Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020 | BL Reactivate SIM Offer {Latest}

Banglalink always delivers various attractive offers for their customers. Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer 2020 is one of them. This offer is only for those who are going to reactivate their Banglalink sim.

When customers reactivate their Banglalink bondho sim, then they can get many offers. Banglalink provides the latest offers for all Banglalink unused sim cards, such as chip rate internet pack, special call rate, minute package, etc.

You can check Banglalink Bondho Sim Offers 2020 if you want; you also can check the closed connection for free.

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer 2020

Many people want to know about the BL Bondho Sim Offer 2020. Today, we are going to tell you in detail. Bondho sim means which sim card doesn’t use for a long time.

But sometimes every sim company delivers an attractive offer for unused sim cards.

Banglalink also gives excellent offers to its customers. And when you’ve known it, and you want to reactivate your sim again, then you also get all BL bondho sim offers.

According to Banglalink sim offers, we added all Banglalink Bondho Sim Offers here. However, if you want any help, then you also can call Banglalink customer care.

Here we include Banglalink bondho sim all offers in detail.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020
Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2020 May

BL Bondho Sim Offer 2020 Check By SMS Code:

If you want, you can check your Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer with SMS. This is a popular way to check bondho sim offers via SMS. You can check it by sending SMS from your mobile, and you can not give any charge for sending SMS.

At first, go to the message option on your mobile phone and then type your cell number and send it to 4343 or dial *121*200#. Just dial this Banglalink bondho sim offer check code and know your bondho sim all offer.

For example, go to your message option and type your mobile number 01900000000 or send to 4343.

After you know about your bondho sim via their returned SMS, from their SMS, you will see whether it is a closed co connection or not. Now, you will enjoy all tBanglalink reactivation sim im off

Name of the offer Recharge and USSD Code Total Minute/Data/Call rate Validity  Balance Check
Free Facebook *121*200# 1GB Data Seven days None
Internet offer 49Tk or Dial *132*949# 2048 MB Seven days             *5000*500#
Special Call Rate Recharge 59 Tk. 1p/Sec (any operator) with VAT 15 days *124#
Supper Call Rate Recharge Tk. 39 54p/min (1-second pulse) any operator 15 days *124#
Special Minute offer Recharge Tk. 47 or Dial *132*947# 80 Minute (any local number)          15 15 days *124*300#

BL Bondho Sim Internet Offer

All Banglalink bondho sim customers can buy this special discount data package. This Special internet package price is 49 taka.

Banglalink Bondho Sim InternOffer et 5GB @ 49 BDT

All bondho sim users can enjoy this stay h, e, stay e, 5G 5GB BDTaka internet off This offer is the Banglalink bondho sim offer 2020 By purchasing this data pack, recharge Tk.49 or dial *121*200#. You can also get many internet offers. See below for details.

  • The users will get the chance to buy a highly discounted internet pack 1 GB, after the 15 days of the first-time recharge 23 Tk.
  •  9 rk Recharge gets 1 GB internet.
  • Tbe Bondho SIM 1iB Internet offers valid for seven days.
  • The Banglalink internet balance check, dial *5000*109#.
  • Once every 15 days for 5.5 months, customers will be able to purchase this discounted 1 GB internet pack maximum of 11 times.
  • Discounted 1GB internet pack, maximum usage limit, is 350 MB daily.
  • The Tk. 23 offer customers will block from recharging Tk. 9 for the first 15 days.

Subscribers will be able to buy a particular discounted 1 GB data pack maximum of 11 times, once every 15 days for 5.5 months.

1GB At 14 Tk- Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer :

1GB data pack @14 taka is one of the most attractive offers for Banglalink bondho sim users. Every reactivated sim user can enjoy this offer, and offer validity is 24 hours.

  • The 1GB Banglalink internet pack at only 14 TK, validity is 24 hours.
  •  Dial *5000*14# to start this offer
  • You will check the volume and validity of the pack, dial *121*14#
  • Tpe Prepaid and C&C Banglalink subscrisber can obtain the data pack.
  • The customers can buy this internet pack many times.
  • After your internet volume or validity expires, it will be charged at PAYG rate of 1tk/MB (inclusive of VAT+SD+SC) with the 10KB pulse.
  • This internet pack offer is a limited time offer.

Banglalink Reactivation Sim 2020 (May) 2GB 49 BDT Offer:

Today we will share with you how to buy 2GB Internet for only 49 Taka, for seven days. This offer is the Banglalink reactivation sim offers. Abl Bondho sim customers are impressed by this offer.

For that, they want to again re-launch their sim. You can call it this is a return gift for customers. Do you have such a closed connection? If you have, then this offer is for you.

  • You have to dial *132*949# to receive this offer.
  • This internet offer validity is seven days.
  • Anytime within 24 hours, you can use this package.
  • *5000*500# dial and check internet balance.
  • It can be purchased many times.

Free 1GB Facebook Offer- BL Reactivation Sim 

Banglalink gives excellent internet offers on this new year 2020 for their bondho sim customers. They provide 1GB frFe Facebook internet for Banglalink bondho sim users.

Would you l to ke this excellenanglalink bl bondho sim of March 2020fer? So, come back to the Banglalink sim. 1GB social pack validity is seven days. *121*200# dial and enjoy this exciting frFe Facebook offer. You can use this 1 GB Only fFacebookook.

Details Dial Code Validity 
1GB Free Facebook             *121*200# Seven days

Banglalink Bondho Sim Special Call Rate Offers 

Hello friends, good news for you! When you reactivate your Banglalink sim, then you can get amazing offers. Enjoy special call rates offer with your reactivate sim.

It gives one paisa per second for any local operator. From Banglalink to Banglalink, you can speak 54 paisa per minute.

  • Recharge 59Tk and enjoy 1p/sec (any local operator), including VAT and validity 15 days.
  • Recharge 39Tk 54p/min 1sec pulse (any operator), validity 15 days.
  • After recharge 47BDT or dial *132*947# get 80 min (any local operator), minute validity 15 days.
  • To check minute dial *123*300#.

Banglalink Bondho Sim 39BDT Recharge Offer

  • The customers have to recharge just 39 Taka to avail of this bondho sim offer.
  • Recharge 39 Taka and will be added to the main account.
  • By recharging 39 TK, the users will receive 60p/min (1-sec pulse) (any operator).
  • This 1-second pulse is sufficient for the special tariff.
  • BL off SIM special tariff (any operator) offer valid for 15 days.
  • Dial *166*220#, if you want to unsubscribe from the bondho sim special tariff.
  • The sL Subscribers also get 20 SMS BL to BL, and it’s valid for ten days and 1 GB Internet, validity is 15 days.
  • Dial *124*65# and check SMS balance.
  • Checking to banglalink Closed data balance, dial *5000*109#.

Banglalink Bondho  Sim Special Call Rate Offer 

Again when you reactivate your close Banglalink Sim and recharge 39 BDT, then you will get 54p/min for any operator. Exclusive call rate validity is 15 da It is also a great Banglalink reactivation sim offer April 2020; if you have a Banglalink bondho sim, then you also get this attractive offer.ys.

Recharge Call Rate Validity
39 BDT 54p/min 15 days
*121*200# 60p/min 30 DAYS

BL Reactivate Sim Special Minutes Offers 

The Banglalink provides an 80 minutes special offer for their bondho sim customers. Reactivate your closed sim and recharge 47 Taka or dial *132*974# and get 80 minutes talk time. This minute offer validity is 15 days. Bondho sim balance check dial *124*300#

Minutes  Taka Validity Activate
80 Min (Any operator) 47 15 days *132*947#

 Terms and Conditions :

  • *5000*500# dial and check Banglalink internet balance.
  • To know the call rate offer, dial *124#.
  • Dial *124*300# to check minutes pack
  • Unsubscribe from this call rate offer, dial *166*220#.
  • In any case, BL users unsubscribe from this offer; they will not use this offer again.
  • This offer is a limited time offer.
  • VAT acceptable.

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer Check By Online:

You can check Banglalink bondho sim internet or another offer online. Here you can check the closed connection online, and you can quickly check from here.

Do you wato checktthe he bondho sim offer online (just write bondho sim off,er) and effortlessly you can check i

Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer Terms & Conditions 2020:

  • Just prepaid users are eligible for this offer.
  • Check banglalink bondho sim offer, dial*121*200#.
  • In the event of multiple buys

of the same bundle, the real validity applies.

  • There is no automatic activation of this unused internet package. A Banglalink reactivation sim ll offer updates in April  2020.

FAQ About BL Bondho (Reactivate) SIM 

  • Who can use this offer?

Ans: The only specified prepaid subscribers are eligible for this offer.

  • How can I check my Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer?

Ans: Simply type your Banglalink number and send it to 4343 for free or dial *121*200#.

  • How much time can I take this 1GB Free social pack?

Ans: A 1GB free Facebook pack for months and bondho sim lowest call is a one-time offer.

  • Are these bondho sim offers are auto-renewal? 

Ans: No, These packs are not auto-renewal packs.

  • Is this offer unconditional?

Ans: No, all of this offer is a limited time offer.

  • How can I buy 49 BDT 2GB internet?

Ans:  You can buy this offer in two

ways. Lire Recharge except for 49 BDT dr Dial  *132*494#.

  • How to unsubscribe the call rate offer?

Ans: No Unsubscribe the call rate offer dial *166*220#.

  • How can I check the Banglalink Mobile Balance?

Ans:  By dialing USSD code *124#, you can check Banglalink balance.

Final Thoughts:

Every bondho sim user can enjoy these Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer for unlimited times as they want. The authority of Banglalic  Can cha theeBr BondSo Som Offer at any time.

Here, we included Banglalink Bondho Sim Offer 2020 may to all details. Have you any questions, please just comment, and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for staying with us.

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