Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2021| BL All Internet Package List [Updated]

Banglalink is one of the largest mobile operator companies in Bangladesh. It has a strong network, cheap call rate, and exclusive internet package at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is their main concern so they come with different exclusive call rates or internet package offers. Today I am going to discuss Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2020.

For your convenience, I also try to cover the latest update of Banglalink Internet Package Offer. Because they always try to launch an exclusive offer for their honourable clients. So you have to read the article very carefully so that you do not miss any point or offer. Let’s read,

Banglalink Internet Pack Offer list:  

Nowadays, almost everyone in urban, rural, and remote areas of Bangladesh uses mobile phones and many use the internet on their phones. Not everyone can afford the most expensive internet package and many do not need long term internet package.

So, if you go over through the list of Banglalink Internet Package Offer 2020 you can see Banglalink has created their internet package for a group of people. Very skilfully they bring their internet package offer to their customer. Very affordable price rates and so different validity are also available. Below you can check the list, 

Internet Package Price Activation Code Validity
2 MB 0.85 Paisha *5000*519# 1 Day
3 MB 1.5 Tk *5000*518# 1 Day
9 MB            3 Tk *5000*513# 1 Day
12 MB 4 Tk *5000*520# 1 Day
32 MB  9 Tk *5000*529# 1 Day
45 MB 10 Tk *5000*543# 1 Day
60 MB  15 Tk *5000*502# 3 Days
75 MB 13 Tk *5000*543# 4 Days
100 MB 20 Tk *5000*522# 7 Days
120 MB 50 Tk *5000*523# 30 Days
160 MB 30 Tk *5000*501# 7 Days
250 MB 75 Tk *5000*517# 10 Days
300 MB 99 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
500 MB 100 Tk *5000*582# 7 Days
600 MB 150 Tk *5000*504# 30 Days
1 GB 36 Tk *5000*36# 4 Days
1 GB 76 Tk *5000*76# 7 Days
1 GB 199 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
1GB 210 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5 GB 275 Tk *5000*511# 30 Days
2 GB 49 Tk *5000*49# 4 Days
2 GB 209 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
2 GB 350 Tk *5000*506# 30 Days
3 GB 99 Tk *5000*799# 7 Days
5 GB 108 Tk *5000*108# 7 Days
4 GB 500 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
8 GB  900 Tk *5000*509# 30 Days
10 GB 199 Tk *5000*199# 7 Days
12 GB 129 Tk *5000*577# 7 Days
15 GB 1500 Tk *5000*510# 30 Days
18 GB 499 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
1 GB YouTube 19 Tk *5000*345# 2 Days
250 MB IMO 10 Tk *5000*725# 7 Days
100 MB Social Pack 07 Tk *5000*576# 7 Days
30 MB Facebook 1.5 Tk *5000*414# 4 Days

So you see different rates or validities of the internet package. Up to 1 day to 30 days, 1 bdt to thousand bdt package they have included their internet package offer. For more specification, I am going to provide more Banglalink Internet Pack Offer list, 

Banglalink MB Offer Package: 

Internet Packages Price Activation Code Validity Period
2MB 0.85Paisha *5000*519# 1 Day
3MB 1.5 Tk *5000*518# 1 Day
9MB 3 Tk *5000*513# 1 Day
12MB 4 Tk *5000*520# 1 Day
32MB 9 Tk *5000*529# 1 Day
45MB 10 Tk *5000*543# 1 Day
60MB 15 Tk *5000*502# 3 Days
75MB 13 Tk *5000*543# 4 Days
100MB 20 Tk *5000*522# 7 Days
160MB 30 Tk *5000*501# 7 Days
250MB 75 Tk *5000*517# 10 Days
500MB 100 Tk *5000*582# 7 Days
1GB 36 Tk *5000*36# 4 Days
1GB 76 Tk *5000*76# 7 Days
2GB 49 Tk *5000*49# 4 Days
3GB 99 Tk *5000*799# 7 Days
5GB 108 Tk *5000*108# 7 Days
10GB 199 Tk *5000*199# 7 Days

Banglalink Monthly Internet Package:

Monthly recharge offer for better those who need long term internet service because sometimes you need the internet and you have not enough balance to buy the internet. So in this case, if you buy a monthly package it will be helpful for you. Banglalink has a different range of monthly packages you can purchase anyone you can afford.

Internet  Packages Price Activation Code Validity Period
120MB 50 Tk *5000*523# 30 Days
300MB 99 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
600MB 150 Tk *5000*504# 30 Days
1GB 199 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
1GB 210 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5GB 275 Tk *5000*511# 30 Days
2GB 209 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
2GB 350 Tk *5000*506# 30 Days
4GB 500 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
8GB 900 Tk *5000*509# 30 Days
15GB 1500 Tk *5000*510# 30 Days

Banglalink 1 GB Internet Offer: 

Banglalink has a 1GB Internet offer of different price ranges and different time duration. Below I give a list,

Data   Package Price Activation Validity
1 GB 36 Tk *5000*36# 4 Days
1 GB  76 Tk *5000*76# 7 Days
1 GB 199 Tk *5000*503# 30 Days
1GB 210 Tk *5000*581# 30 Days
1.5 GB 275 Tk *5000*511# 30 Days

Very Impressive Banglalink Internet Offer, how nicely they divided 1 GB Internet package. You can buy 1GB but at different prices and prices vary the duration and also internet speed. Suppose, If you buy 1 GB Internet in 36bdt its validity is 4 days, when you buy 1GB internet in 210bdt its duration 30 days and internet speed will much better.    

Banglalink 2GB Internet Offer: 

Like 1GB Internet package they have 2GB Internet package offer for their valuable users. In 2GB Internet package, they also include variation. Let’s check out,

Internet Package Price Activation Validity
2 GB 49 Tk *5000*49# 4 Days
2 GB 89 Tk *5000*516# 5 Days
2 GB 209 Tk *5000*518# 30 Days

These 2GB data packages are helpful for those people who regularly use the internet. They can get 2GB internet at a very cheap rate. If you want to get a long term internet package then it also available on 2GB package. 

Banglalink 3GB Internet Offer:  

Banglalink has so many internet package options. 3GB internet offer is one of them only 99bdt you can purchase 3 GB internet which validity is 7 days. Or if you want a long duration internet package then you also buy 3GB internet with 249bdt. 

Internet Package Price Activation Validity
3GB 99 Tk *5000*566# 7 Days
3GB 249 Tk *5000*249# 30 Days

Banglalink 5GB Internet Offer:

Sometimes users need fast speed internet service on their mobile phones. So users looking for some offer at a low cost. 5GB Internet package offer is one of them. It mainly lunched for those customers who need a good speed internet service. It also has different validity and different price rate. Below check the list of 5GB Internet offer,

Internet Package Price Activation Validity
5GB 108 Tk *5000*108# 7 Days
5GB 399 Tk *5000*599# 30 Days

Banglalink 6GB Internet Offer:

It is one of the most popular internet packages offers for Banglalink users. Because at a very cheap rate you can get 6GB internet. You have to spend 129 bdt to get this offer. 

Internet Package: 6GB

Package Price: 129bdt

Activation Code: *5000*500#

Validity: 07 Days.

Banglalink 7 GB Internet Offer:

As I say you first, Banglalink Internet Package Offer 2020 has a huge variation in internet service. I think you can already notice they give various offers for their honourable users. You can get 7GB Internet only 499bdt. And it is a monthly package. So get high speed and long term internet but not too much cost. 

Internet Package: 7GB

Package Price: 499bdt

Activation Code: *5000*508#

Validity: 30 Days.

Banglalink High Quality Internet Offer:

Now people of different occupations or students use the internet for their study, work or for other needs. So they need high-speed internet service. Banglalink has arranged its offer in such a way that it is affordable to all. They have a high-quality internet offer package so let’s see,

Internet  Packages Price Activation Code Validity Period
10GB 149Tk *5000*149# 7 Days
14GB 169Tk *5000*169# 7Days
12GB 399Tk *5000*599# 30Days
18GB 499 Tk *5000*508# 30 Days
30GB 699 Tk *5000*699# 30 Days
45GB 999Tk *5000*999# 30 Days

Banglalink Social Internet Offer:

Some internet users sometimes need the internet only for social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Imo. So they do not need to purchase high rates internet package. Banglalink brings a great offer for these users. Banglalink subscribers are getting 30 MB social pack for only 1.5 bdt, its validity is 4 days. This offer is only applicable to social media platforms.

Internet  Packages Price Activation Code Validity Period
30MB 1.5Tk *5000*414# 4Days
100MB 7Tk *5000*576# 7Days

Banglalink Internet Sharing:

If you are a Banglalink user you can grab this exclusive offer. The offer is you can share the internet to your friends or family’s member. It is a great opportunity for the internet user.

Internet Packages Price Activation Code Validity Period
75MB 13 Tk *5000*55# 4 Days
1GB 31Tk *5000*55# 3 Days
2GB 42Tk *5000*55# 3 Days
1.5GB 99Tk *5000*55# 7 Days
3GB 129Tk *5000*55# 7 Days
1GB 119 Tk *5000*55# 30Days
2GB 209Tk *5000*55# 30Days

Banglalink Internet Pack code:

These are the almost whole list of Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2020. Apart from these, I will be describing Banglalink’s different internet code because people now use two SIM in one phone. Sometimes they forget internet activation code or Balance check code etc. So I think this list will helpful for them,  

  • Banglalink internet menu code is *5000#
  • To check the Banglalink Internet dial *5000*500#.
  • Dial *5000*566# and reply with 1 to turn on auto-renewal.
  • To turn on auto-renewal, types “renew on vol” and send the SMS to 5000
  • Dial the code *5000*566# and with 2 to turn off auto-renewal.
  • To turn off auto-renewal, types “renew off vol” and send the SMS to 5000
  • To check your remaining data volume just dial *5000*500#
  • Banglalink App will provide you complete instruction of Banglalink internet package purchasing process.

Terms & Condition:

  • All Banglalink customers will be able to buy internet offers.
  • All internet packages including all taxes.
  • This is an official offer so authority can change any offer any time
Final Words:

The internet is a very necessary thing in our life now. We use the Internet for many purposes, whether it is for study, business or entertainment. So this internet should be an accessible thing for us. Many people may not be able to do the work they need by buying the internet at a high price.

In this case, Banglalink has come up with this amazing Banglalink Internet Pack Offer 2020 thinking about their valuable users. Where you can buy the internet at the price of your choice. I hope this article will be helpful enough for you to know about Banglalink’s internet package.

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