want to know the answer to this question, “Teletalk Bondho sim kivabe check korbo”?.That means how to check the Teletalk inactive sim offer 2023 . That’s why we give you this answer with details here. So, if you want, you can Teletalk Bondho sim offers a check by sending a message.

  • First, go to your message option, type your Teletalk mobile number, and send it number 112.
  • For example, 01500000000 and send 112.
  • And after you get a reply message where you can know the eligibility of your sim. So, if you are eligible, then you can get all the Teletalk Bondho sim grant.
  • Moreover, you want to check Teletalk Bondho sim just type Aug 01500000000 and send to 112.
  • For example Aug 01500000000 and send to 112.

Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer Eligibility Check.

Other Terms & Conditions For Closed Sim Offer:

  • To celebrate Teletalk Bondho sim offer bd, you need to reactivate your inactive sim, which inactive sim more than three months.
  • If you haven’t used your sim since 2019 30 December or before, then you will get this offer.
  • If your sim is biometrically not verified, you need biometric registration to activate your sim. Then you will be able to enjoy the Teletalk surprise on the return offer.
  • Each purchase, call rates, etc. will include applicable VAT.
  • Reactivation all Teletalk customers can enjoy this offer further until notice from Teletalk.
Final Word

Bangladeshi own mobile operator company is Teletalk. Teletalk Bondho sim offer is a great way to increase their subscriber and customer. So, if you activate your Teletalk Bondho SIM gift award then you will enjoy their special offer. However, here you will get all the Teletalk inactive sim offer check 2023 . So, enjoy this remarkable Teletalk offer. If you want to know more information please you can call Teletalk customer service.

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